Revenge Play - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy’s voiceover telling us that it is not enough to have good intentions; we should act on them. She arrives at the office ad signals Tyler for a secret conversation. Amy tells him that she wants to go through with what Jeff told her. He thinks that she is doing this because she is pissed with her life. She admits that she is; but that is not the reason why she wants to do this. Tyler is worried that he will get fired for this and he will be burning a lot of bridges. She tells him that if the people around in the basement knew what the company is doing, they would support them. Tyler is still not convinced.

Later, she calls Jeff and leaves a voice mail saying that she has been thinking about what he said and she is totally in. She is also very excited. Next, Jeff, Tyler and Amy meet at a jazz club. Amy finds the place amazing. Jeff tells her that a friend of his owns it. He met him at Princeton and they went to the B-School together. Jeff tells them that he has been working on the Abaddonn case for two years and that the company was accused of dumping wastes in the river and there has been a congressional case on the same. And then somebody from the committee kills the case. Jeff wants to know whether Amy and Tyler could get into Zyden’s account. He wants to know if there could be a connection established between him and the Senator. Amy tells him that Tyler is a computer genius and that he can do it. Tyler is still reluctant.

Jeff tells Amy that she is doing a great job and Amy is happy to hear it. Jeff tells her that if they establish bribery, Amy will get her front page story. Next, we see that Amy arrives at the office with 8-10 law agents and has everyone arrested. The arrest of a pregnant woman gets her confused and Amy wakes up from her dreams. Later, at the breakfast table, Tyler calls Any and he is paranoid about getting fired. Helen is curious if Amy is trying to do something “funny”. Amy assures her that she isn’t and leaves for work. Any arrives and Tyler tells her that some executives were trying to log into their accounts but were not able to as someone else was already logged in. Well, it is Amy’s id that is showing logged in.

Tyler received a mail from the IT department, saying that they are looking into it. They go to the kitchen to get some coffee and for a talk. Tyler tells her that they take security breaches very seriously and they will soon find out. Omar is curious as to what is going on between the both of them and if they were dating. Amy lies, saying that Tyler is helping her with computers. He is glad as he thinks that some as beautiful as Amy cannot date a tiny, albino. He also adds that in his country, someone with Tyler’s skin tone is called a devil and is killed the moment they are born. He leaves. Tyler is upset and Amy apologizes. Later, Dougie arrives and tells the team about the security breach and he tells them that the next day the IT department has to sit on their computers for few minutes.

So heads up! He also tells them that in case they have porn on their computers, they need to get rid of it. Tyler breaks down. Now Amy is nervous as well. But she tells Tyler that this cannot end here. They have a mission and they need to complete it. Just then they hear the siren of an ambulance and they see that the pregnant woman is being rushed into it. Amy rushes to check in on Krista. The other women tell Amy that Krista started puking and then she passed out. Amy rushes to the hospital to check on Krista; but she is not allowed to meet her as she is not family. Amy sees another office colleague, Denise standing outside her room. She calls out to her. Denise tells her that she doesn’t know what is happening as she is not a doctor. Amy asks her if she could meet Krista.

Denise tells her that only family is allowed to. But Amy points out that Denise too was there. Denise tells her that she is Krista’s best friend. Amy wants to help as she has had a miscarriage and so she can explain things to Krista. Denise is stunned and asks her to stay off. An upset Amy returns home and Helen asks her what is wrong. She tells her that it is about Krista. She tells her that Krista no longer considers her a friend. Helen wants to know what happened; but Amy tells her that it is a long story and she doesn’t want to talk about it now. Helen has finished making a pillow and she tells Amy to gift it to Krista. Amy finds it to be a silly idea. Amy arrives at work and finds the IT guy sitting on her computer. She is worried.

Tyler takes her aside and tells her that he came in last night and fixed it. He took the hard drove from her computer and put it into someone else’s. He doesn’t tell whose. The IT chap then sits on Connie’s computer. Amy then calls Harper and asks her if there is any update on Krista. She asks her to call her back once she hears something. The IT guy checks Omar’s computer and finds something wrong. So, looks like Tyler did get his revenge as Omar did call him an albino. Omar is now being questioned by the people from the upper floors and Tyler is having fun watching his plight. Amy hears from Harper and asks if Krista could have visitors. Seems like she can, as Amy rushes out of the office! Omar gets violent and hurls abuses at everyone in the room. He is not ready to listen to anything as it is not his fault.

Amy reaches the hospital and meets Sharon. She is reluctant to let Amy meet Krista; but then she lets her. Krista is surprised to see Amy. She tells Amy that her blood pressure sky rocketed and she was also having seizures. Amy gives her the pillow Helen made for her. Krista thanks her. Amy tries to apologize and mend things between them; but Krista doesn’t want to get into any discussion that could set her off. She says she wants to rest. Amy understands and she leaves. Amy then arrives at the office and finds Omar in the parking lot. He is upset as he is fired for messing around with the system.

Omar is so angry that he tells Amy that he is going to sue this place for suspending him without a pay. Amy feels sorry for him. Dougie tells Amy that Omar was fired. Dougie is pissed and says that he will get to the bottom of this. Tyler is glad and he tells Amy that they can do this. The episode ends.