Emily And… The Good And The Bad - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily’s voiceover telling us about one of Cassie’s birthday parties during their high school days. The hospital flower man arrives with his son Randy to deliver flowers and balloons to Cassie as it is her birthday. Emily wishes Cassie and Cassie wishes her the same! So they share the same birthday. Happy Birthday Emily!! Will is shocked to learn this but Emily tells him that she is not a birthday person and wants him not to tell anyone. Joyce arrives and Emily walks up too meet her. Joyce tells her that she is not able to keep anything down and wants Emily to give her medical marijuana. Emily thinks that it is a good way to fight nausea and build appetite.

Joyce wants her to talk to Micah. Dupre calls for a meet. There is a prisoner who is admitted in the hospital and so the doctors are not supposed to reveal any personal information to them. Bandari assigns Will and Emily to the prisoner’s case. The two of them go to see Blake and learn that he has some heart issues. Blake knows that the doctors are not allowed to reveal any personal information to them and he asks them not to feel bad about it. Cassie is upset that Will did not give her anything on her birthday. Just then the flower man shows up with flowers for her and they are from Will! Will then tells Emily that he is buying her drinks tonight; but she tells him that he cannot as the cable guy is coming to fix the cable. He tells her that he will come over.

Just then Manuel, the flower man collapses and, Randy comes calling for help. Emily rushes to check on him and asks the nurse to call the code. Now, Manuel has a huge fan following at the hospital and the doctors don’t want to confront him in this state. Manuel says that he is feeling better and that he needs to go. The fact is that he doesn’t have any insurance and so he cannot pay the bills. Micah tells him that if he is admitted on emergency basis, he doesn’t need insurance and that they would treat him. Micah tells them that Randy can be with his cousin Leena while he is here. Emily tells Micah about the marijuana request from his mother. He is fine with it. Blake is up for tests and Will is curious about his crime.

The cop tells him that Blake raped four women and choked the last one with a plastic bag. Emily is now tensed. Will takes over the echocardiogram for Blake and Blake realizes that they heard about his crime. But he tells them that he did not do it. And that one of the cops admitted to tampering with the DNA. Just then Dupre pages for Emily and she leaves. At first Dupre thinks that Tyra and Emily are dating. Emily tells him that they are just friends. Dupre then tells Emily that he wants her help to iron things out with his daughter. Tyra tells Emily that she will not forgive her father and she knows that her father is not sorry; he is scared that she will tell her mother about his affair.

Now, Emily is stuck and doesn’t know what to do and so she tells Dupre to write a letter to his daughter. He finds that to be a good idea. Just then she is paged for Manuel. His lungs collapsed. Emily manages to revive him and the nurse is happy. She hugs Emily. Will tells Emily that Blake needs a new valve. Will has tweeted everyone that there is a party at Emily’s house. The flower shop has sent birthday flowers for Emily for saving Manuel. Emily goes through the reports and is disheartened to see that Manuel has lung cancer and a malignant one; but it can be operated. Emily tells Tyra that they can use this opportunity to ask Dupre to use his discretionary funds for Manuel.

Blake is in pain and Emily goes in to attend to him. He learns that it is her birthday and tells her that he would like to give her a gift that she would really like; saying this he tries to hold her hand. Will arrives and asks Emily to leave. Emily then goes to Dupre to ask for the discretionary funds. He agrees but Emily needs to handle the paperwork. Joyce is having a fun time with the medical marijuana. Emily arrives to meet her and Joyce thinks that she is the woman Micah is dating and Micah tells her that it is Kelly. And he did not want Kelly to meet Joyce when she is high as she would tell her how desperate she is to see her grandchildren. Emily finds out that Manuel is an illegal citizen and the real Manuel died six years ago.

Manuel is sad that this is out and Emily tells him tht she needs to report it but she plans to do it only after the surgery. But he will still be deported and he will be away from his son. Manuel is in surgery and Micah doesn’t like what he is seeing. The mass has a lot of blood and there is an eroded bronchus. He needs Bandari. Bandari is operating on Blake for his valve. Will thinks that Bandari should go save Manuel as Blake is a rapist. Bandari asks Will to leave the OR. Both the surgeries are successful. Emily congratulates Micah for his good work. Randy tells Emilythat he heard the conversation she had with his father. Bandari tells Will that whatever is going on in head should be kept away from her as it would always affect the surgery and a successful surgery is a matter of moments.

Emily manages to convince Tyra to read the letter Dupre left for her in the locker. Tyra meets Dupre. Dupre tells her that all this is between her mother and him and he doesn’t want her to fall in the middle. He has decided to tell the truth to his wife. He wants to know why she did not tell him ad she tells him that she was not sure how he would react and she definitely needs his approval. Looks like things have been sorted out between the two of them. Emily tells Bandari about Manuel. Bandari dumps the records in a trash bin. She tells Emily that there is a protocol and then there is a judgment call. She tells Emily that they are not policemen. Emily is relieved. Kelly asks Micah if he has a thing for Emily and she doesn’t want him to answer it immediately.

She wants him to think over it. At the party, Emily sits in her room for some alone time and Will enters. He tells her that she should stop being so critical about herself. He learns that she plays a cello and he asks her to play it in front of the guests. They all love it. Cassie is jealous. Micah tells her that he has to leave and that he had come by to say a hello. It is time to make a wish and blow the candles. Emily decides on her wish; take it easy and not be hard on herself next year. But before she could blow the candles, Cassie blows them off. The episode ends.