Dramedy - Recap

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Turtle, E, and Drama are waiting for Vince and no one knows where he is. Vince shows up on a motorcycle and people are shocked. He wants to race Drama and everyone is pretty much worried about him. Ari is taking the kids to school and they are shocked by it. They are wondering why he is going to do that. They think that there are problems. He wants to know why she is upset and she is just jealous about the woman he was spinning around with.

Vince shows up with his bike and talks to E's "partner" and decides to go to an auction with him. E and Drama are talking to a writer that hasn't worked in twenty years. He wants to write a comedy and Drama doesn't do comedy because he isn't funny. He tells him that he thinks he is quite funny. Turtle is talking to his financial advisor and he thinks that he should just stop trying to do it because he is losing more money than he is bringing in and he can no longer get any more money from Vince.

Ari goes to his business and Barbra decides to ask him about the NFL situation. Ari gets everyone to go to the conference room and he tells them that if he hears about anyone talking about him and they will die. He tells them that they are bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles. Vince is looking around the auction and they notice a skull that is a rare one. It is a dinosaur head and he might want to buy it.

Scott introduces Vince to a man named Randall. He thinks that he should be in a Stan Lee movie. Eric and Drama are talking about the script and he thinks that he shouldn't do it because he's "not funny". Turtle has decided that he needs to pay them half and they say that they can't because they are barely making any money. They leave after he says they can't get their checks at that moment.

Barbra thinks that the woman that slept with Andrew should be the head of the TV department. She is threatening to quit if Ari doesn't hire her, but he refuses to hire her despite that. Turtle is at a party with Vince but just chilling and hanging out outside. They purchased rare wine and Turtle leaves because he has to wash the cars. Vince and his new friend are playing truth or dare with some hot chicks while Drama is reading lines with someone who brushes him off and tells him that he is funny just to get rid of him.

Turtle gets a phone call from his old crush and she says that the check bounced and is worried she won't get paid. He tells her that she can get paid by him in cash if she stops by. Eric is at home with his woman and he is worried about Vince because he is acting pretty weird. She thinks that they are going to have a wonderful night and that everything is going to be okay.

Everyone is still partying and having a great time and Turtle's old employee shows up and he pays her. He is in really bad shape and she tells him that there is a way for them both to make money. She tells him to go to Mexico with her to meet someone and reassures him that it isn't drugs.

Drama gets a phone call being told that John Stamos would be interested in doing the show on the table with him as his "more attractive counterpart" but Stamos needs to approve of him first. He calls E and he tells him about it. Vince wants to have fun with E and he realizes when he is on the phone that Scott is trying to steal him as a client. E is pissed off and Scott steps to him and he is told to watch out because Eric is pretty scrappy. Eric pushes Scott and knocks him into the giant skull.