Emily and... the Leap - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily rehearsing as to what to tell Micah about the kiss; she tells Tyra that it is all very confusing. Tyra thinks that Emily still has feelings for Will. Meanwhile, Cassie is totally cool about the break up and she tells Will that he chose Emily over her. Will says that he did no such thing. She tells him that he did. Will is surprised. Emily says that there could be professional implications in having a relationship with Micah. Just then a woman at the coffee shop faints. Tyra and Emily rush to check on her. The woman is dehydrated and her hands are showing some weird signs. The woman, Mrs. Benoevick, shouts that she does not want to go to the hospital.

She is having high fever and there is an infection in her hand. The sooner they treat her, the faster she gets to go home. But Benoevick is rude with Emily. Emily runs into Micah and she starts talking to him about the kiss. Micah tells her that they should talk in private. When they enter Emily’s office, they find Will waiting for her. Micah gets paged and leaves. Will is about to tell her about Cassie when Emily tells him that Micah has feelings for her. Will wants to know if she likes him and she tells him that she is not sure as Micah is her boss. Next, Micah in charge as Bandari is out on vacation. They check on a new patient, George. George had fainted and he tells Emily that his head hurt before fainting. But that could be because he does not sleep a lot; due to stress.

George’s ex-wife, Ashley arrives. Later, Ashley tells the doctors that George’s stress would not reduce; not for now. The stress is due to their son’s death. Micah’s mother tells him that she told his sister about her illness and that she is coming to the hospital. Micah is surprised as they don’t have time to prepare. She tells him that everything will be fine. Emily goes to check on Benoevick. But she wants a new doctor. Emily tells her that there is no one else. Micah and Emily meet and he tells her that they should go out on a date. But Emily tells him that he is her boss and it could complicate things. She wants to think it through. Micah agrees with her and he tells her to meet him for lunch; and it is not a date.

Next, Will and Cassie go to attend to their new patient, Maggie, who is a vivacious old, smart woman. She had some heart palpitations and there was a cough. She coughed so hard that she passed out. Cassie thinks that it could be a form of pneumonia. Maggie and her partner think that it was a big mistake that Cassie did by dumping Will. Micah goes to meet his mother and Emily is with her. They are going through some old pictures. Micah tells her about a new trial that has come up and it is within two weeks. She is upset and explains to Micah that she has a terminal disease and she is ready to go. Emily learns that Benoevick has run off from the hospital. Maggie’s EKG seems normal and so Will prescribes an antibiotic. Will and Emily tell George that his labs came back clean.

So the passing out might not be a big thing. They tell Ashley that they will get the papers ready. But just then George passes out again and they get a CT scan done. Turns out that there is a large tumor on his temporal lobe which needs to be operated on! Micah’s sister storms in and yells at Micah for not informing her about their mother’s condition. Micah tells Lis that their mother did not want her to know as she got a job and was planning to go back to school. He tells her that she will be okay as there is this clinical trial that she could go through with. Lis is all upset and tells Micah that he needs to convince their mother that she should go for the trial. Maggie asks Cassie why she dumped Will and Cassie tells her that Will is in love with someone else.

Cassie is in tears and Emily sees that. She asks her if she is fine. Cassie doesn’t tell her anything and leaves. Will and Emily have a chat and Emily tells him that Cassie is not all that bad. Will says that idea of Emily dating someone else is a little weird for him. He thinks that he doesn’t want things to change. Just then Maggie’s partner brings her back to the hospital. Maggie has passed out again. They take her to the ER. Maggie has no pulse and Will tries to revive her heart beat. But Maggie is not responding. They declare the TOD. Later, Mrs. Benoevick is brought back to the hospital. The cop tells Emily that she is the crazy hoarder types. Dana, her daughter tells Emily that the woman’s house was declared to be a health hazard. She wants to get her cats.

She gets violent and Emily declares Code Gray. Next, Lis tells her mother that she left this job as well; that is because she is pregnant. Her boyfriend wants her to get rid of the baby but she couldn’t do it. Micah tells her that she will get her an appointment. Ashley talks to Emily about how George blames her for their son’s accidental death, where the kid choked on a wheel of his toy car, while Ashley was away doing some laundry. Emily meets Micah in the record room and there they talk over things and decide to take a leap. They know that a lot of things could go wrong; but a lot of things could go right as well. Cassie takes Will aside and tells him that Maggie was on antidepressants; but it wasn’t in her charts. She had told Cassie in a casual conversation.

So, it turns out that Will prescribed her a wrong medicine that led to her death. Cassie tells Will to keep quiet as he did not know about the antidepressants and so no one will catch it. If this gets out, it could ruin his career. Next, Benoevick’s daughter tells Emily that she gifted her mother a cat and now she has seven of them. Micah chooses Cassie for assisting in the OR. Emily is shocked. George is out of surgery. He is fine; but he has lost the memory of the last four years. Micah finds out that Lis is not pregnant; she lied so that their mother would go for the trial. And she was right; their mother decides to go for the trial as she wants to see her grandkid. Ashley tells George as to what happened with their son and how he blamed her.

George tells her that he is sorry and that he doesn’t remember any of that; but he does remember how much he loves her. Emily then tells Benoevick that she is allergic to cats and their feces did cause the change in her personality; she had a schizophrenic disorder which can be treated. Benoevick feels relieved and she apologizes for her earlier behavior. Next, Emily asks Micah as to why he chose Cassie for the surgery and he said that he did want Emily to feel that she was been given special treatment.

Will tells Julia that he was the reason that caused Maggie’s death. Julia walks away. Later, Will and Emily are in a bar and he tells her what happened with Maggie. He then asks her as to why she got over him and she tells him that he chose Cassie over her. But Will tells her that Cassie broke up with him as she had given him a choice between her and Emily and he chose Emily. Emily tells him that this is bad timing. She leaves. Later, Will arrives at her house. She lets him in and they kiss. The episode ends.