Reprise - Recap

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The scene opens with Vince dancing around at Café Diem. He sees a woman waiting outside and he invites her in. However, she tells that she is fine to wait outside. He insists that she come and relax after she seems anxious. Meanwhile, Fargo talks to Larry via conference and asks how his vacation is going. He says that it is fine. Larry says that Fargo has meetings with Senator Wehn. Fargo says that he will be out of a job sooner than he thought. Back at Café Diem, the woman introduces herself as Holly and that she is on assignment in Eureka. Back at Global Dynamics, Fargo talks to Larry and he finds out that Holly is on assignment to investigate the rocket launch. Fargo hangs up on Larry and plays “Eye of the Tiger” and says that he is not going down without a fight.

At Jack’s place, Allison leaves Kevin and the baby while she goes to a medical conference. At Henry and Grace’s house, Henry is listening to 80’s music and Harry says that it is their 6 month anniversary. She says that she wishes that every day is like today. Henry looks at her and says that he has a plan where it can be. Joe admires her new house and Zane jogs by and tells that he likes her house. He tells that he knows about the wormhole and 1947. Jo goes into Global Dynamics and smacks Fargo in the head. He admits that he told Zane, but it is alright because Zane won’t tell anyone because the protocol would affect him as well. She doesn’t like it and Fargo sees Holly come in. He goes up to her and tells that he knows why she is there. He shows her the FTL and says that he will give her a demonstration. He turns it on and sends her through the FTL. Jo asks what he did and Fargo tells that he got rid of her. Zane and Jo ask Fargo where Holly went and Fargo says that he doesn’t know. He justifies it with the fact that Holly would have discovered that it was based off the bridge device and the secret would be out. Jo asks what is wrong with him, but Fargo isn’t paying attention.

At Café Diem, Jack, Kevin and Jenna are spending time together. Kevin says that he is bored and wishes that they could go and solve cases together. Jack realizes that the old Jack did that and tells that they can’t. Jo calls Jack and Kevin asks if it is a case. Jack tells him that Holly has gone missing after being zapped by the FTL. Kevin says that she would be where they brought back the Pulse Engine since those were the last coordinates. Jack tells that they will tell Jo about it. However, when Jack is distracted by Vince, Kevin takes off in Jack’s Jeep. Jack drives with Jo to the place where Kevin thought to go and find Kevin and Holly safe. Jo says that they have to get her back for testing. Jack is upset with Kevin. Allison calls and Jack decides not to tell on Kevin. Suddenly Allison gets a flat tire. She sees that a car went off the road. A woman tells that her father is in the car and that he is trapped. Allison starts to climb down and hit her neck. She gets back up and says that she is fine.

Back at Global Dynamics, Holly says that it was amazing and says that she wants to thank Fargo for the demonstration. Jo takes Holly to the Infirmary and Zane says that there might be a way to disguise the FTL. She says for him to do it. However, Zane says that he wants to see Jo naked first. She tells that there is no relationship. Jack takes Kevin back to the station and apologizes to Andy for putting him on babysitting duty. He says that he doesn’t mind. Andy answers the phone and Jack tells that Andy is the one in charge. Jo calls and says that she has everything under control, but when she pulls up to her house, it is burnt down. Zane is inside with a blow torch. He was the one who burnt it down. Jack has Jo in the cell and Zane is handcuffed to a chair. Zane says that he tried to talk about the “other” them. Jack thinks that the FTL flight may have altered them. Meanwhile, Grace looks at Henry’s plan to make every day like she wants and turns it on. Jack calls him, but Henry ignores it. Back at the car accident, Allison tells that there is no one inside the car and she tells the woman to give her silver case.

Back at Global Dynamics, Zane and Fargo are getting checked out when dogs are released in the hallway. Jack pulls over and says that things just got weirder when he sees a pile of rocks frozen in time. Holly comes to his aide and tells that Jo is busy herding dogs that were released. She sees the rocks and tells that it is a bubble of time being still and tells that it is expanding. Kevin steals Jack’s Jeep again and he races back to the station. Jack comes in to find Kevin at the computer. He says that he knows what is causing it. Andy comes in and gives Jenna to Jack who spits up on him. Back at the accident, Allison puts the blood found in the car into the GPS. They follow the trail. Zane, Holly and Jo look at the expansion of the field and they realize that it is only going to be 7 minutes before it his Global Dynamics. Jack gets in his police outfit and Kevin is singing “Bad Boys”. He says that it is the first song on the playlist. All of Kevin’s songs are about crime fighting. Jack sees that one is “Who Let the Dogs Out” and realizes that dogs were let out. Jack asks where the server is.

They go to Café Diem and Jack asks if there is a virus in it. Jack suggests that everyone is affected by the music they listen to. Zane listened to The Talking Head’s “Burn Down the House” and Fargo listened to “Eye of the Tiger”, hence his hatred towards Holly. Jo asks how it could have happened. Jack tells them to get out of Global Dynamics. She tells that they have to find out who did this. Meanwhile at Henry’s, he and Grace are frozen. Allison manages to find the man who got in the accident and the girl runs off to get the ambulance. Jack and Kevin look at the playlist and Kevin can see who downloaded the song. They find that there is a reason for this and Holly realizes that her iPod has neauralistic properties in it that may have hurt the playlist and affected everyone’s thoughts. Jo asks if she can fix it and she says that she can. They realize that the field has reached Global Dynamics and realize that the angle is coming form Henry’s Garage. They get the program downloaded on Holly’s iPod. They go out and realize that they are trapped. Before they could react, they are frozen in time too.

Kevin realizes that Jack is in danger because someone listened to “I Shot the Sherriff”. Jo pulls up and it was her who listened to it. Jack turns around and asks what she is doing. He runs into the field and is frozen. Kevin gets there and he says that Jack is her friend. He plays “Why Can’t We Be Friends”. Jo comes to her senses and Kevin says that they need to time it to save Jack. Kevin disconnects the field and everyone unfreezes. Jo takes a bullet to the back. Back at Global Dynamics, Fargo tries to attack Holly and Zane says that they need to try out the cure. Back at Henry’s Garage, Jack finds that Joe had a vest on. Jack thanks Kevin. Fargo tells that she can put whatever she wants in the report. Confused, Holly asks what report is he talking about. Zane and Fargo tell that she is Senator Wehn’s henchman. However, she says that she was researching until the Grant was finalized. She tells them that they are getting $20 Billion to build a FTL spacecraft to go to Titan. Back at the accident, Allison says goodbye to the girl and says that she won’t forget it. She gets in and Andy tells that everyone is cured.

Jo goes up to her burnt house and picks up the charred remains of her things. Zane comes up and says that he is sorry. She tells that she wants him to leave her alone. He says that he wants to know what they were. She says that it is nothing and kisses him to prove it. However, he brings her back into the kiss and they kiss passionately. At Jack’s, Allison rubs her neck and says that she has a headache, but she really has something in her brain. They show what really happened and how Beverly Barlow was the one who injected her with it. She tells her assistant that she will remember what they want her to remember and says that she is going to be a very important part in their next thing.