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All I Ever Wanted - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy arriving at Jeff’s place with all the material she found in Szidon’s emails. Jeff calls it “gold”. He says that Szidon was trying to buy out a public official and now they have it in black and white. He tells her that this information has made his year. He kisses her. He tells her that she did a great job and it is also really important. Later, they have dinner and Amy learns that Jeff is single. He tells her that he got divorced in ’07. He says that he and his wife wanted different things and so the marriage didn’t work out. Amy tells him that maybe his wife didn’t actually understand him.

She feels that someday Jeff will come across someone who wants the same things. They go back to Jeff’s place and Jeff tells her that it is taking time to copy all the data. Amy is going through some records and Jeff asks her if she wants to stay back for the night. He kisses her again. She tells him that it has been a while since she had sex and that the whole idea is overwhelming. But they end up having sex and Amy looks happy. She wonders if this relationship could really workout. We then see that Amy and Jeff meet often and Amy looks really happy. Her voiceover wonders if she could really make this happen.

Amy’s mother wants to know where she has been for the last two days. Amy tells her that she cannot discuss these things with her because she knows that her mother will never understand. She tells her mother that things are going to change and that she wants her mother to be happy for her. The next day, Amy arrives at work and Dougie asks her about what Jeff told her. She tells Dougie that Jeff told her that it is gold and they can expose the company. Dougie is very happy. He then tells his staff that they are doing great and that they should take an early lunch today. Tyler arrives and is surprised to see Dougie is a good mood.

Tyler tells Amy that he feels bad about what he did with Eileen’s computer. Amy tells him that he need not worry because Eileen will never find out what he did with her computer. He then tells Amy that he likes her and that they are sleeping together. Amy doesn’t want Tyler to feel compromised; so she tells him that she will not involve him in whatever is going on. He tells her that he wants to know what is going on. Amy tells him that Eileen’s boss is a crook and that when she learns the whole truth, she will be proud of what he did. Amy calls Jeff and tells him that she is really excited and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She tells him that she misses him and wants to see him. She asks him to come down to Riverside.

He tells her that he is busy. But then he agrees to come. He tells her that he will pick her up from her place and then they could have dinner. At home, the bell rings and Amy sees that Jeff is way too early. But when she opens the door, she is shocked to see Levi standing at the door instead of Jeff. She is shocked. Levi tells her that he left Hawaii an hour ago and that the rehab just handed him his phone which was dead. That is why he could not call. Amy is shocked and Helen arrives. Helen tells Levi that he is not supposed to be here. But Amy asks Helen to give them a minute. They then go for a walk. Amy asks him why he left the rehab. She feels that he should have given it a try.

He tells her that he wanted to live a life and he feels that he is ready for it. He then hands over the letter he wrote for her but did not send. She reads the letter. They then go to their sacred place where they used to meet and make out. He tells her that she is the only one who believed in him. He tells her that they can start over and save each other. Amy tells him that she cannot believe him. Amy tells him that she knows that she will never be enough for him and that it is going to be the same sad story. He promises her that it will not be the same ever again. He promises her a new story; a new life. Amy then realizes that she is late for the dinner.

She tells Levi that she is having dinner with someone. Levi tells her that they can try for a baby and that it is not late. Amy tells him that she will call him and leaves. Amy is upset and confused. She arrives home and finds Jeff waiting for her. Amy goes to her room and Helen follows her. Amy is restless and tensed. Amy cries and Helen calms her down. Later, Amy and Jeff leave for their dinner. Amy sees Levi standing on the pavement; and watching them drive away. The episode ends.