Agent of Change - Recap

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The episode begins with Krista giving birth to her baby. Alongside, Amy is watching a protest on television and she wonders if she was an “agent of change” or a “creator of chaos”. Amy calls Tyler and tells him about the conversation she had with Jeff. She tells him that Jeff is going to run the story and that she is not taking up the job since there won’t be a job for her once the story is out. Tyler is upset and Amy tells him that they can discuss about this at work. Eileen notices that Tyler is upset and asks him the reason. Moments later, Eileen storms out his house. At home, Amy tells Helen that she blew the whistle on Abaddon.

She tells her that she found some damaging truth about the CEO and she told the story to LA Times. Helen wonders why she did such a thing. She tells Amy that her actions are totally ungrateful because Abaddon accepted her back after what she did and this is not the way to repay them. Helen thinks that it is none of Amy’s business to see what Adaddon does. She tells Amy that she has done a lot of foolish things, but this is just too much. Amy tells Helen that she will move out of the house and Helen agrees. Amy is taken aback. She walks out. Amy arrives at work and Jeff calls her and tells her that Abaddon knows that there is a story on them that LA Times is going to publish.

He tells her that they called his editor and publisher and now there is a legal entanglement. Jeff also tells her that Abaddon mentioned her specifically and they also know about her involvement. He tells her that someone she knows has leaked this to the company. Amy thinks it is Krista. She tells Jeff that Krista is her friend and she is having a baby and that she had told Krista that there is going to be a story on Abaddon. Amy is pissed at Krista. Amy goes to the hospital and loses her cool on Krista. Krista is shocked and confused. Her husband drags Amy out of the room. Amy calls Tyler and tells him that Krista told the company about the story.

Tyler tells Amy that he told Eileen about the story and maybe she told Szidon about it. Amy is shocked. Two women from “upstairs” arrive and take Tyler with them. Amy arrives at work and Dougie tells her that the HR took Tyler with them. She quickly packs up the files and other stuff in a box and leaves. Dougie wishes her luck and tells her that they should hang out together. She tells him that she will call him. At the door, Amy finds the HR woman waiting for her. She tells Amy that Szidon wants to talk to her. The security guard takes away the box from Amy. Next, Amy crawls on to the floor and Eileen turns her head away from her.

Amy tells Eileen that she shouldn’t blame Tyler for what happened. Amy tells her that this was her mission and Tyler never wanted to hurt Eileen. Amy then enters Szidon’s office. The legal counselor asks her about the content of the article and Amy tells them that she is anyways going to lose her job, so she doesn’t want to share that piece of information with them. Moreover, they also have her hard drive and other documents and so they will find out soon enough. The legal counselor tells her that they could sue her for stealing information from the company. Amy doesn’t look too affected by this since she is in a debt of $20,000 and has nothing to lose.

Szidon loses his cool and tells her that she is a mental patient and she has no clue what she is doing. He thinks that she wants some power back and with that she could bring about a change. He tells her that if people like her got that power, then nothing would exist. He then insults her and Amy walks out. He follows her to the elevator and threatens to bring her down. She then calls Jeff and tells him that she got fired and that the company is going to sue her. Jeff tells her that they always knew that would happen. He then invites her to his place. Amy says she doesn’t want to talk and she hangs up the phone. She then goes to meet Levi and she tells him that she has nowhere else to go.

She tells him that she did a crazy thing and Levi is not at all surprised. She wonders if she is really crazy and Levi tells her that she is fine. She just needs a little help. He tells her that having hope for the world is a beautiful thing. Next, Helen reads the paper. The headline says, “How One Woman Took on a Giant” and she smiles. Dougie locks his office and walks out of the building. Eileen arrives to meet Tyler and he is happy to have her back. Amy reads the newspaper. She looks satisfied. The episode ends.