Emily and... the Teapot - Recap

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The episode begins with Tyra and Emily discussing about a fundraiser that is about to take place. Will and Cassie arrive; and they leave quickly after a short chat. Tyra wonders why Emily is so happy. Emily vaguely tells her about a teapot that she saw in one of the books and relates it to her happiness. Tyra thinks that there could be a direct way of telling her the reason as to why she is happy. She tells Tyra that she has learned that Will does have some feelings for her and is sure that Cassie will lash out on Will once she begins to feel threatened. Tyra has never seen her so confident.

Micah’s mother tells him that he should tell Emily that he likes her and there is rule against dating interns. Micah asks her to back off. During the round, Cassie does not like it when Will and Emily exchange smiles. Their first patient is a guy who had retinal detachment due to a skiing accident. It was treated by an ophthalmologist with no complications. But there is numbness in his legs. It has been coming and going for a while. He is also being very tired recently. Emily then learns that there is supposed to be some video tribute to Bandari. She wasn’t aware about it and asks Micah. He tells her that this is when Bandari chooses her new research assistant. He tells her to keep it simple.

Emily then attends to Ethan, who is experiencing chest pain after being hurt in a soccer match, where a player kicked the ball to his chest. He also has an over protective mother; but she is also a very nice mother. Will, Cassie and Emily are the finalists and Bandari is going to choose one from theses three. She hears what each one of them have to say as to why she should choose them. Ethan’s x-ray reports arrive and there is a bullet lodged in his lung. But he has never been shot and there is no entry wound. Bandari asks for more tests to be done. Emily goes in to shoot the tribute; but then she is still nervous. Emily then goes to check on the skier. His friend, Jonathan gets some food. The skier is about to get up but he is unable to stand. Emily needs to get an MRI done for him.

Emily tells Ethan and his mom that the theory is that Ethan breathed the bullet in when he was a hid; and when the soccer ball hit him, it dislodged the bullet. But they don’t need to remove it and it is fine where it is now. But just then Emily notices a bullet wound on Natalya’s hip. Natalya tells Emily that she was shot when she was pregnant. But she thought that the bullet just grazed her and there was no blood and moreover Ethan was still kicking in the womb. Ethan’s father was in a gang and she doesn’t want Ethan to know any of this. later, Bandari interviews the three finalists and Cassie ends up get Will kicked out of the race. Bandari had asked each one of them about the flaws of the other two. Cassie doesn’t like the fact that Will had something bad to say about her and not so bad about Emily. Will is pissed that she got him kicked out.

Ethan’s situation has worsened and looks like the bullet has migrated. Natalya tells him the truth and that his father is in jail. Ethan is shocked and also in a lot of pain. He has to be operated. Bandari finds out that there are no doctors available for the operation and so she reluctantly asks Aquino to assist her in the surgery. We see that the two of them flirt with each other during the surgery. However, they manage to get the bullet out. The daredevil skier seems to have a rare heart disease and Cassie is the one to figure it out. She tells Bandari that the ultrasound showed some collapsing valves. Bandari commends Cassie on her find. Cassie flashes a victorious smile at Emily.

Emily tells him about his heart condition which is notoriously difficult to determine. But she also tells him that he cannot do any strenuous exercises ever again. Emily knows that he like his friend Jonathan; but Jonathan is straight. Emily and Tyra are getting dressed for the evening. Just then a nurse arrives, declaring an emergency. It is Joyce, Micah’s mother. She is being rushed into surgery. Micah is tensed and Emily decides that she is going to stay with him till the surgery is over. At the fundraiser, Bandari arrives with Evan. She gives her speech on her new research project called the VCuff, which is a device that will help a heart to function if it is unable to function on its own. She was brilliant. There si a surprise for Bandari and she hates surprises; it is the tribute time.

Micah is tensed as his mother’s surgery could lead to cardiac arrest. Emily is beside him, trying to comfort him. Joyce is out of surgery and she is fine. Micah is relieved and he hugs Emily. Emily then leaves for the fundraiser. She meets Jonathan on the way and he tells her that the daredevil want to have a talk with her. The skier tells Jonathan that he is in love with him. Jonathan knows that and it does not matter to him; it doesn’t change their friendship. They are surprised. But the skier then tells Jonathan that it is not the same for him. He wants to be someone’s choice. Emily arrives at the event. Bandari tells them that she has chosen to be her assistant as she gets people talking and that is very important to determine a lot of things. Cassie lashes out. She is totally rude to Emily. And she leaves. Will goes to check on Cassie. Emily tells Tyra that she is done with Will.

Emily tells her that she is done with waiting for so long. He does not see how great she is and so now she is done with him. Emily sees Natalya waiting in the visitor’s room and she tells Emily that Ethan doesn’t want to see her. Emily talks to Ethan and tells him that he has a great mother and that he should sort things out with his mother. Tyra goes to talk to Molly and tells her that she is sorry for blowing her off. She says that she has a habit of pushing off things when she starts wanting them. She asks Molly out again. But Molly doesn’t want to go out with her. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be her practice relationship. Emily and Micah are having a drink on the terrace.

They drink to different things and Emily drinks to being done with Will. Micah is surprised and wants to know why. She tells him that’s he is tired of waiting. He is then about to ask her a question; maybe tells her how he feels about her. But just then Tyra arrives declaring that she got rejected. Oh no. Micah is upset that he lost this chance to tell Emily about the way he feels. Emily asks Tyra to join them and have a drink. The episode ends.