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The Ghost is Seen - Recap

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The episode begins with Tyler’s voiceover telling us that his life is similar to that of a ghost’s; unnoticed and lonely. He tells us that he feels the need to be seen and held. We learn that he has a secret that only he knows. Tyler arrives at work and Amy tells him that she went over a thousand emails last night but she did not find anything illegal. She had used an outside router to do the same. She is frustrated. Tyler asks her to consider the possibility that maybe nothing illegal is going on. Amy states that Tyler is being naïve. Just then Dougie storms in and asks Amy and Tyler to meet him in his office.

Dougie is totally pissed with his superiors and Amy makes full use of this opportunity by asking him to help them in their mission. The three then go through Szidon’s emails; but still no luck. It is too clean. Amy thinks that perhaps Szidon might be having another account that no one knows about; something like a secret account. Amy thinks that they should try getting through to his assistants; maybe there could be some loose lips that might be of great help to them. Dougie thinks it is risky. Tyler tells Amy that he knows Szidon’s assistant; she works out at the company gym. Next, Tyler is on the treadmill next to the assistant. He tries to have a conversation with her; but that doesn’t go very well.

Dougie tells Tyler that he needs to have more confidence. So, this time Dougie decides to take up Tyler’s task. Dougie manages to get the assistant’s name; Eileen and also invites her for a get together after work. Later, Dougie, Tyler, Eileen and Amy go to a bar after work. Amy and Eileen are at a table and Amy goes on and on about the company’s wrong attitude towards a lot of issues. Eileen finds this whole thing weird and asks Amy if she is being set up. She wants to know if one of the guys likes her. Amy walks up to Dougie and Tyler and tells them that Eileen likes Tyler. Dougie is shocked that Eileen chose Tyler over him.

Amy tells Dougie that Eileen finds Tyler sweet. Tyler is feeling uncomfortable. Later he joins Eileen. She asks him if he is a shy person and Tyler nods. She continues to tell him that she too was shy when she was young. But then she realized that she could not be afraid of rejections all her life. So, she learned to open up and that worked for her. She suggests that Tyler should undergo some sort therapy because therapy did help her a lot. Next, the four decide to call it a day and Dougie is the first one to leave. Amy tells Eileen that it was great meeting her and that they should meet more often so that they can discuss about what is going on in the company.

Eileen agrees and Amy leaves. Tyler walks Eileen to her car and Eileen asks him out for dinner. Tyler agrees. They kiss and Eileen leaves. Tyler spends the night thinking about Eileen. The next day, a frustrated Dougie tells Amy that it is a dead end. They have no dirt on Szidon. Amy tells him that they could Google Szidon’s address and break into his house. Dougie thinks that Amy is drunk. Just then Tyler arrives and asks Dougie if he could leave early. He wants to stop by Eileen’s office so that he can share some of his music with her through the network.

Dougie thinks that bringing Eileen on to the network is a brilliant idea; this could give them access to Eileen’s emails and since she is Szidon’s executive secretary, her emails could definitely give them some leads. But Tyler does not want to do that. Dougie tells him that he will do it himself. Amy and Dougie are happy. Tyler goes to meet Eileen and logs her on to the network. Dougie is able to access all the information on Eileen’s hard drive. Amy is really excited. Next, Eileen and Tyler are having dinner and Eileen asks him about his past relationships. He tells her that he did like a girl named Julie; but nothing really happened. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Later, Tyler invites Eileen to his place to have some drinks.

Eileen looks at Tyler’s place and it is clear that Tyler has no visitors and he stays alone. Eileen tells Tyler that at her age she does not want to get kicked in the face. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship that would hurt her. Tyler assures her that he has no such plans. Eileen spends the night with him. The next day, Tyler arrives at work and Amy tells him that they found Szidon’s private email account. They found everything Jeff needed and it is all thanks to Tyler! Tyler tells Amy that he does not like it because Eileen is his friend and he does not want to betray her trust. Amy assures him that Eileen will never know.

Just then Eileen calls and they decide to meet for lunch. Tyler’s voiceover tells us that the unseen ghost is now seen, he is being held and he is happy. Later, Eileen arrives at Tyler’s with a bottle of wine. They have dinner together. They look happy. The episode ends.