Emily and… the Car and the Cards - Recap

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The episode begins with Bandari and the rest of the interns looking at the x-ray reports of a girl named Allison Mc Leary. Bandari thinks that if this girl lives, she will be a medical miracle. Cut to two hours earlier; we see Emily walking down the hospital hallway and her voiceover telling us as to how she was a great test taker and how she eagerly waited for the SAT results. She is going through her index cards that she would use for her in-service exams. Will gets coffee and burger for Emily; well it is a bribe as he wants her index cards. Cassie tells them that she will not need the help of Emily’s cards.

Later, Micah tells Emily to attend to a patient who has a pain in the jaw and needs to get a CT done. But she feels that Micah is behaving very strange towards her. She goes to attend the patient and she meets the boyfriend, Costa and the patient, Sierra. Emily tells them that they need to get a biopsy done as there is a growth that is seen in the jaw. Cera is a model and is worried if the biopsy would leave a scar on her face. She then tells Emily that her boyfriend is going to propose to her. Cassie is preparing Will for the test with the help of an app. Emily argues that her cards are still the best. This time Will decides to stick with the app. Poor Emily!

They then get paged and it is an ER case. The rush to the ambulance and see a boy get down. He has blood on his face and he seems to be alright. He asks for his girlfriend. The girl’s parents are there and they are paranoid. The second victim arrives and Emily and Will are shocked to see the girl; she is in a bad state and she is skewed on a picket. She is Allison McLeary and the girl is conscious to say her name. Emily talks to her parents and asks them to remain calm. Allison’s vital stats are stable as the picket is holding them together; but it CANNOT MOVE; even a little, as that could prove to be dangerous. She apologizes to her father as she had lied who she was with. The team then takes her for some scans.

Will is attending to the boyfriend but Will looks pretty pissed. The boyfriend, Ori, tells him that it was foggy and a car came out of nowhere and so he had to sway. That is what caused the accident. Will knows that Ori had been charged before for carrying weed. As Allison is about to be slid into the scanner, Emily points out that they cannot do so as the picket won’t fit in. So they call maintenance and have some part of the picket cut with an electric saw. They then continue with the scans. Will is visibly disturbed. We then see the scene from the beginning where Bandari looks at the scan results and states that if this girl lives, she would be a medical miracle.

Micah points out that the picket has pierced through almost every vital part in the body. Emily tells the parents that the surgery has begun. She also tells the angry father that the boyfriend wasn’t high on drugs when he was driving. In the surgery, Team 1, faces a lot of difficulties. Will is still troubled. Sierra’s biopsy results arrive and she has a cancer in her jaw and so they will have to remove a part of her jaw and the plastic surgeon would do some reconstruction. She is worried that her face will be ruined. Costa tries to reassure her. Emily talks to the boyfriend Ori and tells him that it is too soon to tell anything about Allison. She then sees that Ori’s nose is bleeding and he collapses.

Ori’s scan looks okay but they need to wait for the official reports. Emily then sees his discolored legs and tells him that probably his aorta was torn during the accident. In the surgery, Bandari asks team 1 to rotate out. Will is reluctant but he is forced to. Emily tells Will that Ori’s legs were completely white; but his scans were fine and arteries are intact. Cera wants to be discharged as they did some research and found out that there are alternative treatments that can cure her cancer. She doesn’t listen to anything that Emily has to say. Emily tells this to Micah. Micah tells her to stop judging Cera and try to feel what she feels. Emily confronts Micah about his strange behavior and he tells her that he is only keeping things professional between them as his friendship with her could be unfair to the other interns.

Emily talks to Cera and Cera agrees to take a night and thinks about the surgery. Emily loses her cards and she blames Cassie for stealing them. But Cassie points out that Emily is wearing a wrong lab coat and Emily realizes that she made a mistake. It is Emily’s turn to be in the OR for Allison’s surgery. Allison survives the surgery but Bandari notices that her spinal cord has been damaged by the picket. They don’t know if she would be paralyzed or not. This information is relayed to the parents and the boyfriend. Ori wants to meet Allison and wants to tell her that he is sorry. Will allows it. Allison tells him that it was not a car but a bike that came towards them. Emily figures out what is wrong with him; he is suffering from Diplopia, double vision.

She tells him that he has lupus and it can be treated. Cera decides that she wants to try the alternative treatment first and if that doesn’t work, she would go in for the surgery. Emily advises against it; but Cera is not ready for everything in her life to change. Emily understands and wishes her luck. Later, Emily and Bandari are checking for sensation in Allison’s legs but she has none. Allison apologizes to her father and tells him that Ori was sick and that it was not his fault. She also admits that it was her weed that was found but Ori took the blame for it. She did not tell her father as she did not want him to think badly of her. Suddenly she feels the needle prick on her toes and Emily and Bandari are glad. Allison has a long road of physiotherapy but she will be fine.

Allison’s father decides to go and tell this to Ori. Finally everything is well. Next, Emily tells Micah that this whole “keeping it professional” thing sucks. She tells him that she liked being his friend. Later, she is on the roof and Will arrives. Emily wants to know why he has been behaving strangely the whole day. Will tells her that he was in an accident with his girlfriend and he was the one who was driving; his girlfriend died.

Allison’s case brought back all the old memories which he hadn’t talked about for a long time. Emily tells him that there is nothing that he could have done as he was a kid. Will is glad that he shared this with her. Next, we see that all the interns are taking their test. The episode ends.