The Key - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy’s voiceover telling us how this entire world is built on lies and deception. She calls it cancerous. She wonders what if there could be a magic key that would free us all from; she would definitely use it. The alarm goes off and Amy wakes up. She tries to cut out an article from the newspaper while Helen wonders what she is up to. Amy tells her that she needs to get in touch with the writer of that article and Helen wonders why. Amy tells her that there is a lot of crazy stuff going around and it is better that she is kept in the dark. She asks Helen if she believed in fate; something like “sword in the rock” fate.

Amy feels that she is “chosen” for “something”. Helen is totally confused. Amy leaves. Amy reaches office and Tyler arrives as well. Later, Amy tells Tyler how she went through the email accounts of their bosses and comments on how they don’t care about their employees and how they joke about them. She tells him that when it “comes out” it will make for a class action gossip suit! Tyler does not understand as to how it is going to come out. She then tells him about the writer, Jeff, who works as a journalist at LA Times. Tyler does not want her to start it all again and use his super password. Amy tells him that she has no hard copies as she could not get the printer to work.

Tyler says that he doesn’t want to get any deeper in this. He doesn’t want to lose the “happy little” he has at the moment. She tells him how it matters as they are anyways shutting them down. She can show him the emails. She urges him to help her “kick them in their balls” on their way out. Tyler agrees. Amy calls Jeff Flender’s office. She leaves a voice message saying that she has some explosive information and asks him to call back as soon as possible. Later, Jeff calls her and he tells her that he could meet her at eight in the evening. She tells him that her car is a little “funky” at the moment and so asks him to meet her by the river side.

She tells him that she works at Abadonn Industries and gives him the address. Later, Doug sees that Tyler and Amy are staying up late and he finds it weird. Amy tells him that she is a perfectionist and she wants to finish the last section and that Tyler is giving her company. After everyone is gone, they remove the print outs of the emails and Tyler is upset to find out that Amy is right; they are really being dumped. Just then Amy notices that the computers just down and the lights have gone off. She wonders if the systems have identified a security breach. Tyler has never seen this happen before and they decide to get out of there. Next, Amy walks into TGIF and finds Jeff waiting for her.

She goes over to the table and starts talking without introducing herself. Jeff finds this unusual and introduces himself. Amy realizes her mistake and tells him that she is nervous and that she is doing something like for the first time. She makes it a point to state that’s he is a big fan of his work. She is about to hand him the documents and she tells him that this is big stuff and she wants him to guarantee her the front page. He tells her that he will need to go through the documents and even if it is big, he cannot guarantee her anything. He will need to consult with his elder; but he does assure her that he will do the best he can. He takes the documents and is about to leave, when Amy asks him if they could celebrate by ordering a glass of wine.

But he passes as he needs to get back to LA. The next day, Amy and Tyler are having lunch and she wonders why Jeff hasn’t called her yet. She leaves a voicemail. Later, Jeff calls her and tells her that he hasn’t gone through the documents yet as he was busy with a meeting and he will be going through them now. She wants them to meet again and he asks her to drive down to LA. Amy is excited and she wants Tyler to drive her down to LA to meet Jeff. Tyler feels a little bad as Amy assumed that he is free in the evening and had no plans; however the fact is that he is free! So he agrees. They reach LA and Amy puts on some lipstick.

Tyler asks her why is dressing up as it is just a meeting and not a date. She tells him that this is BIG and she wants to look good. Whatever! As Tyler is about to get out, she stops him and tells him that she will go and meet him alone as Jeff doesn’t know Tyler and so he could get uncomfortable. Are you kidding me? She goes to Jeff’s house and she is early. She enters his house and looks around. Jeff then tells her that he did go through the documents and finds that there is something to the matter from a voyeuristic point of view; but there is nothing in it for him or for front page coverage. Amy is shocked and she feels that Jeff is missing the point.

Jeff admits that it is unethical and immoral but it is not illegal. Amy points out that they are looting a company and have no social conscience. But Jeff tells her that this is how it works everywhere. Jeff then asks her if one of them personally screwed her over as he feels that she is on some kind of a revenge plan. Amy is startled. She tells him that it is not about revenge but it is about justice. She gets hyper and tells him that she will take it elsewhere that would have the courtesy to give it a thought. Jeff asks her to calm down. He tells her that this scoop is not enough to take down a company like Abadonn. But he does have something on Abadonn which will not only embarrass them but also take them to jail.

Amy seems unsure. Later, she gets into the car and tells Tyler that Abadonn is paying off government officials and that is big. Tyler tells her that they can do nothing about it; he doesn’t want to get into this fishing expedition. Amy is sad. She tells him that they have to use “the key” to break this open. She says that she is tired of feeling small. For once she felt that she was doing something real and that made her feel alive. She tells him that there is nothing to worry about as they are anyways going to lose their jobs in two weeks. She tells him that she is sick of dying and she wants to be hopeful; for once. Tyler agrees to help her. The episode ends.