Do You See What I See? - Recap

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The scene opens with Jack and Allison wrapping gifts for the others. Allison is excited to surprise Jemma, but says that she forgot a critical part to one of Jemma’s presents and says that she has to go. Jack tells her not to worry about it. Kevin, Zoe and Jemma come downstairs and Allison and Jack realize that they are caught. Allison says that she will be right back and Jack says that he has to check on Andy to see how he is doing. Jack goes up to Andy and Vincent and asks if they are still on for “Operation Ho-Ho-Ho”, a plan to blanket the entire town in snow. They ask if Jack wants a peak and they shoot a light on Café Diem, but then it shuts down. Andy tells him that it is still going through testing. Vincent says that they will have it ready by tomorrow morning.

Back at the house, Kevin and Zoe allow Jemma to open one gift. It is a Holotown book. They open it, but can’t find anything to make it work. Kevin says that he will find it. At Global Dynamics, Allison gets the power cell for Jemma’s gift when Jo comes up behind her. She asks why she is there and Jo says that she would rather be there at work. Allison invites her to spend Christmas with Jack and her, but they hear an alarm. In another part of the labs, Fargo and Henry realize that there is a system overload. They are having interference somewhere. They try to take control of the plasma generator, but fail to do it. Outside, Jack, Vincent and Andy see the generator go wild and see that there is an avalanche of plasma coming toward Eureka. They run away and Eureka is covered in it. Jack, Andy, Vincent and the rest of Eureka are turned into 3D Computer Generated Cartoons.

Jack calls up Allison who confirms that the same thing happened to them at Global Dynamics. She says that there is a leak in the Proton Generator and that they have to patch the leak and it will be normal. Jack and Andy get in the Jeep and drive out toward the generator. Andy says that they have plenty of time before it is Christmas morning. However, the sun comes up. At the house, Zoe and Kevin show Jemma that she can change the day to night and vice versa. They change the night to day and outside, Andy blames it on hallucinations from the Proton Generator. At the house, Zoe and Kevin help Jemma begin her adventure that she created. Outside, an animated deer prances next to the Jeep and tells them to move it. Suddenly, all of Eureka is changed into an animated town. Andy looks like the Tin Man and Jack looks like Dudley Do-Right. They get out of the Jeep, who talks to Jack and tells him that he is done being his Jeep. He says that his name is Carl and he drives off.

Back at Global Dynamics, Henry is a pull string animation, Allison is in an elf outfit and also animated and Fargo is an animated bobble head. They all agree that there has been a disturbance. Fargo sees buttons and they mock him. Allison says that there must be something that allows for a Holographic image to disturb it. Meanwhile, Jack and Andy are walking up a mountain to get to the generator. At the house, Kevin has Jemma pick some bad guys to put into their Holographic world. They pick a ninja and a snowman. Jack and Andy are walking to the generator when giant Ninja Snowmen come out and attempt to fight them. Andy and Jack manage to take them down. However, when they get surrounded, it seems like they are going to get it. Suddenly Jo comes down dressed like Snow White in a helicopter. Andy and Jack are saved. They loose control and Jo uses her dress as a parachute. They land and birds circle around Jo. Jack says that they need to get out of there before another Ninja Snowman comes. In the background, the snow gathers.

Allison, Henry and Fargo go to Vincent and ask him about the hologram that he shone on Café Diem. He says that it was only for a moment. Carl comes up and Jack isn’t inside. Allison flirts with Carl and Carl decides to help find Jack. Meanwhile, Jo, Jack and Andy are climbing the mountain and Jo slips. However, her birds save her and take her to the top of the mountain. They get to the top and see another blast of plasma coming. They change in different characters including, Peanuts, Futurama, South park, Scooby Doo and then finally into Clay-mation. That is because Kevin, Zoe and Jemma are controlling it. Jo whistles for the birds and causes an avalanche. Andy pushes Jo out of the way. They hear a noise and see that it is a Polar Bear. However, it spits on them and they realize by his voice that it is Taggart.

He invites them in and tells them that he was in the middle of studying and says that he is happy with it. Taggart says that the Proton Generator is the problem. Fargo and Henry walk up to the Smart House and Fargo asks why he is a bobble head. He says that everyone thinks that he is a joke. Fargo says that Henry is a pull string animation because he needs to learn to take a break and breathe. They get to the Smart House and realize that it is the one taking all the energy. Fargo tries to go up to it and it shoots him back. S.A.R.A.H. must have the force field that won’t allow anything outside come in. Up on the mountain, Taggart asks Jo why she is trying to avoid the holidays and she admits that she doesn’t have any reason to celebrate it. He says that there is always a reason. Jack finds Andy, who is in a block of ice. Allison comes out and Jack kisses her. He says that she is hot in clay and Carl says that he is leaking antifreeze. Jack says that they were making a winter wonderland for the kids.

Fargo and Henry try to get through the force field by making a giant snowball, but Fargo goes down with it and hits it. He starts to melt. At the house, Jemma picks Santa Clause to put into the story. Jack, Alison, Jo, Andy and Carl get to the Proton Generator and find Mr. Drummer working in it, who they mistake as Santa Clause. He says that he noticed that there was a disturbance and came to see what he could do, but says that it is blocked. He says that they need an external power source and they all look at Carl. He panics, but Allison gets out the battery to Jemma’s present. Allison realizes that the hologram is being created by Jemma’s present and that Kevin must have opened it. Jack is happy that it isn’t his fault. Back at the house, Zoe says that Jack is probably planning something. Back on the mountain, Allison says that she is sorry that they ruined Mr. Drummer’s holiday. He says that it is fun and says that they sometimes work hard. They hear a noise. It is a giant Snow Ninja. Andy gets out a ACME bomb out of his body and Jack and Jo go toward the “Sninja” as Jack calls it.

Andy sees that there is a Santa Clause outfit and he trips. The dogs talk to Andy and he says that being unique is great. Andy says that he is happy to be unique after Rudy’s pep talk. Henry and Fargo are approached by the giant snow ninja and they feel it in the house. They go outside and see the snow ninja. They realize that what they are doing inside is happening outside. They realize that rather then deleting, they add things in. Fargo gets a stick and hits the snow ninja when it grabs Henry. Kevin changes the scene again and they are changed into Japanese Animation. Fargo and Henry run off when they realize that they can’t fight the Snow Ninja, but Jack and Jo are in Carl and they have the bomb. Carl flies at the Snow Ninja and they manage to blow him up. Allison fixes the generator and the blast knocks them back. Eureka and all the citizens are changed back to normal and they get their White Christmas. Andy, Allison and Mr. Drummer come up and he wishes them a Merry Christmas. The next morning, Jack and Allison have everyone open their gifts and everyone comes over with the cookies and everything. The episode ends.