Emily and… the Love of Larping - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily’s voiceover telling us that she finds herself in the same rut she was in when in high school; she has a nemesis, a crush and a mean teacher. Some things need to change. Tyra tells her that she needs to get laid. Cassie tells Emily that the fact that she needs to get laid is tattooed on her forehead. Next, Bandari and her interns go to meet their patient, Mrs. Calder. She is a business woman and she is stern towards the stern Bandari and the interns are shocked. She is showing signs of cardiac ischemia and myocardial injuries. They need to run more tests and so she is going to have to stay. Bandari is pissed at that woman.

Cassie tells Will that she is planning to set Emily up with a guy named Scott. Will tells her that Emily would never go on a blind date as he knows her well. Just then Will gets paged. Emily, Micah and Hamada are attending to an old woman who has ovarian cancer. But Mrs. Parks is more worried about losing her hair as she is supposed to start chemo after hysterectomy. She then tells Emily, who is planning to have a haircut, that she needs more mascara; it would pop up the eyes. Emily tries to strike a conversation with Micah but he sends her downstairs for support. Abernathy assigns Will and Emily to a crazy patient. He is in his role play costume and thinks that he is some elf king. He has suffered an ambush on the battlefield and it requires some suturing. Will thinks he is a whack. The king falls and the doctors rush to check on him; he says that he has lost his vision.

Will finds it hard to believe as he thinks he is playing some part. He writes it off as conversion disorder; he feels that the king is psychologically disturbed. Bandari agrees with Emily and asks Will to get a CT done for the king. She then takes Emily to talk to Diana Calder. Her husband is there as well. Emily tells her hat she needs to stay further but Diana wants to fly to NY to meet her doctor. This is against medical advice. Cassie tells Emily about the guy she wants to set her up with. Emily tells her that she is not interested.

They then meet Parkswho tells her daughter to go back home and get her a lipstick. Her surgery went well and Micah is glad. Will and Emily are performing the CT scan and Emily volunteers to attend the king’s calls from his army. They then discuss about the date and Will knows that she wouldn’t go as she is predictable. Emily doesn’t like the sound of it and decides to go for it. The radiologist is unable to say anything and so they need to wait for official results. Emily gets paged. Parks has a cardiac arrest and despite all the efforts put by Micah, she passes away. Emily relays this to her daughter. Micah is upset as he is reminded of his mother’s condition. Next, we have a psychiatrist visiting out king. He is upset and he tells Emily that he is not crazy.

He says that his name is Tom and his first lieutenant is Lynn, his co-worker. Emily confirms that this is not conversion disorder. Lynn tells Emily that Tom has been limping and that is why he fell. Emily checks his leg and does an ultrasound. She tells him that there is a clot in his leg. She says that his blood is highly coagulable and so he is prone to clots. Maybe there is one in his eye as well and they need to dissolve it. There are no guarantees though. Just then Calder arrives telling Emily that his wife collapsed. The lady in charge f the hospital tells Micah that Stacy Parks, the old woman’s daughter is suing the hospital for negligence as she feels that Micah shouldn’t have performed the surgery if there was a risk of a cardiac arrest.

The lady assures Micah that it is fine and that they will handle it. Diana is in tears when Bandari tells her that she had a mild heart attack. She doesn’t want to die at 41. She knows that she needs to slow down. She needs to get a bypass done. Tom is in a chamber where his clot id being dissolved. He tells her that he feels confident in his costume and he wishes that his LARP life would have been real instead of his actual life. Emily tells him that Lynn has a thing for him and he tells her that she is there just for the kingdom. Just then he begins to breathe heavily and Emily knows that the clot has moved to his lungs. He needs surgery. He tells Emily to tell Lynn that he abdicates and the kingdom is hers. Emily relays the message. Lynn tells her that she is worried more about Tom. Emily asks her to tell this to him directly.

During the surgery, certain complications arise; but Bandari manages to successfully complete the surgery. Later, Lynn tells Tom that she likes him and he is ecstatic. Lynn also tells Emily that costumes can make a huge difference in the way they feel. Emily is getting ready for the blind date and Tyra gets some clothes for her. Emily arrives at the restaurant and she is looking good. Scott likes her. Will wonders if she is doing this because of what he said. He tells her that he did not mean to insult her. At the hospital, Calder tells Bandari that he is leaving Diana and he wants to know how long would the recovery take. Bandari tells him that it will take her 4-6 weeks. Emily is having fun with Scott and Will tells Cassie that Scott might not be the right guy for her.

Cassie thinks that Will is jealous and he tells her that he is only being protective. Scott and Emily kiss. But then Scott begins to choke. He has peanut allergy and Emily had just eaten peanuts. He is rushed to the hospital; he is fine now. He tells Emily that they should head back to his place and start where they left off. Emily thinks otherwise and that they should just be friends; maybe not even that. Everyone in the hospital compliments her on her new look. She then runs into Micah and tells him that she has been thinking a lot about him and his mother. Next, Micah and Emily are having a talk where he tells her that he is being sued. She is relieved that things are fine now and that she missed him a lot. Just then he gets paged by the legal department.

Diana is fine and out of surgery; but she doesn’t know that her husband is leaving her. Bandari is feeling bad for her. Micah meets Hamada outside the hospital and he breaks up with her. Will tells Emily that Scott doesn’t seem to be the right guy for her. Emily figures out that Will is jealous; this means that deep down he likes her. She is happy. But things don’t look good between Bandari and her husband. He is not at all happy that he finds it difficult to have dinner with his own wife. She suggests that they should take a vacation. But he reacts coldly. The episode ends.