Stunted - Recap

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Turtle has it going on in regards to his new business and Vince is on location doing an action film. The director's name is Nick Cassavetes and he is a hard ass. The stunt double isn't getting it right and Vince is told that he is going to have to do his own stunts so that they can see his face. It is a pretty dangerous stunt, but Vince agrees to do it even though his boys have decided to tell him not to do it. E doesn't want him to do the stunt, but he tells him he is going to do it anyway. Not working well for him E has decided to contact the head hancho of agents Ari and he doesn't think he should do it either. Ari has a lot going on with his wife who is angry that he keeps missing everything in true fashion.

Drama goes to meet up with his producer and his producer tells him that things aren't going too well and nothing will be happening for a while. Drama goes and asks that Lloyd get him a team that will get him a gig. Lloyd is new at being an agent and he can't just set up a team. Drama sees Ari and tells him that he is going to need to concentrate on him more but then Ari tells him that he just isn't getting any interest. Drama has eight weeks to find something or else he is going to have nothing to live on.

Nick, the director, is also Ari's client and he goes straight to him. Ari tells him that he doesn't want Vincent to do the stunt, but Nick overrides and has him do it. Vince talks to his boys about doing the stunt and none of them think that he can do it or would even think about doing it. When it comes time to do the stunt, Nick tells him that he's going to be in the car with him. He is pretty sure that he is definitely doing it although he still feels like he wants to run away.

It is now time for Vince and Nick to get this stunt done and over with. He gets into the car and everything seems fine. He speeds up and does the jump. He gets it landed but then the car doesn't brake. We hear him yelling that multiple times and it crashes into the building that is in front of it. Everyone panics and thinks that he had to have been hurt pretty badly, but both Vince and Nick get out of the car practically uninjured. Nick tells him that it was pretty awesome and for whatever reason Vince tells him that if he needs it--he is ready to do it again. This was a bit of an intriguing reaction after spending a few days pretty worried about this stunt, so the guys are a bit concerned when he does that.