No Doubt - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy and Jeff having dinner. They then come back to Amy’s place and spend the night together. Later, Amy arrives at work and finds Dougie playing loud music and smoking pot inside his office. Amy wonders what is happening and Dougie tells her that the company has fired them and he doesn’t know how to break this news to his people. Amy gets a text from Levi saying that he wants to meet her. Tyler arrives and tells Amy that he could talk to Eileen and arrange a meeting with Szidon. He tells her that Eileen had told him that she could get him transferred back to IT. Tyler feels that Eileen could help Amy as well.

Amy is happy for Tyler and tells him that he should keeping working for the company and that he need not be tied to the cause anymore. She tells him that this is her mission and she has to stick with it. Later, Amy is at the cafeteria and Janice tells her that Krista is going to be induced the next day. Amy goes to meet Krista and Krista tells her that she wants to have the baby early because she is getting to cranky. She says that she is happy that they patched things up. Amy then tells her about Jeff and his article. She tells Krista that Jeff is writing an exposé on Abaddon. Amy doesn’t want Janice to tell this to anyone. She says she told her because she didn’t want Janice to think that she was hiding things from her.

Next, Amy arrives to meet Levi at a bar. He asks her about Jeff. Amy tells him that she is dating Jeff. Levi is pissed. He tells her that he changed himself so that they could be together and have a family. But Amy tells him that things have changed and she has different goals in life. Levi knocks off the glass of water and walks away. Later, Amy calls Jeff and tells him that she misses him. Jeff, who is busy with his article, says that they could talk later. The next day, Amy gets a call from Eileen. She tells Amy that she has arranged for a meeting with Szidon and she would like Amy to go for the same. She tells her that they could meet for lunch, so that she could prep Amy for the meeting.

Amy is reluctant; but she agrees. Later, Dougie tells his people that they are going to be terminated at the end of the month. Dougie looks upset and he tells them that he feels sorry for all of them. He tries his best to fight his tears and tells his team that it was an honor and pleasure to be their VP. Next, Amy, Tyler and Eileen meet for lunch. Eileen tells her to be positive and that Charles Szidon does not like too much negativity. Tyler assures Eileen that Amy would handle it. Amy is driving to LA and she calls Jeff and tells him that she is going to meet Charles Szidon.

Jeff looks worried and hopes she doesn’t tell Szidon about their article. She tells him that she would do no such thing. She says that she is going to talk to him about the community outreach job that she has been angling for a while. Jeff doesn’t look too convinced. Amy tells him that she would meet him after the meeting with Szidon. Later, Amy meets Szidon and Szidon remembers having met Amy before. She tells him that she had some comments on his speech at a conference. Amy then tells Szidon that the company should try to impact the world in a positive way. She puts forth her perspective. Szidon explains his thoughts to her. Amy seems to like them.

Szidon then tells her that he will make a position for her. Amy is taken aback since she wasn’t expecting something like this. He also offers a $100,000. Amy is shocked. She wasn’t expecting that she would be offered a job. She rushes to Jeff and tells him that Szidon offered her the job. Jeff tells her that Szidon is a criminal. But Amy thinks that staying in the company and bringing about a change would be more conscientious. Jeff tells her that the story is going to run next week and she will be exposed. He tells her that there is no job for her at Abaddon and also that Szidon is going to jail.

He tells her that she was the one who wanted to expose the company and now she cannot back off. Amy realizes that Jeff is right. She tells him that she just got seduced by the idea of bringing about a positive change. Jeff then tells her that since the story is about to come out next week, they should put a break on their relationship. He says that he doesn’t want people to get the idea that they are romantically involved. He says that they should stay away for a while and then see if they want to get back together. Amy is devastated. She leaves. The episode ends.