Follow Me - Recap

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The episode begins and at home Amy tells Helen that an influential journalist from LA Times is going to be paying a visit. Helen is all excited because she figures Amy is trying to impress the man as he is her date. He arrives and Amy introduces her mother to Jeff, the journalist. “You two have fun and just enjoy yourselves” Helen tells the two, just before they are about to leave. Later, a restaurant where the two are dining, Jeff is recognized by a couple that appreciates his writing and even calls him a “national treasure”. Amy is really impressed that Jeff is so well known.

Jeff mentions he is probably so popular because of his blog and adds that his Twitter account has thirty thousand followers. Amy while listening to Jeff speak, begins telling herself that he is the angel sent to her from the other world. She compares him to the other men around and concludes Jeff is a much better person than the rest. Next day Amy runs into a man named Charles Szidon, whose speech about corporate partnerships, she was watching on Youtube the previous night. She tells him his speech was really provocative and goes on to say “we will see each other again”. Charles in turn is as warm with her as can be, before he walks away. Later at the office, an excited Amy tells Tyler that she talked to “Darth Vader in the lobby”, referencing to meeting Szidon. Tyler finds it odd that Amy did such a thing.

But, she argues that she wanted to “look the enemy in the eye”. Amy apparently has realized the power of social networking thanks to Jeff and hence is later shown creating a Twitter account. After signing up, she begins following Jeff on Twitter. She also begins looking for other big institutions on Twitter like PETA and Amnesty International. She also keys in her first Tweet. Amy then goes around asking people in her office if they are on Twitter. She tells one of her colleagues to follow her, but she says Twitter is a waste of time. Amy in turn explains she will discuss some important issues on Twitter and hence the coworker Connie should follow her. Next, it’s shown that Amy is like many others, beginning to post updates, about her day-to-day affairs on Twitter. She is also telling everyone she knows that they should follow her.

At work, Dougie who it seems like he is onto Tyler and Amy asks Tyler who is by himself to come clean if he knows something. Tyler is visibly worried but doesn’t rat Amy out. Dougie asks Tyler to keep his system on and asks Tyler to tell Amy to do the same. Dougie says he is planning to stay the night and work from their systems. Amy in the meantime is paying Krista who is pregnant, a visit at the hospital. Later at work, a worried Tyler tells Amy what Dougie told him to do. Tyler is sure that Dougie will find out they switched their hard drive with Omar’s. Tyler feels they should “just come clean”. Amy calms him down and says there is no need for them to confess anything at the moment. She asks Tyler to hack the system after work and find more emails, so they can show those to Dougie. After work, Amy arrives at seminar that Jeff is at.

Everyone at the seminar is there to hear, a woman named Roberta Jackson speak. Roberta is woman who while sitting at a coffee shop, started a social movement through the internet and eventually was given a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation. Next day at work, Tyler gives Amy the good news that he has found emails that would turn Dougie to their side. In the emails, Dougie has been called everything from “incompetent” to “a joke”. “They say he is cheesy and they make fun of his hair” Tyler adds gleefully. “Tyler great job” Amy says all excited. Later, Amy and Tyler are called by Dougie into his office. In his office, Dougie tells the two he knows what they did and also adds that he knows Omar is innocent. “You both are fucked” Dougie says with a smirk.

Dougie heads for the HR to tell on the two. Amy rushes to hand Dougie the file with the emails, before he can get to the HR. She manages to catch up with him and hands him the emails. Dougie is visibly upset on reading them. Dougie is livid that he wasn’t told, they are all going to be sacked, besides being angry about all the other things that are said about him in the emails. “This company is evil that’s why I hacked into the system” Amy tells him. “I am trying to take them down” she whispers. Amy suggests Dougie join her in her mission.

Later in his office, Dougie tells Amy “I am in”. “You want a good hacker? I am the best there is. I will get you anything you need” Dougie says. Amy is overjoyed that Dougie is in. Tyler sees Amy and Dougie bond and realizes Dougie has turned. Amy calls Jeff and gives him the good news. “The revolution starts here” Amy later Tweets. She is also happy to see that her followers are slowly increasing. The episode ends at this point.