Buzzed - Recap

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E, Turtle, and Drama are at the diner and just had breakfast. They are all fighting over who will pay and Turtle goes to pay for it but his car is declined. E calls Vince who was still in bed. Vince has a press interview and he wants to get a hair cut. Ari and his wife are going to the valley for a chandelier that was originally owned by Sophia Loren. His phone rings and Jerry Jones (the owner of the Cowboys) calls him. He needs to sell their television rights and he needs to come in around 2pm so he has to drop off his wife and go get everything figured out so that he is prepared for the meeting. The guys run into Vince and he cut his hair very short. Vince wants E to read the scripts for Drama to pick the best one.

Vince has an interview and it seems that he is being darker than he is used to. Turtle thinks that Alex may have charged $10,000 on his card from Tiffany's. Shawna tries to talk to the interviewer (Maria Menudos) about Vince's comments that needed to be edited out and she basically told her to screw off and won't talk to her because she hates her. Shawna had sex with her boyfriend, so that pretty much messes up her chances of fixing it personally. Ari is at the office and one of the agents tells him that several of the checks for the clients are missing but Ari tells him that the "king doesn't do that". He wants Lloyd to fix it. Jerry Jones is coming in earlier so Ari is overwhelmed. Eric shows up at his work and Drama has sent about thirty different scripts.

Turtle is interviewing for a new driver and he has a younger blond that has quite the experience in acting, but wants to quit it. He says he hasn't seen her in anything and she tells him that she "f*cked David Duchovny in Californication". Soon, his old driver shows up and asks about her last check. He wants to know if she charged $10,000 dollars on his card. They get into a pretty big argument about it because he wanted her to go get his mom something nice. She used his card to be able to buy it but she only spent $1,000 not $10,000. She tells him that the fact that he didn't even bother to check or look at the bill says a lot about him. She's offended and leaves, but not before yelling to the girl interviewing that he wanted to see her "tits".

Drama is at the strip club and he gets a phone call from Lloyd who is upset that Eric is reading the scripts. Drama is depressed by the fact that he is not getting any jobs, but Vince sweeps in and they all want to get together so that they can get him a job. The big boys are there to meet with Ari for the NFL deal. Vince is acting strange, still. Instead of reading scripts he is reading the magazine and having the worst time concentrating. He wants to do all kinds of adventures including swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, and jumping out of airplanes. Turtle goes to Alex's to apologize because he just found out that Tiffany's added a zero. He says that he knows when he is wrong and if she ever needs him for anything he owes her one.

Eric is going through the scripts and hasn't found something for him because all of the scripts suck. He thinks they should have a show built around him. He asks him to be his manager instead and E agrees to it. Eric looks for Vince and his secretary says that she left, but she doesn't know where. Ari finally gets a phone call after the meeting with Jerry Jones. He offers him to own an NFL team. He is excited and hugs the woman that helped him out. His wife walks into the office and catches them hugging. It was completely innocent, but she of course gets jealous and walks out. The director of the movie Vince just filmed is flipping out, because Vince cut his hair. He wanted to do re-shoots. Ari calls E to talk to him and then Vince calls and he tells them that he is jumping out of a plane and then does so.