Emily and... the Social Experiment - Recap

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The episode begins with the team have drinks together and Scott arrives. He takes Emily aside and tells her that he screwed up the first time. He says that he liked her but goofed it up. Emily is glad that at least he was honest about the fact that they had nothing in common. Will arrives and tells Scott that Emily is not in to him and asks him to stay off. Emily tells him that he is acting jealous. Will tells her that seeing her with that guy made him realize that he wants her. He kisses her and we hear a beeping sound. Emily wakes up from her dream. Later, Emily tells Tyra that she is sure that Will was jealous.

She wants to conduct a sort of experiment to see if Will really has some feelings for her. She tries to flirt with another intern; but she learns from Will that he is gay! The in service examination results are out and Cassie scores more than Emily. Micah is surprised to see his old colleague who was on a two week suspension; but he was gone for a year. He wants to come back. Bandari calls the interns for the rounds. The patient is Henry, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis. He also has chronic pneumonia. His parents tell the doctors that it has never been this bad. They put on a vibrating vest on Henry and that does give him some relief. Cassie and Emily see Dr. Aquino and Cassie immediately tells her that he is trouble. They learn that Aquino had huge fallout with Bandari and he was suspended for two weeks.

Bandari arrives and asks Emily to go with her. She ignores Aquino. Emily goes to check on Mrs. Durrell. She has migraine and her legs are still swollen. Emily tells her that it happens due to diabetes. Durrell says that she is a psychic and a tarot card reader and can see that there is something on Emily’s mind. She tells Emily that her romance house is about to be inhabited. Just then a patient, Mark is rushed into the ER. He is bleeding profusely and he dies in the ER. Emily is given the task to talk to Mark’s wife. Mark is an organ donor. So whatever decision has to be made, it has to be soon. Emily is happy that the wife decided to go ahead with the donation. And so they now have new lungs for Henry!

Emily learns that there is blood in Durrell’s urine which suggests a urinary tract infection. Durrell checks her tarot cards to check on her health and she sees imminent death. Emily is flabbergasted. Durrell wants to be alone. Tyra teaches Emily how to flirt. On the elevator, Emily meets Bandari and her husband Evan. Henry is on the OT and the lung transplant is on. But Micah finds another issue; the lymph nodes. Looks like the tumor is malignant! Micah wants to continue with the surgery. They have the lungs and probably if this chance is lost, they might not get another donor on time. Durrell son arrives at the hospital worried as his mother left him a message saying that she was dying. But Emily tells him that it is the cards and he is pissed.

He had to leave an important case and now someone else is taking credit for his work. He feels that his mother uses the cards to manipulate people. Durrell tells Emily that her son is getting married and she hasn’t even met the girl. Tyra tells Emily to flirt with a doctor. Will doesn’t like it as much as the doctor is a dog. Well, looks like Emily did a good job as the doctor asks her out. But Emily decline and the doctor like a good chase! Henry is upset that his whole life he waited for new longs and now thathe has them, he has to undergo chemo. He wants to do it because his parents believe that he is a fighter and so he wants them to be happy. The doctor who Emily was flirting with asks her out for drinks.

She tells him that she needs to set up a bookcase. Will tells that doctor that he will be helping Emily with the same. So, Emily is going to be alone with Will and Tyra tells her to make use of it. At home, Will asks for beer and Emily sees that she has run out of beer. She goes to get some beer and sandwiches. Micah and Aquino are at a bar and Aquino tells him that Bandari said a no. Micah is surprised. Aquino then asks Micah about Emily. He knows that Micah likes her; it is obvious. Well, it is not as Emily has no clue about it. Bandari and Evan are having a talk about ending their marriage. Evan tells her that it is not working and Bandari tells him that she will make changes. Well, she has been saying that for years now. But she points out to him that this is the first time he told her that he is going to leave her.

Emily returns home with beer and finds Will sleeping on the couch. She wakes him up and he tells her that he is exhausted and would like to sleep. Emily messages Tyra saying that Will is alone with her and he prefers to sleep. Emily tells Cassie that Henry has agreed to go through chemo for his parents. Cassie decides to talk to Henry’s parents. Durrell has a heart infection and Emily notifies her son that his mother is having an open heart surgery. On the OT, Emily tells Bandari that Durrell had predicted that she would die in 24 hours. Bandari says that is not going to happen as the surgery went well. But just then the heart rate starts dropping. Everyone wonders for a moment if her prediction would turn out to be true.

But guess not; the doctors manage to revive her! Emily tells her son that his mother is out of surgery. He is about to leave and Emily hands over the son which his mother left for him just in case she died. But sensing the tension between them, she decides to give it to him. The mother and son reconcile and Emily is glad. Micah confronts Bandari about her decision of not letting Aquino join back. He tells her that people think that she is not taking him back due to personal reasons and Bandar always says that she never lets her personal matters influence her professional decisions. Henry’s parents ask their son what he wants to do and Emily realizes that Cassie did some talking with his parents. She is glad that Henry finally gets to do what he always wanted; go to Hawaii.

Emily commends Cassie on what she did. Aquino meets Bandari in the parking lot. She asks him few medical questions and tells him that he can join back. He asks if she wanted to talk about what happened a year back. She tells him that she is married and “it” was a mistake. Will messages Emily and asks him to meet on the terrace. He tells her that he does not want her to tell Cassie that he crashed at her place last night.

Emily wonders why and he tells her that Cassie feels that he was jealous when he saw Emily with Scott. Emily is shocked. Cassie, the great reader of men thought that Will was jealous! She agrees. Will leaves first so that no one sees them. Emily is now sure that Will likes her. The episode ends.