A New World - Recap

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The scene opens with Jack entering his home. Tess is there. A surprised Jack is stunned. She is going to take “tiny” out of section 5 today. Kevin arrives at Jack’s and he is taking like a normal kid and not a kid with Autism. At the sheriff’s office, Zane is in the jail cell and he asks what he did. Jo tells that she doesn’t know what he did but he has to stay there. Zane tells that he has a date but it is not with Jo. Upset, Jo opens the jail cell and tells him to leave. Jack goes and visits Allison at her home and she tells that they changed Kevin for the better and that it is good to have him back. Jack tells that Tess is with him in Eureka and it looks like they are still together and that she never went to Australia. Allison shows that she is not too happy with the news. Jack meets up with Henry and they walk through the town. Henry tells that the machine that sent them back in time might be still active and that it needs to go to Global Dynamics. Henry also tells that it is possible that the change in the course of time made Kevin have no knowledge of changing the machine. Grace comes up to Henry and gives him a piece of paper from his pocket. It is a speech and tells that he is the Mayor.

Fargo and Jo are walking and they tell that both their relationships never happened and say that the new reality blows. Allison is having a good time with the new “talkative” Kevin and Jack comes up. They are interrupted by Dr. Grant. They are shocked that he is there. Grant is disappointed that there are no flying cars. Jack tells that he should not bring attention to himself and shows Henry that Grant traveled through Henry’s phone device from last episode. and they tell that they need to send him back. Allison is not happy to have to give up the new Kevin at all but tells that she will get everything set up. Henry tells that Eureka is a new town all together. Suddenly a Spider machine enters and it starts to destroy the town. Tess runs screaming the machine’s name. It is Tiny. Tess blames Zane for tampering with “Tiny” and he denies it. Jack tells that he will go find “Tiny” and Henry come up and tells that Allison is moving the machine and Henry tells that Henry’s device was retuned to fit Dr. Grant’s needs.

Jack puts Dr. Grant in the jail cell and tells that Grant changed the beacon to work for him and not for Jack. Jo enters the Sherriff’s office in baggy clothes. They are big on her. She tells that she is fat in the new universe. Andy enters and tells that he is Jack’s deputy. Grant is amazed at the technology that Andy is. Jo is upset that she has no fiancé and no job. Grant tells that he wants to see Andy completely. In the forest Andy and Jack walk and Jack asks questions of everything that happened. Andy picks up that Jack traveled back in time and came back to an altered time line. They find “Tiny” on her back. Back at Global Dynamics, Allison and Fargo walk around and one of the staff call Allison “chief”. They walk into her office and Allison finds out that Fargo is actually the Director of Global Dynamics.

Andy meets Jo at Café Diem and she is upset that she doesn’t have a job but Andy has different news for her. At Global Dynamics Tess is taking apart “Tiny” and she tells Jack yes to “it” and Jack has no clue what “it” is that he asked her. Tess is suddenly shocked and they take Tess to the infirmary and Tess is talking about Red Elf. Allison asks for medical test and the nurse tells that she is the Medical Director. In the hallway Jack meets Fargo and he is loving the new position. Jack tells that he needs to gather a team and he meets Jo.

Jack meets with Grant and he admits that he came from the future and tells that he wants to be “square” Grace enters and gives Henry coffee. Stan and Jill are coming over but he wants to know if there is any source charge on the machine. Grace tells that the charge is building. Jack meets with Vince at Café Diem and asks him if he asked if he asked Tess any life changing decisions. He tells Vince to keep it on the down low. Allison is showing off Kevin and Kevin is getting fed up with the attention. Kevin starts to talk to Kevin but Zane comes through the door.
Back at Global Dynamics, Jack tells that Zane possibly sabotaged “Tiny” and they hear an alarm. It is the machine that supposed to fix everything. Larry is upset with Jack and tells that Dr. Fargo told that no one goes into the section of Section 5. Fargo tells that it is alright. Henry tells that he is uncertain what went wrong and they need to get Grant.

Grant is invited in Global Dynamics and Jo is with him. He attempts to smoke and M.A.R.T.H.A. tells that he needs to extinguish his cigarette. He wants to know the repulsion system she uses and she squirts water on his cigarette. Jack meets with Allison and tells that the machine that was supposed to fix the alternate universe and suspects that she made it explode. Allison tries to tell Jack that she is happy that Kevin is not an Autistic child but Jack doesn’t want to hear it. She didn’t do it but wanted to. They go back to the lab and they don’t know who did it but realize that no tampering with the machine and Jack jokes that he is going to find a Red Elf. Henry tells that Elf stand for Emission of Light and Very Low Frequencies and tells that it is Pasatonic lightning. But he doesn’t know where it is going to strike next. They hear a noise and find the lightning storm happening inside of Global Dynamics and Jack is almost killed by the lightning.

Jo tells that she will call a medical team and Jack, Fargo, and Henry try to find out who started the project. They feel that the project is a White-List project and tells that Fargo did it. They find the area where Fargo kept in Section 5. After a retina scan and finger print scan, the computer asks for a password. Fargo guesses with “Dougie the Vampire Slayer” and gains access. Fargo is excited that he made Pasatonic Lightning and Tess tells that Fargo is a dictator for not telling her about it. Fargo tells that he is sorry and Tess is shocked because Fargo is a mean person in the alternate world normally. He tells that he is turning over a new leaf. Lightning sneaks in the building and gives Jack a little shock. Andy tells that the containment shields are failing. They need to use a Ben Franklin kite method and isolate the electricity into one container but needs to do it manually.

Andy volunteers to be the lightning conductor and Allison tells that Tess was saying yes to the fact that Jack asked her to move in with her. Jack now has a hard choice to make.
Inside the lightning chamber, he has 74 seconds to get to the dump coil and has to shoot it with a bow and arrow. Dr. Grant shows up and tells that he is the drill guy. Andy walks out and is the lightning conductor. They walk out and Jack shoots the arrow. It is a direct hit and they put the wires together and jump with only 2 seconds remaining. The lightning is contained in the container and Andy is burnt to a crisp.

Jo is alone in the Sherriff’s office and tells Jack that Andy is going to be alright just needs a memory swipe. She is at the Jack’s office because that is where Zane proposed. She wanted to remember it. She wishes she would have said something. She tells that she loved Zane and that he loved her too once. Jack and Jo go to Cafe Diem and Tess tells that Jack that they need to talk schedules for the movies. Kevin tells Allison that he is going to a friend’s for a movie. Jack sits down with Allison and tells Allison needs to get used to it. The rest of the 4 come and Henry tells that it is going to be home for a while. Jo tells that they need to tell all at once. But Allison tells that they can’t tell anyone. There is a military protocol for their situation and that anyone who has traveled in time are potentially dangerous and they agree that they can’t tell anyone.