Smarter Carter - Recap

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The episode begins with Jack and Allison walking around as a married couple. Allison then leaves to meet her brother alone, as her brother is prejudiced against dumb people. Zane in the meanwhile manages to make modifications to the program, to get Holly’s image out of the program. She can now walk around within the confines of the house. Doug promises Holly that she shall eventually be able to get out of the house too, but for that the program will have to be modified further, which might take some more time. Holly then begs Zane to get her out. Later Henry and Zane plan how they can get Holly permanently out of the program. In order to help Holly they need some heavy duty hardware, also they tell Jo that they wouldn’t be telling Doug about it for now, as that is how Holly wants it.

Jack and Kevin meanwhile chase a pair of mechanical legs, which have gone rouge. Then Jack manages to catch hold of the legs, and just as the legs and Jack are wrestling each other to the ground, Allison comes to the scene along with her brother Marcus, and introduces him to Jack who is lying on the ground. Later Allison takes Marcus to show him around the lab. Holly is meanwhile transported to Henry’s garage, so Zane and Henry can further their experiment. Zane and Henry are planning to assemble an artificial body, in which they plan to transfer Holly’s consciousness. Zane and Henry tell Jo that they are planning to build a living breathing body. Meanwhile scientists in the lab are awed by Marcus’s presence and rush to take his autograph. Marcus is a more celebrated scientist than Allison is, as it turns out.

Later, she explains to Marcus the dynamics of her and Jack’s relationship. Marcus is skeptical though, as he feels her and Jack have nothing in common. She in turn tells him that she loves Jack and hence nothing else matters. Later at dinner Marcus give Jack a tough time, by making fun about him not having a high IQ. Jack then surprises Marcus, when he quotes from an article written by Marcus. Later it is shown that Kevin is the one who prepared Jack, but Jack tells Kevin that he doesn’t want to be someone else, and he is who he is. Jack is later shown taking special interest in Marcus’s work. He is in fact putting into practice some of the theories mentioned in Marcus’s book. Later Jack memorizes all the police codes and laws, surprising Andy to no end. Jack is in fact thinking of getting Andy reassigned as his help isn’t required as a sheriff anymore.

Isaac meanwhile is onto Jo, and feels she is trying to hide something that she and Zane are doing. Jo fools Isaac by telling him that she too isn’t happy with Zane being promoted to the head of section 5 and hence she wants Isaac to work with her, so they can find out what Zane is up to. Holly’s body in the meanwhile is slowly being put together by Henry and Zane, but on the way they face a few roadblocks. Jo in the meanwhile is busy flirting with Isaac, in order to distract him. Meanwhile during Marcus’s book signing, Jack comes in and questions him about certain things he has written in his book. Jack in fact points out mistakes in some of Marcus’s theories that he has put down in his book. Jack then tells Marcus that he can prove it. He then takes Marcus and Allison outside, and shows Marcus that he has put Marcus’s theory to test on Marcus’s own car.

Marcus tells Jack his theory is sound, and that it will hold. Marcus then starts his car, and the engine begins to make weird noises, and blows sky high, just after the three of them have managed to steer clear of the car. Jack later gives Marcus a solution to the glitch in Marcus’s theory, and Marcus is visibly impressed. Allison though is very worried by Jack’s transformation. Allison feels there is something wrong with Jack and decides to run a few tests, to get to the bottom of it. Jack then proceeds to run a test on Andy, in order to upgrade him. Later Kevin tells Allison that he has given Jack some cognitive enhancement drug, hence enhancing his IQ. Kevin tells Allison that he wanted to help Jack stand up to Marcus, but did not know that things could go wrong. Jack has meanwhile managed to upgrade Andy. Allison calls Jack up just then and tells him about what Kevin did.

Jack doesn’t pay too much heed to what Allison is saying, and suddenly he realizes that Andy is missing. Isaac meanwhile finds out what Henry and Zane are doing. He is also shocked to see Holly. Andy in the meanwhile is busy sucking power from every electrical power source that he can, as he needs all the power he can get to keep his upgraded system charged. Allison meanwhile comes in and tells Jack and Marcus that Kevin’s drug is interfering with Jack’s Z waves, resulting in him becoming super smart. Allison wants to reverse the effect on Jack, but Marcus and Jack both feel that, Jack should complete his research. Jack also tells Allison that he doesn’t want to go back to being the “dumb ol sheriff”. Meanwhile Douglas finds out everything that Zane and Henry are doing thanks to Isaac; Douglas enters the garage with men and orders that everything be confiscated.

Allison meanwhile tells Jack the issue with Andy, and Marcus tells Jack that they have to help him before he melts down. Holly meanwhile tells Doug that she isn’t safe she is trapped, and hence she wants Zane and Henry to go ahead with their experiment, even if it means endangering her consciousness. She basically tells Doug that she isn’t happy being just a holographic image. Doug meanwhile will have none of it, and instead leaves to deal with the Andy issue. Andy meanwhile arrives at Jack’s home in order to acquire more power, by sucking it from Sarah’s power cell. Andy begins to remove Sarah’s CPU, so he can hook onto her system and recharge. Just then Allison who has figured out the whole thing comes in and offers to help Andy. Andy though is in no mood to cooperate.

Sarah then manages to neutralize Andy, the moment he hooks on to her system. Allison then reminds Andy of the relationship he and Sarah share. Sarah then tells Andy that she needs him. Andy then begs Allison to help him. Later Andy is downgraded to his old self by Jack. Later, Doug tells Holly that he would allow Henry and Zane’s experiment to go ahead, if that’s what Holly wants. Holly in turn tells Doug “I just want to be with you for real”. Allison with the help of Jack and Marcus in the meanwhile, has managed to create the antidote for Jack’s brilliance. Allison is excited about the fact that she shall at last have her husband back.

The antidote is then administered to Jack, and he goes back to being his old self. Later Jack apologizes to Andy for experimenting on him. Marcus then welcomes Jack into the family. Jack and Allison then sign the official document of their marriage, with Marcus as the witness. The episode ends at this point.