Founder's Day - Recap

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The scene opens and it is Founder’s Day in Eureka and Jack Carter walks up to Henry, who is trying to get a 1947 Chrysler New Yorker working and ready for Founder’s Day. Jack is not ready for celebrations since the break up with Tess. Grace Monroe rides up and offers to help Henry and Jack gets a call. It is Allison. In the next scene, she is walking with her baby, Jenna in a stroller with Jack and Vince, who is in spirit, offers a Cold War Cappuccino. Alison tells that she heard about Tess and the breakup. Jack is surprised that word travels fast and Alison tells that she is going to get a Nanny for Jenna and Kevin, who is fiddling with a contraption. Fargo is dressed like Albert Einstein and talks about Pantograph Generator that measures electricity. Jack plays with it like a child. Fargo tells that Jack needs to get changed in the spirit of things. Zane is in a jail cell in the office and Joe asks why he is there. He gives her a present. It’s a ring. He asks her to marry him. She is shocked and is unsure. Jack walks in and says congratulations but Zane walks out thinking it is a no answer. Jack tries to console Joe but she needs a while alone.

Jack continues his run and gets a call. The camera spins and the scenery changes. Jack sees a car coming up. Thinking it is Henry Jack waves it down. It is Dr. Trevor Grant, a scientist from Eureka. Jack, thinking that the town is in spirit with Founders Day, he asks for a ride into town. The radio is on and Jack hears a baseball game of Jackie Robinson and marvels that the townspeople got that. They arrive at Camp Eureka and Jack steps out of the car. Major Ryan is there and Dr. Grant tells that they have an unauthorized visitor. Jack looks at Eureka. There is nothing but tents and small buildings. Jack realizes that he has been transported back to 1947. Major Ryan hits him on the back of the head. Waking up in the hospital wing, Jack is handcuffed to the bed. Major Ryan tells the nurse to watch Jack. But the nurse is Allison. She leans over when Ryan leaves and takes the handcuffs off Jack. Grant gets a telegram and Ryan tells that they are going to have to alert of the security breach. Grant hears on the radio that Jackie Robinson went 0-3, just like Jack said, and realizes that Jack is more then they think. They go back to the hospital wing and Jack is gone.

In a supply closet, Alison tells Jack that they were transported into the year 1947 for some reason. Jack gets dressed in a soldier’s uniform. They tell that they need to keep a low profile and there is an explosion. It is Joe and she is being chased. She starts beating up the soldiers and a car flips over. Joe is taken into custody. The jeep is rolled over and the soldier’s leg is caught and Jack helps him. Alison tells Jack to get out and Allison resuscitates the soldier using jumper cables. Grant is impressed with her skills as a nurse. She tells that she learned it in medical school. Meanwhile, Joe is thrown into a jail cell and meets Fargo, who is naked, in the cell too. She asks why he is naked and Fargo attempts to say that he entered naked in a “Terminator” sort of way. In reality he was making a call when he was brought to the middle of the road standing naked. Joe was trying to call Zane to apologize for freezing up at his proposal. Jack sees that Henry is at the base and Jack gets his attention. Henry is thrilled to have the experience to be in 1947 but Jack is not that happy at all. Henry tells that there needs to have been a lot of negative energy to transport them back in time and Jack tells that there was a reading of solar flares feeding off the negative energy that Tess told him before she broke up with him.

Grant enters the hospital wing and talks to Allison. He asks about the soldier and she tells that he is fine. Grant checks out Allison and tells that Joe and Fargo need medical attention. She tells to go see to Joe and Fargo. As she leaves, Grant checks out her “assets”. A soldier gives Allison’s clothes and phone to Ryan and he finds that there is another, “spy” as he has come to think they are. Jack and Henry enter in the building with the satellite and Grant enters and wants to know what they are doing in Dr. Einstein’s office. Henry tells Grant that they are from the future and that a device that Grant and Edison worked on brought them back in time to 1947. Allison goes to Joe and Fargo in the jail and gives Fargo some clothes. She tells the soldier that they are going to have to change and that he should wait outside. She gives magnesium to Fargo and tells to put it on the lock and burn it off. They put the magnesium on the lock and set it on fire. To make the fire burn faster Fargo urinates on it. Joe is laughing at the noises Fargo is making. Back in Einstein’s office, they start to set up the phones to get the signal to transport the future Eureka citizens home. They loose satellite feed and Jack has to get up on top of the roof and adjust the satellite. Ryan tells Allison that she knows that she is not who she says she is. She asks if she knows where Jack is but she tells that she doesn’t after seeing him climb up the ladder to the satellite.

Jack rotates the satellite and tells that Ryan has Allison. He tells that he is going after her and Grant offers to go too. Henry tells that they have until 11:00 pm to get all the beacons on to transport them home. They rerouted it to the phones. As they are going to the building where Allison is, Grant tells Jack to switch jackets with him. Grant enters to where Ryan tells Allison that he knows that she is not a nurse and Grant asks her to go with her to the dance. Ryan pulls a gun on him and tells that he is not walking out. Jack is behind him and punches Ryan in the face. Grant, Allison, and Jack run out and Grant tells for them to hide in the dance. They enter and they start dancing. It is almost 11pm and a slow song comes on. Jack asks Allison to dance and Ryan enters to look for Jack and Allison. Fargo and Jo enter to see Henry and he gives the phones to them. It is 11:00 P.M and Jack gets the signal to activate. But he left his phone in the jacket he gave Grant. Allison tells him to grab her hands. Jack kisses Allison for luck. Just when Ryan is right next to them, they disappear.

Jack appears in the middle of the road and runs into town. The whole gang meets up in the middle of the festivities and they are happy to be back. Fargo realizes that the statue of Archimedes used to be copper and that it changed. Jack tells that other things could have changed. Joe runs to the Sherriff’s office and finds Zane in a jail cell. She tells that her answer is yes and Zane tells that he doesn’t want to marry her and laughs. Henry runs to his garage and Grace slides from underneath the vintage 1947 Chrysler and tells that she is all ready to go. She tells that she is going to shower and get ready for the Founder’s Day party and tells that she’ll see him at home and gives him a wedding ring. Allison runs in her home and finds Kevin acting normal and she asks where his sister is and he tells that she is with the Nanny. But there is something different with Kevin. Jack runs in the house and everything seems normal until Tess is there sitting on the couch. She kisses him and they show a picture of her and him together. At Café Diem, a stranger approaches Vince, it is Dr. Grant and he is looking for Allison.