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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Day the Empire Stood Still

Despite the threat of all hands to quit, Redigo (Richard Egan) defends a worker accused of murder.
In the opener. Charles Bronson, one of the hands, is wrongfully accused of murder and Egan goes to bat for him even though it means a strike by Empire's many cowpokes.
Guest Stars: Denver Pyle as Tom Rawlings | Oliver McGowan as Harvey Welk | Paul Tripp as Thayer Wilson | Vic Perrin as Matt Webster
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Frank Nugent

2 :01x02 - Ballard Number One

Sam Ballard's embezzling killed Redigo's father. Now Sam's back---digging for oil near the Garret ranch. Ballard, an oilman faces opposition when he returns home after serving a 20-year prison term for unsavory business practices.
Guest Stars: Frederic Downs as Phelps | Ed Begley as Sam Ballard | George Mathews as Bigg
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Andy White

3 :01x03 - A Place to Put a Life

Redigo becomes dissatisfied with his job as foreman on the Garret Ranch and quits to strike out on his own. Redigo (Richard Egan) returns to the small ranch his father left him and finds that it's being run by a teenager.

Most of the action on EMPIRE takes place off the vast Garret ranch. Jim Redigo, unable to cope with the pressures of hit job, quits to go back to the farm left him by his father. But he finds the place
in the hands of a family which claims ownership. Chris Robinson and Joan Freeman are the son and daughter in the group. So Jim goes to work as a kind of undercover hired hand, to figure out who's lying, and why. It makes a better story than the show has had, obviously benefiting from the change of locale. This was shot on a potato farm in Colorado; the series called for a tomato farm, but this was the best they could do so they changed the script.

Guest Stars: Joan Freeman as Unknown | Lee Krieger as Dobbins | James Anderson (1) as Dusty Rhodes | Cathy Lewis (1) as Grace Koenig | James Griffith (1) as Pete Stroud | Chris Robinson (1) as Arnold Koenig
Writer: Ken Trevey

4 :01x04 - Ride to a Fall

Dahlbeck's guest at a ranch party seems to wield an eerie hold over him. Victor Jory and Claude Akins in a drama about an aging meat-packing tycoon who has trouble keeping up with the times.

The emotions get a bit out of hand on EMPIRE this week. The Garret ranch is the site for an annual
"ride," involving millionaires only. Among the guests are Victor Jory as an aging meat packer with both financial and physical problems and Claude Akins as an opportunist who would like to take over Jory's company. For an hour, the two (plus Richard
Egan) bicker about old vs. new methods of business, etc.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Joe Horvath | Victor Jory as Milo Dahlbeck
Director: Abner Biberman
Writer: Ken Trevey

5 :01x05 - Long Past, Long Remembered

Wealthy Tom Cole (Tom Tully) visits the spread during a severe drought and his untimely friendliness suggests he wants to buy the ranch. Tom Tully stars as Tom Cole, who uses his friendship with the Garrets to take possession of their holdings during a drought. Cole deceives Lucia Garret into selling out while foreman Jim Redigo and her son Tal are preoccupied with the drought. Connie meanwhile tries to help Indians who are also affected by water shortage.
Guest Stars: Vince St. Cyr as Estoban | Michael Fox as Chester Arkins | Noah Keen as Dr. Phelps | Paul Birch as Sam Fowler | Richard Jordan as Jay Bee Fowler | Tom Tully as Tom Cole
Director: Ted Post

6 :01x06 - Walk Like a King

Ex-employee Barney Swanton (Ralph Meeker) returns to the ranch rich but is still envious of Redigo, whose job he always wanted.

A former employee (Ralph Meeker) returns to the ranch
to impress everyone with his new wealth.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Barney Swanton | Joanne Linville as Leona Spence
Director: Alex March

7 :01x07 - The Fire Dancer

There's an oil-well fire, blazing out of control. Jim Redigo's problem is to put out the fire before it destroys the ranch's field of oil and gas wells. Only one kind of man, a human extinguisher, can do the job, but those men are scarce.
Guest Stars: Jan Arvan as Phil | James Chandler as Unknown | Harry Lauter as Starbeck | Susan Silo as MacCormack | Roy Barcroft as Charlie Hooper | Frank Gorshin as Billy Roy Fix
Director: Fred H. Jackman

8 :01x08 - The Tall Shadow

Confronted with the prospect of a forest blaze during a severe drought, Redigo is looking forward to the assistance of an engineer.

Chuck, a soil engineer (Frank Overton), hired to save the Garret Ranch from drought and subsequent flood conditions, attempts to befriend the young son of the widow he plans to marry.
Guest Stars: Duane Grey as Unknown | Leo Gordon as Jake | Ray Teal as Unknown | Mickey Sholdar as Jimmy | Bethel Leslie as Charlotte | Frank Overton as Chuck Pierce
Director: John Farrow
Writer: Andy White

9 :01x09 - The Earth Mover

Glenn Kassin wants to build a model city near Mesa, but the landowner refuses to sell. This series, sustained by the forceful emoting of star Richard Egan, adds a second powerful performer in guest Dan O'Herlihy, making for some good strong drama. O'Herlihy plays an industrialist who plans a gigantic construction project in Mesa. His aggressive ability convinces almost everyone to go along with his plans, except Redigo, who sees potential totalitarian evils in the man.
Guest Stars: Max Showalter as Hobart Muncey | Eddy Waller as Abel Saunders | Linda Bennett as Fay Saunders | Dan O'Herlihy as Glenn Kassin
Director: Harry Keller
Story: Anthony Wilson | Teleplay: Ken Trevey

10 :01x10 - Pressure Lock

In the midst of negotiating for oil rights, Redigo (Richard Egan) is called out of town---leaving Tal to handle the bargaining. Tal must deal with Hettie Burton, a troublesome businesswoman, and a hostile crew. Young Tal garret, directing his first drilling operation, faces trouble from a shrewed businesswoman and a hostile crew. Hettie Burton forces Tal to accept a three-week time limit on the well. When Tal asks for a needed extension, Hettie agrees if he will marry her granddaughter, Charlotte.

Ryan O'Neal, who plays Tal Garret on Empire, has his best role in this episode. He talks himself into a job, running a test oil-drilling operation on the property of cantankerous millionairess Hettie Burton (Cathleen Nesbitt). He has a time limit in which to bring in a producing well, which brings out both the best and worst in him. O'Neal also gets his first romance, with Carolyn Kearney as Charlotte, Miss Nesbitt's granddaughter.
Guest Stars: Alejandro Rey as Luis | Baynes Barron as Mike | Harvey Korman as Bunce | Ford Rainey as Josh | Carolyn Kearney as Charlotte | Cathleen Nesbitt as Hertie Burton
Director: Abner Biberman

11 :01x11 - Echo of a Man

Worries over his pretty young ward are causing a drop in efficiency for chief engineer Tabor (John Dehner). The show's dual themes are dusting and lusting. Guests are John Dehner who dusts the Garret crops against locusts and Garret Griswold who lusts after Garret foreman Jim Redigo, there's conflict and disaster but a successful operation at the end straightens everyone out.
Guest Stars: Glenn Turnbull as Canaday | Wayne Heffley as Christy | Kelton Garwood as Jennison | Claire Griswold as Ellen Connors | John Dehner as Dan Tabor
Director: John Farrow
Writer: Antony Ellis

12 :01x12 - When the Gods Laugh

A sharecropper who objects to education uses abusive tactics to keep his son home from school. An embittered sharecropper uses his 19-year-old son as a pawn in bargaining for ownership of the land.

James Gregory plays the tyrannical head of a family of sharecroppers. Suddenly having decided not to allow his son (Roger Mobley) to attend school, his brutality to the boy is witnessed by Connie (Terry Moore) who immediately attempts to put him in his place.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Theron Haskell | Roger Mobley as Kieran Haskell | Jenny Maxwell as Collin Haskell
Director: Robert Gist

13 :01x13 - Green, Green Hills

A swindler and his daughter scheme against Garret land holdings.

Arthur O'Connell, defensive from an earlier deal, con artist Clayton Dodd (Arthur O'Connell) makes land buying extra tough for Redigo.

Con artist Clayton Dodd (Arthur O'Connell) his pretty daughter (Joanna Moore), realizing they have been taken in a land purchase, work on Redigo when he offers them a amount for their barren property.As a
consequence, they nearly wind up with a total loss.
Guest Stars: Dayton Lummis as Jason Simms | Leonard Stone as Lawrence Rowan | Joanna Moore as Althea Dodd | Arthur O'Connell as Clayton Dodd
Director: Allen Reisner

14 :01x14 - Stopover on the Way to the Moon

After taking young Skip Wade (Keir Dullea) to court for vandalism, Redigo determines to make the youth a useful citizen.

A wanderer with a chip on his shoulder is placed in Jim's custody, and the drama centers on the young man. Ironically, he's got what Stoney Burke looks for every Monday — the rodeo championship belt — and that's the root of his troubles. Keir Dullea sustains his character very well, the first half has the action, and the second the romance. Incidentally, they are supposed to be writing the women out but Sharon Farrell could hardly pass for a man.
Guest Stars: Armand Alzamora as Luis | Harold Gould as Judge | Mark Allen (1) as Carl | Sharon Farrell as Lisa | Keir Dullea as Skip Wade
Director: Richard L. Bare

15 :01x15 - The Four Thumbs Story

Four Thumbs (Ray Danton), an Indian ex-GI who served with Redigo in Korea, goes berserk and requires hospital care. Danton plays an heroic Navajo Indian who suffers head injuries during the Korean and is confined to an Army mental hospital. During a moment of lucidity Four Thumbs escapes the hospital and return to join his people on the reservation.
Guest Stars: Stuart Nisbet as Fred | Joseph Vitale as Quicker Than You | George Gaynes as Johnson | Don Diamond as Arturo | Barry Atwater as Dr. Forsythe | Rudy Solari as Rabbit Stockins | Ray Danton as Four Thumbs

16 :01x16 - End of an Image

Janet Rainey claims she's just going shopping---but there are those who suspect she's leaving town. Citizens of a decadent small town try to pervert justice to preserve the reputation of the war hero for which the town is named.

EMPIRE modernizes the old Western plot about the town owned by one family, and the problems when an Innocent man gets in trouble with that family. Richard Jordan plays young Jay Bee (his second appearance in this role) who accidentally kills the family hero. All the witnesses clam up or lie. even the hero's unhappy widow (Gail Kobe). But Redigo (Richard Egan) and Tal (Ryan O'Neal) unearth
a few skeletons in the family closet and virtually blackmail the truth.
Guest Stars: Melora Conway as Ruthie Mathis | Dabbs Greer as Joseph Williams | William Bryant as Fred Rainey | Leonard Stone as Raymond Carlisle | Nellie Burt as Margaret Rainey | Oliver McGowan as Harvey Welk | Bill Mumy as Freddy | Stefan Gierasch as Jack Morgan | Gail Kobe as Janet Rainey | Richard Jordan as Jay Bee Fowler
Writer: Al C. Ward

17 :01x17 - The Loner

Mike Novak wants to work on the Garret spread until he's paid for a mare of his choice, but his choice is Tal's favorite.

The story deals with Jeremy Slate, a self-confident Kid from Chicago who wants to start a horse-breeding ranch. He worms his way onto the Garret payroll, but alienates Tal(Ryan O'Neal) at every turn. Eventually, Tal decides to apologize, but it's too late, and nothing will satisfy the two except a genuine fight.

An ambitious ranch-hand (Jeremy Slate) is given a job on the Garret ranch and offers, for wages, to work merely for the use of a mare. Eventually Redigo (Richard Egan)learns that his hired hand is land-hungry and will stop at nothing to get it.
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Unknown | Allan Melvin as Dr. Benjamin Walls | Clarke Gordon as Andy Owens | Jeremy Slate as Mike Novak | Michael Trekilis as Jody

18 :01x18 - Where the Hawk Is Wheeling

Balking at the ranch's strict dictates earns Tal (Ryan O'Neal) a lesson from Connie (Terry Moore) on why their mother chose Redigo (Richard Egan) as foreman.
Jared Mace is an unscrupulous business manager. He sees Redigo as the only barrier to his taking over command of the ranch after the owner dies. Related in flashback, Mace does everything to discredit Redigo. Climax comes when Redigo is himself mired in the quicksand, which has trapped Connie (Terry Moore.) Only one man can save them. Guess who?
Guest Stars: Dan White (1) as Quent | Arthur Marshall as Dr. Paul Karlan | Michael T. Mikler as Ben | Lew Brown as Cord | Carlos Romero as Max | Barry Russo as Leo Heller | Walter Burke as Micah | Robert Culp as Jared Mace
Director: John Farrow

19 :01x19 - No Small Wars

Adding urgency to his surgery-or-death status, Redigo's sick friend is a very uncooperative patient.

Guest star Robert Vaughn does a superb job as a hostile paraplegic who's lost his will to live. How his rehabilitation is accomplished through the ministrations of lovely Connie Garret will keep you troubled and fascinated throughout. However, the only fault with the drama is the unlikely premise that Jim
Redigo would have urged Connie to get involved, without thinking the problem through in the first place.
Guest Stars: Stewart Bradley as Norman Dierker | John McLiam as Pat Sullivan | Don McKellar as Otis Greene | Walter Brooke as Dr. Sidney Morgan | Robert Vaughn as Capt. Paul Terman | Ronnie Knox as Gary Lindley
Writer: Ken Trevey

20 :01x20 - The Tiger Inside

Afraid that a volunteer posse may take the law into its own hands, Redigo joins the hunt for a man accused of robbery.

A lynch-minded posse joins a manhunt for a young man who has injured his employer and eloped with his girl friend.

A desperate young man (Richard Evans) attacks and robs his employer so he can run away with his girl (Joyce Bulifant)." Unaware of the rancher's serious condition, the pair are quite happy in flight until they learn a posse is after them.
Guest Stars: Dennis Patrick as Hoot Hinkley | William Woodson as Al Pope | Richard Evans as Monte Clifford | Philip Abbott as Sid Keller | Joyce Bulifant as Betty Wormser | Harold Stone as Gerald Wormser

21 :01x21 - Season of Growth

Connie's former beau is back at the ranch---expressing a new interest in working and a renewed interest in her. Connie garret finds real romance. Terry Moore who portraits Connie, make a final appearance as a co-star of the series with this episode.

Dan Bishop (Pat Conway) arrives to pursue his romance with Connie Garret, but clashes with Jim Redigo over a business deal.
Guest Stars: Frederic Downs as Denton | Davey Davison as Judy Hollister | Arch Johnson as Brad Hollister | James Noah as Ray Hollister | Pat Conway as Dan Bishop | Nick Nicholson as Sig Torvald

22 :01x22 - Seven Days on Rough Street

After claiming he doesn't need the security of the Garret ranch, Tal leaves for Delgado---on the bet he can't stay a week. Tal bets Paul Moreno that he can hold his own without keep for a week in nearby Delgado, a ruthless honky-tonk town.
This episode brings back Charles Bronson, who was in the first show, and will henceforth be a regular. As Paul Moreno, he makes a bet with Tal (Ryan O'Neal) that he can't stay for a week in a tough town and come out with $50. Tal, to prove himself a man, takes the bet, and finds himself in Delgado, which is kind of a low-level Skid Row. He sinks lower and lower, amid incredible cruelty and viciousness.
Guest Stars: Victor French as Bodie | Paul Sorenson as Policeman | Jackie Searl as Phipps | John Davis Chandler as Arlen | Jerry Douglas as Le Roy | Suzi Carnell as Twyla | Clegg Hoyt as Beanie | Frank Sutton as Young Floyd
Writer: Ken Trevey

23 :01x23 - A House in Order

News of her fatal illness inspires Lucia (Anne Seymour) to establish a better relationship between son Tal (Ryan O'Neal) and foreman Redigo (Richard Egan).

Lucia Garret, having learned that she will die soon of an incurable disease, tests her son and heir to determine the disposition of her estate.

It's Anne Seymour's turn to leave the cast of EMPIRE, and she is eased off by a fatal illness. But before she goes to that big round-up in the sky, she wants to be sure her son Tal (Ryan O'Neal) has become a man. Fortunately, a big freeze is on the way, so she convinces Redigo (Richard Egan) to let Tal handle the cattle during the freeze so she can see how he acts and reacts. Tal makes some mistakes, and Redigo covers them up, and the boy is also tempted by a Bolivian business deal, but he's a Garret, after all, and the whole thing ends happily-sadly.
Guest Stars: Don C. Harvey as Caine | Jason Johnson as Ranger | James Doohan as Doctor | Russell Thorson as Austin | Oliver McGowan as Harvey Welk | James T. Callahan as Redford | Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Austin
Director: Byron Paul
Story: Cyril Hume, Preston Wood | Teleplay: Cyril Hume

24 :01x24 - Down There the World

The mine shuts down when the heady enchantress running a vital processing plant decides to buy out the Garrets.

Richard Egan gets into a bitter feud with the beautiful owner (Joanna Barnes) of a processing plant, and her mining engineer(John Vivyan from "Mr. Lucky").
Guest Stars: Paul Fierro as Bob Lopez | Ken Drake as Ludwell | Herb Armstrong as Colby | Bern Hoffman as George Neimeyer | Bill Quinn (1) as Lupak | Philip Ober as Walter Kenner | Oliver McGowan as Harvey Welk | Dayton Lummis as Thomas Fenton Giler | John Vivyan as Shelly Hanson | Joanna Barnes as Neva Bradford
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Peter Mamakos, John Falvo | Teleplay: John Falvo

25 :01x25 - Burnout

Forest Ranger Tom Barton has problems: the Garret logging operation is violating the timber contract with the Forest Service--and logging foreman Chris Norden is a tough guy to deal with.

EMPIRE has a pilot for a possible series about the Forest Service. The regulars would be John Milford, Joseph Gallison (if he looks familiar it's because he has been acting under the name of Evan McCord, but has now reverted to his real name) and Karen Steele.
There's a lot of plot in this show, something to do with Garrett Ranch violations of fire laws and water pollution, plus the villainy of the ranch's logging foreman.
Guest Stars: Gunner Hellström as Chris Norton | Karen Steele as Kate | Joseph Gallison as Kelly Haines | John Milford as Tom Barton | Bill Zuckert as Unknown | Stafford Repp as Unknown | Burt Douglas as Unknown | Byron Morrow as Unknown | Nancy Hadley as Ruth
Writer: Ken Kolb

26 :01x26 - Hidden Asset

Redigo (Richard Egan) must reckon with opposition to cuts in the payroll before he can apply for a bank loan.

EMPIRE continues to concern itself as much with the day-to-day technical problems of running the Garret Ranch as it does with telling a story. To get a needed loan, Redigo (Richard Egan) must cut down the payroll, which means firing old employees. This doesn't sit too well with either the employees or Redigo, but it must be done. The plan runs into opposition spearheaded by an opportunistic lawyer (William Windom) and some hotheads. Eventually, a bit of a story emerges, especially in a scene when the hotheads try to wreck a dam. This scene took a week to set up, 45 minutes to film and lasts only a few seconds.
Guest Stars: Joseph Hoover as Unknown | Willard Sage as Sheriff Joe Clay | John Matthews as Matt Christopher | Barbara Bain as June Bates | William Windom as Lawrence Rowan | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Bart Howe
Director: Leonard Horn

27 :01x27 - Arrow in the Sky

Tibor, a former Hungarian revolutionary, crosses the US Mexico border illegally and asks Moreno for work, believing that his wife is staying at the Garrett ranch.

Tibor enters this country illegally to seek his young son.
Guest Stars: Michael Davis (2) as Bobby | Don Diamond as Arturo | Russell Johnson as Bill Carey | Ilka Windish as Eva | Telly Savalas as Tibor

28 :01x28 - Nobody Dies on Saturday

Prison escapee Quinn Serrato (Don Gordon) is out to find his old boss---Redigo (Richard Egan), the man who turned him in. A prison escapes but is more interested in getting revenge on Redigo than in his successful dash for freedom. His two accomplices don't know this, thinking they have captured Redigo merely as a hostage. Complicating matters, the henchmen capture Moreno, who has them convinced that he is Redigo.
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Unknown | Jim Galante as Hank | Jon Lormer as Sam Richmond | Willard Sage as Sheriff Joe Clay | Jean Inness as Rose Serrato | Don Gordon as Quinn Serrato | Harry Dean Stanton as Nick Crider | Hugh Lawrence as Driver
Director: Hal Hudson

29 :01x29 - 65 Miles Is a Long, Long Way

A woman stands in the way of Redigo\'s cattle drive by asking too much to cross her property. Flamboyant promoter Joe Horvath decides to join Jim Redigo in a cattle drive, scheming to take advantage of him in the process.
Guest Stars: Robert J. Stevenson as Sam Tate | Hank Patterson as Hughes | Ann Carroll (1) as Helen | Woodrow Parfrey as Gates | Jena Engstrom as Mrs. Sangster | Claude Akins as Joe Horvath
Director: Allen Reisner

30 :01x30 - Duet for Eight Wheels

Paralysis overcomes Redigo (Richard Egan) after he is trampled by a wild stallion.

Inger Stevens plays a pretty paraplegic who tries to help Richard Egan when he's paralyzed by a fall and faces the rest of his life in a wheel chair.
Guest Stars: Gilman Rankin as Ben | Don Wilbanks as Corley | Lauren Gilbert as Dr. Clymer | Noah Keen as Dr. Phelps | Lawrence Dobkin as Dr. Benjamin Karr | Inger Stevens as Ellen Thompson
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Ron Bishop

31 :01x31 - Between Friday and Monday

Moreno (Charles Bronson) attempts to offset the fears of a young girl in a town full of hot-blooded cowboys.

Regular Charles Bronson shows up in town for a week end spree and becomes interested in Dolores, a girl (Joan Hackett) who is on her way to become a nun.
Guest Stars: Peggy Adams (1) as Debbie | Harvey Johnson as Desk Clerk | Dort Clark (1) as Panhandler | Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Quintero | William Mims as Perry Wilmot | Joan Hackett as Dolores Lanza
Director: Fred H. Jackman
Writer: Ken Trevey

32 :01x32 - The Convention

Jim Redigo, Paul Moreno, and Tal Garret attend a stockmen's conference and each encounters a romance.
Rudy Bond plays Sam Callison, a politician, trying to get Redigo (Richard Egan) to run for office.

Redigo, Moreno and Tal head for a strictly business stockmen's convention on EMPIRE where: Tal(Ryan O'Neal) finds himself protecting the honor of ambitious, innocent Anne Helm; Moreno (Charles Bronson) finds a poker table and his $600 poke were meant for each other; and Redigo (Richard Egan) has to fight to keep from getting roped into politics by an old friend and the old friend's sweet-talking daughter.
Guest Stars: William Bramley (1) as Marty Albee | Jean Willes as Claire Hagen | Anne Helm as Joanie | Doye O'Dell as Announcer | L.Q. Jones as L.Q. | Diane Brewster as Joanie | Alan Hale, Jr. as Fletcher | Rudy Bond as Sam Callison | Robert Anderson as Mackey
Director: Abner Biberman
Warning: Empire (1962) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 25, 1962
Ended: September 17, 1963
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