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Emily and... the Perfect Storm - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily arriving at the hospital with loads of stuff; she has been on a shopping spree for her new office. Micah meets her at the entrance and once again asks her about being over with Will. She says that she is totally over him. Will and Cassie arrive. Will is surprised by Emily’s strange, new behavior. Cassie is still upset about not getting the research assistant’s job. She also tells Will that she is uncomfortable about his friendship with Emily. Micah and Emily arrive in her new office; it is not at all grand as she imagined. But what the heck! She has an office!

Micah tells her that he could get her a new chair. Will arrives and tells her that Cassie is having trouble with their friendship. Emily tells him that she is over him and that it shouldn’t matter anymore. She then asks him to help her rearrange the office. Bandari warns Aquino that once more he behaves inappropriately when her husband is around, he will be gone. Micah gets Emily a chair and a poster. They get paged. It is Dupre. There has been a bus accident; 3 killed and 35 injured. Dupre assigns the doctors according to their ranks. Tyra is assigned to a pregnant woman, Nicole, who slipped and fell on ice. Emily walks into a room full of injured patients; her head reels. She then attends to Chloe who has hurt her hand really bad.

A marine, Dan, is helping her and he too has a nasty cut on his forehead. Emily gives her some pain killers and says that she would be sent for some x-rays. Tyra does a sonography for Nichole and the baby is fine. She calls herself clumsy. Just then she has a contraction and Tyra says that it is sort of normal. Emily checks Dan and he is up for imaging. Micah also arrives to help Emily. There is a problem; blood is collecting in Dan’s brain and Dan doesn’t want to inform anyone. Dan faints. They need to evacuate the blood. Emily decides to drill the blood out. Cassie is shocked. Emily says that there is no one else to do it. Cassie gets cold feet to drill a hole; so Emily does it. But this is a temporary fix. The blood will clot and the swelling will kill him. They need to get a neurosurgeon; but the ice has blocked the roads and it is difficult.

Emily tells Chloe that Dan is stable, but he will need surgery. Also, Chloe too will need surgery as there is some serious damage to her arm. Emily tries to calm Chloe by talking to her. But a nurse arrives saying that a patient is complaining of chest pain. It is a blind man and he is actually worried about his dog. Emily gets sucked in to it after looking at the dog’s sad eyes and she asks Will to help her with the dog. Cassie is not happy that Will is having a private talk with Emily. Will tells her that Emily is over him. She is happy. Nicole’s baby is in trouble and her heart rate is dropping. Tyra declares an emergency C-Section. Dupre goes in for the C-Section along with Tyra. Dan’s father, Mr. Nelson, arrives to meet his son. He saw the news and figured out that his son could be in trouble. In the OT, the baby is delivered but she is not crying.

The doctors take care of her. But Nicole’s HR is dropping. Later, Dupre and Tyra arrive and tell the husband that the baby is stable. She is on the ventilator; but Nicole is no more as she had excessive bleeding. Next, Chloe passed out and Emily sees that her BP is dipping. That is due to excessive loss of blood. They need an ortho. But it is not possible. So, she decides to call in Bandari. In the OT, Emily is on the phone with the ortho. But the surgery doesn’t go too well as there is too much bleeding. Bandari, who is a heart surgeon, tries her best following the instructions. But there is no option; they need to cut the arm. Emily is upset. Micah checks in on her and she is crying. She is checking her notes to see if she missed something.

Micah comforts her and hugs her. She tells him that she has known him for five months; but it feels like she has known him for longer. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. Later, Chloe is conscious. But she is shattered to find out that she lost her arm. Dan’s surgeon arrives and Emily takes him to the OR. Dupre talks to the father of the premature baby; he doesn’t want the baby as he says that the baby was his wife’s idea. Dupre and Tyra talk to the father. Looks like the father has a change of heart! Emily sees that Nelson is with Chloe and she tells them that Dan is fine. Nelson makes Chloe video chat with her father. now we know where Dan gets it from. Dan then tells his father that Afghanistan is a mess and they need help. That is why he needs to go back.

His father asks him to come back in one piece. Next, Emily and Will invite the rest to the bar. It has been a tough day. Micah finds out that they did treat the dog and realizes that it was Emily’s idea. Well, good work everyone! At the bar, Micah walks up to Emily to talk to her about the way he feels. But Emily gets a message about the dog they treated and she shows it to her friends. Cassie takes Emily’s phone and her reactions change. She says that she would send the picture to her phone. Micah notices Aquino with Bandari. Bandari tells him that nothing is going to happen between them again as she is happy now and is leaving with Evan for a vacation. Micah asks Aquino if they had a history together that he is not aware of. Aquino doesn’t answer clearly.

Cassie confronts Will. She asks him if he slept at Emily’s place. She shows him the picture she sent herself from Emily’s phone. Will tells her that nothing happened. Then why did he lie? Cassie is not convinced; she feels that something is happening between them. Will tells her that he messed up and he is sorry. Cassie tells him that all this is messing with her head and she tells him that they are done. Tyra tells Emily that she is moving out of her father’s house; she wants him to treat her as an adult. She is going to stay with Emily. Emily agrees. Later, Emily is standing outside the bar and Micah arrives. She asks him what he wanted to ask her. He doesn’t know how to express and so he kisses her.

She doesn’t resist. She says a thank you. Just then Will arrives and declares that he broke up with Cassie. Oh no. Micah looks uncertain now. Emily tries to tell Will but he doesn’t let her talk. Tyra arrives and takes Emily with her. The two men standing Emily walk away. The episode ends.