Emily And... The Predator - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily jogging and remembering her ninth grade biology class about predators and how Cassandra is one of them. In school, she hunted Alan Zoleman, the guy Emily liked and now Will. She then catches up with Will and Cassandra who are way ahead and is totally breathless. Cassandra then challenges her to the end and Emily hates running. And now she developed blisters!! Micah calls Emily to assist him on a kidney failure case. She asks her husband various question about her medications and allergies and he knows nothing much as they met four months ago and theirs was an arranged marriage.

Bandari wants two volunteers and Cassandra is ready; and so is Emily. Bandari points out to a man who might require a bypass and she wants them to figure out what is happening. Tyra realizes that Emily is trying to keep Will and Cassandra apart. Dr. Hamada pages for Emily and Cassandra goes to attend Mr. Johnson. Hamada is the girl/doctor Micah went on a date with. She wants Emily to do a sonography. The pregnant woman is the surrogate for her sister’s twins. The sister can get a little overbearing! Emily does the ultrasound and her expression changes. She then tells the group that they need to get a second opinion. Hamada and Bandari check the ultrasound and figure out that the male fetus has some cardiac problem; certain areas of the heart look underdeveloped.

Bandari tells the parents that the left side of the male child’s heart is shutting down due to blood released from a valve and the passing vessel is too tiny. To add to this, there is no opening between his valves. This can lead to blood being pushed back into the lungs. if they decide to treat it, there is a chance that they could lose both babies on the table. The other option is do nothing and then when the children are born, Andrew, the male child, will be relieved of pain by putting an end to his life and he will feel no pain. Emily then collects samples for biopsy from the renal failure patient. But she is shocked to see that she has just one kidney. An error that occurs during conception. They are waiting for the biopsy results but Emily tells the family that they need to put her on dialysis.

The nurse then hands over the test results for Mr. Johnson and tells her that Cassandra is on the roof with Will. Next, Emily is paged that the surrogate made a decision; but actually it is the biological mother who makes the decision. She tells Emily that she doesn’t want the surgery as they don’t want to risk both the babies. But Claire, the surrogate mother is upset that they didn’t discuss with her as she is carrying the babies. The decision still is “no surgery”. Micah tells the renal patient that she will need a transplant and suggests that they should check family and friends for a match. The patient who is a rom-com fan wants Emily to get her a movie from the library. Next, Bandari is impressed with Cassandra’s diagnosis on Johnson’s results; but actually it was Emily’s diagnosis.

So, it is a competition to become Bandari’s research assist. But Emily also has other patients to deal with. The biological parents tell Emily that the surrogate parents have the right to make whatever decision they want to regarding the children. They want Emily to give Claire the papers. The renal patient doesn’t want the kidney from her husband, Susheel, who is a perfect match. She then tells Emily that she is not sure about their relationship as she wants romantic love in her life and she doesn’t find that with him. But if she takes his kidney, she will never be able to leave him and she doesn’t want to do that. Later, Will asks Emily if she will be okay if he asks Cassandra out as he knows about their competitive streak. She lies that she is perfectly alright with it.

The renal patient tells her husband that she cannot accept his kidney as she is not that into him. He says that he too isn’t sure about the relationship; but he is willing to give his kidney. She chooses dialysis till they find a donor. Next, the biological mother and the surrogate have a problem with the present situation. Claire tells her elder sister that she always wanted her sister to like her and she thought by carrying her children, she might ending up liking her. The sister tells Claire that this is too difficult for her as she is not able to feel her children grow inside her and there is no connection. She then tells Emily that she is not sure about her decision. Meanwhile, the renal patient’s blood pressure crashed. Later, they tell the family that the patient is on ventilator and she is in coma.

Susheel tells the doctors that since he has the Power of attorney, he is giving her his kidney. Emily is nervous as this is her first surgery and Micah encourages her. And she does a good job! Cassandra sees this through the door. Next, Emily has another test result for Johnson and she doesn’t want to show it to Cassandra. Cassandra then pulls an emotional stunt and tells Emily that she makes her insecure. Emily is stumped and Cassandra leaves. But she has also stolen the reports right from under Emily’s nose! That is DIRTY!! Emily then goes to Will and tells him that he can date anyone but Cassandra. He says that he doesn’t want her protecting him. But he asked and he says that he was trying to be a good guy. But then he agrees to think about it.

Next, Bandari is operating on the Andrew and despite Hamada’s warnings, she sticks to her decision and now Andrew’s heart rate drops to zero; but then he is back!! Andrew is now stable and the whole team and those watching through the door are relieved. Next, Emily tells the renal patient that she reacted very badly to the dialysis and she was on ventilator. Susheel wanted her to have his kidney. Susheel tells her that he doesn’t know anything about her or her medical history or her favorite movies; but when he saw her nearly dying, he did not want to lose her. Now, that is romantic! She tells Emily to give them some privacy.

Emily is about to leave for the day and Micah stops her; there is a tradition that they follow after an intern’s first cut. Later, the whole team is at a bar and the main part of the tradition, the intern pays the bill!! Hamada takes Micah for a dance. Emily is at the bar table and Will joins her. He tells her that he did not ask Cassandra out. He thought that since they have just gotten back on track, he did not want to risk anything between them and so he blew her off. Emily then sees an upset Cassandra watching them from a distance. Emily is now feeling bad about what happened. The episode ends.