The Real Thing - Recap

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The episode begins with all the guys from Eureka unconscious, with sensors hooked on to their heads, with a woman and a man informing some people on screen that the scientists from Eureka are hooked on to an artificial work, but what they are creating that artificial world is very real. The scientists have it made progress in various fields of science in the last month, since they have been hooked up. A man on the screen asks how long they can be kept in this state, and is informed by the neural scientist that they can be kept in a suspended state indefinitely, as the simulation in their brains would keep creating new images and situations. They also reveal that it is impossible to create this artificial world perfectly, and hence it’s been set in the future, but should anyone of the Eureka guys question the construct they are in, they would be retired.

Meanwhile, inside the artificial world, Allison is once again shown trapped in the spaceship, with Henry and Jack trying their best to get her out. Jack tries destroying the cooling chambers which would thus prevent the ship from taking off. Then everything freezes, and we see Jack come walking by and seeing a frozen version of himself and everything else in front of him. Turns out it was all simulation that Jack was running to see what he could have done to prevent the ship from taking off. Henry joins him, and both haven’t found any indication of where the ship or Allison might be. Also there is no evidence of any sabotage. Henry tells Jack to go and have lunch with the kids, as they too need his attention. Meanwhile, Jo is meditating on a rock in front of a lake, when she sees her car being towed away. Meanwhile, Jack has lunch with his kids.

Just then Andy comes and tells Jack and Kevin that the DOD has officially called of the search for the missing spaceship Astraes. Kevin is visibly agitated at this, Jack ties consoling him that he will take it up with Senator Wen. Meanwhile in the real world, the neural scientists are monitoring the readings of the Eureka scientists. Back in the artificial world Allison is shown playing with her daughter in a cafe, when Grace walks in. She asks Allison to come along to further study the flight data, to find out where they were the 4 years they were missing. Just then Jo enters the café and Allison is not too happy to see her. Just they are leaving, a man from the café bids Allison goodbye, and as she turns around, she sees the man pass right through the counter and go to the other side.

Allison stares blankly at what just happened for a bit, and then is called away by the rest. She keeps this experience she just had to herself. Meanwhile, the neural scientists saw the error that just happened, and are worried Allison might have caught on to it. Meanwhile, in Jack’s artificial world, he comes running to Senator Wen, and asks her to keep searching. She apologizes to him for calling off the search but tells him she had no choice, as they have already tried everything possible to find the Astraes. Senator Wen leaves, telling Jack to turn his focus back to this world. He meanwhile receives a complaint from one of the scientists that his particle detectors are missing. Jack has an idea where they might be. Later, he talks to Kevin, who is assembling his equipment, for a wormhole experiment that would possibly help find the ship.

The particle detectors were stolen by him, as part of this experiment. Jack tells Kevin that what he did was wrong, although his heart might be in the right place. Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world, Jo and Allison discuss Allison’s work just as they walk into the Astraes for conducting experiments. While they are inside the ship they hear loud thuds in a particular section of it. They then see a huge lizard like creature with wings, charge toward them, just as they make a run for it. Meanwhile, in the real world one neural scientist tells the other that the artificial program is working on its own, and he seems to have no control over it. Just as Allison and Jo run out of the ship into the open, the creature comes out, flies away. Turns out it is a dragon. Meanwhile, the neural scientist who looks like the boss reprimands the other for such a glitch.

The other scientist explains that the program takes memories from the participants, and filters the unreal parts of their imagination, but apparently it’s not doing a very good job of filtering. They decide to eliminate the dragon in a way it seems believable. Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world Doug and Allison are baffled by what they saw. Jack informs them that Jo is planning to take it down, so doesn’t pose any danger. Doug doesn’t want it killed but captured, with a net that he will create scientifically and will hold something as big as a dragon. In the real world, the woman is happy that the Eureka scientists are thinking of making super symmetrical particle netting, which would be a scientific breakthrough.

The woman decides to allow them to continue. Meanwhile in Allison’s artificial world, Jack tells Allison to come along and help him search for the creature. Meanwhile, in Jack’s artificial world, just as Jo is walking by her old house after her car has been towed, she is called by an old lady living there now, and given messages she has written on paper, and they are all from Carter, saying it’s an emergency. Meanwhile, Henry is astounded by the Kevin’s experiment, as he goes through its paperwork. Jack in the meanwhile, is worried about Kevin being a thief. Henry tells Jack that Kevin’s experiment might actually work, and they might find the trail of the ship. Jack tells Kevin to finish his experiment, with Henry and others helping with it. He tells Andy to help him find one last piece of equipment which is required to complete Kevin’s experiment.

Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world, Jack and Allison are walking through the woods, in search of the dragon. Holly to joins them for the search, and they suddenly hear the dragon. Just as Jack is calling for backup with the dragon in front of them, Holly and Allsion see the dragon, flash in front of their eyes, with it turning into computer grids for a few seconds before turning back. Holly goes to touch the dragon sure it’s not real, just then the dragon flies off throwing Holly off some distance. Holly has also been scratched by the dragon on her arm. Later, Allison tells Jack about the dragon blinking out for s second. Meanwhile, Grace comes in and tells Allison that she feels Henry doesn’t want her poking around, about the Astraes launch. Meanwhile, in Jack’s reality, Andy and Jack are out to steal the equipment for Kevin’s experiment.

Jack goes in for the steal as Andy waits outside. Inside Jack finds the equipment, just as Andy is found out by the guards at the facility. When asked Andy is honest with them, which the guards think he is joking about, and leave. After Jack and Andy return back safely, they are paid a visit by Senator Wen, she instructs that they be arrested for stealing the equipment. Meanwhile in jail, Andy tells Jack to move on and focus on more real things. Meanwhile, Jo comes in and helps them escape just as Jack has an epiphany. Meanwhile, Jack comes and tells Kevin and Henry to search on earth instead of space, as the ship might have been sabotaged and might still be on earth. Turns out Jack’s hunch was right, they then proceed to triangulate their exact location.

Just then Senator Wen comes in to arrest them again, and is gladdened to hear that Astraes has been found. Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world, Zane has built a gun that would deliver the net, and Jack, Jo, Allison and Zane are looking for the dragon in the woods, with the gun in hand. Jo sees the dragon and perfectly manages to fire the net, capturing the dragon. Meanwhile in Jack’s artificial world, a cavalcade of government vehicles rushes to the location of the Astraes. Inside a warehouse they find the Astraes. The warehouse is a facility of some sort with lot of computers and empty desks. Henry and Jack are baffled as to why the crew has been taken while the ship has been left behind. Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world, the Dragon is being loaded in to a huge truck to be taken away. Meanwhile, Grace is informed by Henry that the DOD came and took all the files of the Astraes launch, as they were labeled top secret. Grace is visibly shocked to hear this.

Meanwhile, in Jack’s artificial world, Jack goes over the Astraes launch once again, and sees that Seantor Wen might know something. Meanwhile, in Allison’s reality, Holly sees that, just as she removes her bandage from her injury her wound reappears, she is shocked to see this. She tells this to Jack who thinks she is losing it. Holly is totally freaked out, but in the end figures out that these are all processor glitches, like in a computer game. She then tells Jack that they could all be in a computer simulation that looks like the real world. Just as she realizes this, Holly is plugged out by Senator Wen who reminds a shocked Emily the neural scientist, who she answers to.

When tells her there are 20 instead of 21 now, just as she had wanted. She then instructs that Holly be disposed off respectfully. Meanwhile, in Allison’s artificial world Jack is blankly staring at the Holly’s dead body. He then walks away just as Holly’s body disappears from there. The episode ends at this point.