Emily And... The Tell-tale Heart - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily driving to work and thinking about her college days and how she is trying to ignore the feelings of guilt. She runs into a car in the parking lot and leaves her number on the wind shield. Micah asks the reception if Joyce Barnes has checked in; his mother. No, she hasn’t. He finds Joyce chit chatting with Emily and Joyce tells him about a car accident Emily was in earlier. Micah wants to take Joyce for her CT scan and tells Emily that he was thinking of putting her on his mom’s case. More time to chit chat!! Bandari and the interns arrive to meet a young patient Sam who has Hepatitis and will need a partial liver transplant.

The parents would be first checked for a match. Will and Emily are on this case. The sister has sort of taken a fancy for Will and wants him to draw her blood. Cassie is being nice to Emily and Emily asks her what she wants. She tells Emily that Will is acting funny and if she knows what is going on with Will. She wants Emily to find it out for her. Emily says that she doesn’t want to get involved. Tyra pages Emily and tells her that her ex-boyfriend Rick is in the hospital. He is a cop and now she wants them to keep him from meeting her father. She lied to everyone that Rick is her guy as she wanted to hide the fact that she was gay. Just then the doctor tells one of them to handle the patient with Rick. Emily goes to check on Connor who od-ied while on his way to meet his probation officer.

There are no track marks. So it could be pills. She gives him an antidote but then it will aggrevate the pain receptors. Connor wakes up with a start and is uncontrollable. He throws everyone holding him down; including Emily and she had managed to pull off his penis!! Obviously not a real one! The resident doctor is amused and clicks her picture. Apparently, junkies attach the fake penis to a bag of clean urine to get through the drug test in case they are caught. Very industrious! Micah learns that Joyce’s tumor hasn’t shrunk at all and he decides to put on an aggressive treatment. Tyra meets Rick and she tells him that she has told her parents that she is dating him as they try to fix her up with some guy and they don’t know she is gay. Dupre arrives and asks Rick to come over for dinner. Rick plays along with Tyra.

Tyra so owes him and she is ready to do anything. He wants to go out on a date with Emily. And with Tyra trying really hard to convince her, she agrees. She gets the blood reports for Sam and his family and they she points out to Will that Sam’s father, Luke, is not actually his biological father. Emily and Will tell the parents that they aren’t a match but the sister Tracy is a match. Tracy is ready for the transplant. Connor is in trouble. His heart rhythm is degenerating as he is a diabetic and doesn’t take his insulin on time. Emily manages to get the situation under control and Bandari gives her instructions as to how to handle this one. Emily then tells Sam’s mother that they know that Luke is not Sam’s biological father and if he could come and donate the liver.

Will tells Emily that she did the right thing by telling the woman the truth. She then goes for the coffee with Rick and Rick hold Emily’s hands and tells her that he is ready to meet “the person” who is committed to him. Just then Dupre walks in on them. Sam’s mother tells Luke the truth and she tells Emily that they have talked it over and they are ready to call the biological father. Connor is in a bad shape again and Emily calls men to hold him down this time. Joyce calls for Emily and she asks her about her tumor and Emily tells her that truth that the tumor did not shrink. Tyra tells Emily that they need to pretend to not be talking as she tried to steal her guy. Great and, the act starts now! Connor is upset that he is not able to stop drugs and that his brother doesn’t want him around his kids. He says that he is a graphic designer.

He does want to go to the rehab as he doesn’t have any money. Emily talks to the State Rehab and they can’t admit Connor until the next four days. Cassie gives her an idea to keep Connor in the hospital for four more days. He needs to pretend that he can cause harm to himself and others. Micah is pissed at Emily because she told her mother about the tumor no shrinking. He fears that she is going to give up fighting and might die. Connor checks himself out and Emily feels bad. Bandari had warned her not to get involved with his addiction. But she says that she would feel guilty if she didn’t talk to him about it. Porter, Sam’s biological father refuses to donate the kidney. Luke has clearly detached himself emotionally from Karen, Sam’s mother.

Cassie talks to Emily and she knows there is some problem. She tells Emily that she is a good person and that she told Sam’s parents the truth with some good intention. So there is nothing to feel bad. Before the surgery, Emily tells Will that she takes it back. He can date Cassie as she is unable to live with the guilt that she is putting them through this. Will is relieved. They go in for the surgeries of Sam and Tracy. During the surgery, something goes wrong and Tracy is oozing blood. But Micah manages to save her. Emily tells Luke and Karen that both their children are going to be fine. Emily apologizes to Karen for telling her the truth about Sam’s father. She tells her that she has had this guilt for around 12 years and now she is fine.

Micah meets his mother and we see that he is really depressed and scared. His mother assures him that she is strong enough to handle it. But she wants him to be honest with her. next. Tyra has a new plan. She tells Emily that they can put up a fight in front of her father and then Tyra can forgive her and be the bigger person. Emily tells her that all these elaborate lies need to stop as all this will come out one day. Tyra agrees with her and points out that Rick too said that she hasn’t changed since high school and that is not good.

Cassie gets a revenge on the doctor who has been troubling Emily about the fake penis that she pulled off Connor. Cassie placed it between his sandwich and she clicks a picture of him taking a bite of it. A little revenge she took on Emily’s behalf. Cassie is happy as Will asked her out and she knows that Emily did put in the good word for her. The episode ends.