All the Rage - Recap

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The scene opens with Fargo talking with General Mansfield and he tells that he will get the results of the products and Allison walks in. Steal dealing with the new job as Director of Global Dynamics, Fargo asks for Allison’s assistance. She tells that he is going to have to learn and make do without her. At Café Diem, Tess meets up with Jack and talks about the movers coming to move in her CAT and Jack tells that he is partial to dogs. Tess reminds him that CAT stands for Cad Adapter Telescope and not the animal. Thinking something is wrong Tess leaves quickly. Dr. Grant comes up and tells Jack that Tess is a peach and Jack tells that it is hard because he spent a year forgetting about her and now they are together and it is weird. Fargo and Jo walk through the hall and Fargo thanks for the help. He wants to know why people are afraid of him. He is starting to see that the “other Fargo” is a jerk. Dr. Anson runs in the hall and spills a liguid on the floor. Quickly mopping it up he says that everything is fine. Fargo meets with Dr. Parish and he wants to see the prototypes and Parish tells that they are not ready.

They enter in and Parish shows him a force field that allows for one to go through while the other not. Zane aims a bean bag gun at Fargo and shoots. It goes through the force field. Parish tells him that it isn’t ready. Fargo goes to a tank of Africanized bees and Parish tells that they are test subjects for the RSS that are supposed to calm the African bees. He shoots a phase at the bees and it looks like they get angrier. There is a short and a flash of light. Mobilization mines that shoot a webbing and Fargo demands them to send their results to him soon. At the garage of Henry’s, Grant brings the remains of the Bridge Device. Grant tells that he wants to rebuild it. Henry tells that they cannot send him back to 1947 again because he has seen too much. But Henry tells that there is a chance that they can replace parts with a High TC Super conductor. Fargo is in the hall, he sees one of the mobilization mines and it starts to blink. It shoots webbing that pins Fargo against the wall and starts to cover him.

Later in his office Fargo is furious and demands a full investigation as he peels the webbing off of his clothing. Jack tells Fargo to relax and that everything is fine. He tells that he will talk to Zane and Jo will talk with Parish. Jack meets Tess in Café Diem and she tells that her CAT looks great on the mantel. But Jack tells that the Mickey Mantel bat belongs on the mantel. She tells that she will move it. She asks what is going on but Zane is there and he is very upset. Back in Global Dynamics, Jo meets with Parish and he tells that Fargo wanted a demonstration and that is what he gave him. Jack and Jo enter and they tell that Parish admitted to setting the I-Mine and Fargo demands justice. Allison walks in and tells Fargo that he needs to explain to Parish that he is going to institute a calm working environment. Back at Henry’s garage, Henry introduces Grant to Grace and she notices that they are going to build an electron gun. Grant says thanks for helping and the bridge turns on. Henry attempts to tighten a bolt and his wrench disappears into thin air.

In Parish’s lab, Fargo and Allison walk in and Allison coaches him through the speech. Parish starts to yell and criticize and Jack notices that Parish has “crazy eyes” and Fargo does too. Parish picks up the bean bag gun and shoots at people. Jo tells that all leaks have been contained. Dr. Anson dropped the liquid earlier. In the infirmary, they put Parish on the hospital bed and he is raging with anger. Allison tells that there are no signs from the liquid and Fargo tells that he can leave. Allison tries to stop him and tell that she needs him for observation too because of the increase of adrenaline but he leaves. Tess comes in and offers to help. Allison tells that people are not acting themselves and Tess tells that Jack is not sure about the move. Stage 3 quarantine is put in place. Back in Henry’s they are trying to figure out the dematerialization of the tools and Grant tries to touch a tool too and it

Jack and Jo meet Dr. Anson and he is angry. The once meek doctor throws his cooler at Jack and Jo throws him against the glass. Trying to suffocate him, Jo has been affected by whatever everyone else has too. He gets her to let go and Jack grabs Dr. Anson’s lab coat. Allison tells that everyone is loosing it and that everyone has stuff building up. Allison tells that he needs to talk to Tess about the move. A fight breaks out and Jack and Allison goes into Fargo’s office.

Allison tells that wine cooler was the liquid. Fargo starts to criticize Allison. Jo tells that she is going to do her job and Jack stands in her way. Jo aims her gun and Jack talks her down and gets her gun. Allison and Jo return to the infirmary and all the lab assistants and guards and patients are gone except one. Dr. Parish is unconscious and Allison looks in his eyes. Parish explodes with rage and attempts to attack Allison. Jo tells that she needs to find Zane. At the garage, Grant apologizes for making this happen and Grant tells that he looked himself up and there is no record. He tells that the bridge is all he’s got. Back at Global Dynamics, Jo finds Zane and tells that he needs to come with her. Tess meets Jack in the hall and tells that everyone is loosing it. They find the angry staff. They run from them and into an elevator. In the elevator, Jack tells that he, Tess, and Allison were not affected.

In Parish’s lab, they find the problem that caused the anger. Jack asks if Allison could make it down there and she says that she can’t they are surrounded by everyone. Jack and Tess find out that the ray made the bees angry and it was a reverse affect. Fargo gets in Jack’s face and tells that he is the head of Global Dynamics and that he needs to listen to him. Jack take Fargo to the mob and tells that Fargo did this to them. Fargo runs for his life and gets the mob in one area. Tess is there and shoots the beam and calms the crowd down. Fargo is alive and the beam worked. Back in the infirmary, Dr. Parish apologizes for the I-Mines and Fargo has to apologize to Mansfield for yelling at him. Jack meets with Allison and tells that he is going to tell Tess the news and says that he can’t always be the good guy.

At the garage, they are still freaking out. Grace comes in and they tell her that everything they touch goes away. She tells that she coated Henry’s old tools with paint that makes them dematerialize by touch. Relieved Henry and Grant are happy. Everything is cleaned up at Global Dynamics and Jo tells that everyone is pitching in. Jack asks if she meant the things she said about Jack stepping on her toes. He tells that he misses her as his deputy. Back at home, Jack meets Tess in the living room and tells that he is sorry and that he doesn’t think that they should move in together at all. He tells that she needs to take the job in Australia and that they were never meant to be together. She tells that she loves Jack and leaves Jack in an empty room.