Bottoms Up - Recap

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In this episode of Entourage there is a lot going on. There is a lot going on with our leading man, Vince, that we all become shocked over. He seems to be having some substance abuse going on as well as not handling his professional career well at all. He walked away from Stan Lee making him think that Vince has absolutely lost it. He has even been kicking it with a famous porn star (Sasha Grey) which could be a good thing or a very bad thing.

Ari is having a pretty ridiculous week himself as he has Amanda Daniels going at him over the fact that he fired Lizzy. Ari is getting served with suit papers thanks to firing her on shaky grounds at best. He got the chance to interact with famous Boxer Mike Tyson and he very much helped him with some information and making him laugh simultaneously. There was something about him making a Brady Bunch remake with Jessica Simpson which sounds as absurd as it should.

Bob Saget was about being the weirdo he has always been. He listens in to a conversation where Eric attempts to be as vague as possible with his woman Sloan and pin points the naughty act that they are referring to. Drama gets burned by John Stamos and is not too pleased about it. Unfortunately, elsewhere Eric and Sloan are having some issues with their sex life and there is nothing that they can do about it right now.