Glimpse - Recap

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The scene opens with a video of Fargo telling about the new project “Astraeus”, the mission to Titan. Fargo and Holly walk into Café Diem with a line of people asking questions and pitching their ideas. Vince pushes them away and tells that he will try to keep the crowds away. Dr. Parish comes up and tells them to try his “Limacoids”, a perfect food while on Titan. Fargo tries and says that it is good and asks what “Limacoids” are. Parish says that they are Banana Slugs and immediately Fargo spits it out. Meanwhile, Allison comes in and says that she can’t shake her headache. Allison and Jack talk about Jack’s plan this summer to go and see the Baseball Hall of Fame. Zane comes downstairs followed by Jo who tells them not to say anything.

Jo gets into Global Dynamics and tells Zane that last night was it. However, Zane tells that he thought last time was it and the last. Zane shows PAL (Predictive Algorithm Lenses). Jo is the first up for her pair and she sees everything clearer including a short circuit in the Electroculogram and an 88% chance that Zane has Narcissistic Tendencies. He says that he has a Quantum Processor. Zane tells that it is Jack’s turn, but Jack says that he is a real cop and doesn’t need them. Jo gets a call saying that Parish is having security problems and tells Jack to come with her and use his “real cop” skills. Jack asks what is going on with her and Zane and Jo tells him that it is nothing, but admits that it has been going on for weeks. Jack tells that Zoe was or still is in love with Zane.

They go inside Parish’s lab and he says that something is blocking the flow of the cooling system and blames it on the fact that he is trying out for the “Astraeus” mission. Jo says that he has a block. Jack tells that he can do it and Jo sees that there is 85% change of the Valve to release and spill out Dormancy Gel on Jack. He does it and as predicted, Jack is covered in goo. He says that was mean not to tell him. Jack goes into see Allison and she says that he should be warmed up after a hot shower. They look like they are going to kiss when they see that Holly is watching. She says that she was hoping that Allison was going to sign up for the mission because of the book she wrote called “The Blake”, an explanation of medicine and Space. Jack is shocked that she wrote a book and she is too. Fargo and Holly start the interview process and Fargo immediately declines Parish from it and accepts another and is really tuned in to what they are all about. Henry comes in and Fargo accepts him right away too when Henry shows his projection invention to see what life on Titan will be like. Holly is impressed with Fargo’s quick and accurate decisions and he says that he can read people. He asks Holly on a date and she accepts.

Meanwhile, Jack says that Holly was trying to get Allison convinced to go on the mission. Jo gets a prediction of Parish knocking a Magnetoplasma Generator out of Dillon’s hands and she sees the canister causing an explosion before it happens. Jo runs and manages to catch the canister before it falls. She tells him to get it to his lab and for Parrish to go back to his lab too. Jack decides that it is best to get a pair of Zane’s PALS. Henry goes up to Allison and tells that she would be great to go into Space with the “Astraeus” team. Jack comes up and Henry says that he is trying to convince Allison to go to Titan. Jack sees with his new PALS that there is a 77% probability that she is lying about not wanting to go. Allison tells that it should be another time. Henry says that it is another time. Jo and Jack go into Café Diem and see the prediction of Parrish chocking on a Limacoid by 84%. Jack stops him and tells him to take smaller bites. He gets upset that he is done with Eureka. He walks out and Jack and Jo see another prediction of a Cataclysmic Event of 96% in 2 hours. Zane is walking into with a head wound when the explosion is to happen. Jack evacuates Café Diem and tells them that he doesn’t know why.

Back at the interviews, Fargo interviews Stan Lee for the mission and declines him from the mission. Dr. Lee says that he wouldn’t want to see him when he is angry. Jo goes into Zane’s lab and asks what is going on with the PALS because they shorted out at Café Diem. He says that the system is tasked since Jack put his on. Meanwhile, Jack interviews Parrish about the nitroglycerin and he says that it is used in his “Limacoid” food, but only a small amount. Jack asks if Zane had a head wound and she says that he didn’t. Fargo and Holly come up and Holly tells that Fargo can read people after only talking to them for a few seconds. Jack and Jo find this interesting and Fargo is dragged off and admits that he took a pair of PALS. They take him to Zane and he says that is the reason the system is tasked because they could only take 2 pairs. Jo says that Zane could die. Zane jumps and hits his head. The head wound prediction is true now.

They get him to Allison, who puts stitches in Zane’s head, and Jack asks if Henry’s projection invention could project what the PALS picked up. Zane says that he will try. Jack tells Allison to take the PALS out of his eyes and she does. He then tells her that she should go on the “Astraeus” mission and tells her to think about it. Fargo goes into the meetings with Holly and she says that she did a good job by herself. Fargo admits to cheating with the PALS and she says that is major. She says that says that they are done for today. Henry shows what his invention brings up and they see that the blast didn’t come from Café Diem, but from Global Dynamics. Fargo takes charge and Holly tells that she knew that he had it in him. Back in Henry’s projection, Jack asks how Grace supported Henry on the “Astraeus” mission and he says that she has been 100% supportive. Jack sees that there are metal fragments that look like Dillion’s Magnetoplasma Generator. Zane and Jo talk about how Jo didn’t tell him vital news and she apologizes. Jack gets Dillon to look at the blast and he says that it is not a plasma blast like his Magnetoplasma Generator. Jack and Henry realize that it is coming from the PALS system. Jack gets to Zane’s lab and it has already started to overheat.

Jack calls Fargo and asks how the evacuation is going. He says that Parrish hasn’t gone anywhere yet because of his “Limacoids”. Jack gets down there and realizes the Dormancy Gel that fell on him could cool down the PALS generator and tells Fargo to reroute the pipes to the generator. Parrish asks how come Fargo isn’t out of Global Dynamics and Fargo says that he is going down with Global Dynamics because he is the head of it. They reroute it, but Zane realizes that they have to open the valve manually. Jo goes down and manages to unhook it and it pours in. However, Jo isn’t able to climb up. As she reaches for the top, Zane is there and helps her up. They realize that their “fling” isn’t going to be a one time thing. Later at Café Diem, Jo asks if Zane is still staring and Jack says that he is. He says that she should reconsider everything and start to follow what is really going on. Fargo talks to Holly and she says that she would love to go to dinner. However, when Fargo tells her that he saw a prediction that they were going to kiss, Holly says that the PALS only picks up Security Risks and says that she has to go. Jack and Allison talk and she tells that she wants to be with Jack and that is her dream. Later, Henry shows Jack a prediction that the PALS picked up and one was Allison with a 99% Security Threat. The episode ends.