Higher Power - Recap

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The episode begins with Helen going through the mails that just poured in. one of them was a letter from Levi. Amy arrives and thinks that her mother was trying to go through her mails. She begins reading the letter. Levi who is in Open Air, Hawaii, writes to her that he is barely able to manage there. He feels that the place is brutal. They took away his phone and that is why he has to write this letter. He wonders how Amy fell for this crap as he feels that this place is nothing more than Hawaiian prison. He does not like the sympathetic looks and the sad stories the people share during group sessions. He says that he does like the beach.

He went snorkeling to find the turtle Amy talked about. But he did not find one; instead he found garbage; lots of it. He says that there is nothing nice about the place and that he is counting the days. Helen wants to know what Levi has written in the letter. But Amy dos not tell her much. Helen tells her that no place in the world can help him if he does not want to help himself. She tells her that she has to let him go. Amy gets irritated and she walks away. In Open Air, Levi is having a tough time; his room partner has been having some trouble defecating, and so he has been going on and on about it. Levi loses his calm and tells him to shut up and have some dignity. He asks him to stop talking about something so disgusting. It is sob story time again; and looks like Levi will burst out laughing. The therapist asks him if he would like to share something.

He says that he would but he doesn’t feel like sharing it in this group or her. He also tells the therapist that she is full of shit. The therapist laughs and says a good. Later, Danny tells Travis that the therapist thinks that she is sexualizing the whole group and that her dressing is too provocative. They then decide to party at a hotel near the beach. Levi thanks them for the invite; but says that he is trying to behave and declines the offer. He then has talk session with his doctor, where the doctor asks him why he started using. Levi says that his mother died and his father was a prick. He says that he cannot stand Patricia’s, the therapist, face and that is why he doesn’t want to share anything in the group session. He also states that he wants a new roommate.

He hates his present roommate, Tony. He says that Tony farts the entire day and Levi feels that he is drowning in those farts. He finds Tony disgusting. Jonah tells Levi that everyone is going through the same stuff and they all want the same thing. He then says that his ipod has broken and he wants a new one. At the dinner, he signals Danny and Travis that he too will join them for the party. He then tells Tony that he is going for a walk on the beach. Tony tells him that it is not permitted for them to leave the premises post dinner. But Levi doesn’t listen and leaves. They reach the hotel and ask for the washroom. They go in and sniff cocaine. Levi feels good about himself and he tells Danny and Travis that they are very nice people and that they are glad that he met them.

Danny and Travis then dance for a while. Later, Danny and Levi go in for the next round and they end up kissing each other. They then go into one of the rooms that belongs to an old man they met at the bar. They run out of stuff. Danny talks to Levi and tells him that she was having an affair with a man who was older that Levi and also that she was practically homeless. She then asks him if he was married and he tells her about Amy. He also tells her that Amy was the one who sent him to Open Air. He also tells her that Amy had been to Open Air before. Danny calls her a bitch. She feels that no sane person would send anyone to a place like Open Air. She continues to talk bad about Amy and Levi doesn’t like that.

She then realizes that Levi does like Amy a lot as he is reluctant to express any sort of dislike for her; so her plans of sleeping with Levi goes down the drain. She then starts flirting with the man who owns the room and then a while later she tells Travis and Levi that she is leaving with that man. Levi is stumped and asks her why she would want to do that. She tells him that she doesn’t know; she calls it “life”. Travis is continuously puking as he has had too much of drugs and alcohol. Levi, who has been dealing with Tony’s farts, has to now deal with Travis’ puke! Travis knows that he blew it again.

His parents will be dome with him. He has got two DUIs and if he is kicked out of the rehab, he will be going to jail. He feels terrible about himself and calls himself a piece of shit. He says that he hates people and that he is unable to see a way of the mess he is in. He wishes that he doesn’t wake up the next day. The next morning, Levi tries to wake up Travis so that they can head back; but Travis is too sleepy and so Levi leaves him at the hotel and goes back. On the way he meets Jonah who asks him if he had a good walk. He tells him that Tony told him that Levi wanted to clear his head and so he had gone for a walk. He then asks Levi if he had seen Danielle or Travis and Levi says a “no”. Levi goes back to his room and Tony tells him that people have been asking for him.

He asks him if Travis and Danny were with him and Levi says a yes. Tony tells Levi that they will be kicked out. He then apologizes to Levi about his gas issues. He says that he knows it is bothering him a lot and regrets the fact that he messed with his body with all that drugs. Levi tells him that he is the one who is sorry. He feels that Tony has been a great roommate and he hasn’t. Tony appreciates this and leaves.

Levi then writes to Amy again and tells her that he is now participating in the group sessions and the trust games. He is also eating the food that he used to hate. He feels that he has never been a great person in his life. He admits that she is his greater power in life. He writes to her that he still goes searching for her turtle. He has not yet found it; but the fact that she said she did is good enough for him. The episode ends.