Just Another Day - Recap

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The episode begins with Allison telling Jack that, she can’t believe Eureka is being shut down. Later Henry tells Jack that Grace’s hearing is today, but they wouldn’t tell him where. Henry then decides to find out what information; the Henry from the other time gave Grace so he can help her out. Jo meanwhile is overseeing the shutting down of GD. Zane comes in and Jo discusses her new job offer with him. Zane too reveals that he has a few good job offers. Allison meanwhile tells Holly that she is fine, after running a few tests on her. Holly retorts that everything is fine; except that she can’t remember anything from the first time she came to Eureka. Holly also admits to Allison that she doesn’t remember anything about dating Doug.

Allison then suggests that Holly should talk to a few people in Eureka, just to familiarize herself. Doug is meanwhile depressed that his girlfriend is gone and so is his job. Just then Jo enters Doug’s office along with a bunch of packers, who inform them that they will start moving Eureka today itself. Doug and Jo are shocked as they had assumed they still had six weeks time, but the packers hand them a memo that, says otherwise. Doug is outraged by this move by DOD and decides to take a stand. He then sits on the floor on the lobby of GD, and informs Jo that he shall not move until, the DOD takes back its decision. He then asks to talk to the Secretary of Defense. Jack meanwhile is driving down to GD with Zoe. Suddenly Jack’s vehicle passes through a wormhole in the middle of the road, and his vehicle appears directly in the lobby of GD, where Doug is sitting.

A shocked Jack then asks Doug “what the hell just happened?” Jack then tells Doug to get up, as they have to sort this issue. Andy later cordons off the wormhole on the road. Henry meanwhile asks Zane to help him help Grace. Jo and Jack meanwhile pay Isaac a visit, in order to find out if the wormhole is his doing, so as to stop Eureka shutting down. He tells them that he is in fact happy GD is shutting down, as it has never truly appreciated his talents. Hence now that it’s shutting down the world is his oyster. He then tells them that if the wormhole is still stable then the piece of technology causing it is still active, whereas all his things have been safely shut down. Zane meanwhile gives Henry all the data that he can, in order to help Grace.

Meanwhile, Isaac who had gone for a steam into the spa finds himself walking into the café, through a wormhole. Jack then instructs Andy to rope off this new wormhole that has been created. Allison then finds burns on Isaac’s chest which could have been caused by him traveling through the wormhole. Andy concludes that this could be because the new wormhole isn’t as stable as the last one. Meanwhile Zoe along with others from GD joins Doug in his protest. Jo meanwhile informs Jack that they have half a dozen more incidents of wormholes. Jo then tells Jack that it would be too depressing if things didn’t work out between her and Zane, after all that they have been through. Allison meanwhile finds out that Isaac’s burns are really deep, which would mean two worm holes were intersecting.

Andy meanwhile passes through a wormhole in the ground, while trying to catch the leash of a dog running through GD. Jack and Jo meanwhile see the dog come out of a wormhole with Andy’s hand in its mouth. Later pieces of Andy are collected from all over town, and brought into GD. Allison on seeing Andy interjects to Jack that Andy’s skeleton is made of hardened titanium, if intersecting wormholes could do this to him, then it could prove much worse for humans. Henry meanwhile meets Beverly at café, where he had texted her to meet him. Henry asks Beverly to help Grace, for old times’ sake. Jo meanwhile informs Doug that she has stopped the movers, and they aren’t going to take anything till the wormhole issue is resolved. Zane meanwhile discovers that, he transferring data into Henry’s hard drive from the GD systems might be causing the wormholes.

Zane then tells Jack that, if the wormholes are already colliding, it might too late to stabilize them. Zane then proceeds to try and make the wormholes collapse within themselves. Allison meanwhile comes in and tells them they have a problem, she takes them outside where they see a giant wormhole forming. Beverly meanwhile tells Henry that, she is sorry but she can’t help. Henry then tells her to do the right thing, and tells her to talk to the head of DOD, on Grace’s behalf. Beverly tells Henry that it would result in her arrest; therefore it’s not a possibility. Later Zane informs Henry that all the wormholes have gathered together, hence they no more are all over the place, but the wormholes are reaching a critical level.

Jack then figures out that Doug’s device that he is using to stick to the ground can be used to diffuse the wormhole from its center. Doug meanwhile is busy making his calls in order to save GD. Holly meanwhile recollects being in love with Doug and kisses him. Jack later wears the device and proceeds to enter the wormhole, but Allison tells him that he doesn’t want him to do this. Jack reminds her that this is their home, and saving the day has always been his job. Allison then kisses him and wishes him luck. Jack then falls through the wormhole, and his whole life flashes in front of his eyes. Jack then ultimately falls in the lawn, in front of the café. Henry then drives in and checks on Jack, who says he is fine. Holly meanwhile informs Doug she has been chosen for a super secret project, and also that she would get to pick her own team.

Doug hints at wanting to be a part of the team, and Holly approves. Doug is then informed by the Secretary of Defense that Eureka has been sold. Henry meanwhile is overjoyed to see Grace, who is now free. Turns out, Beverly did her part. Jo meanwhile proposes to Zane, who accepts. Trevor meanwhile comes in at the cafe and surprises Jack. Trevor tells a surprised Allison and Henry that it is he who has bought Eureka, on Doug’s persuasion. Trevor then asks Henry to be the new director of Eureka, as Doug is stepping down. Later Allison tells Jack, that they wouldn’t be there without him. Jack in turn tells Allison that there is no place he’d rather be than Eureka.

Allison then reveals to Jack that she is pregnant. Later Henry settles down in his new office, as the director of GD. Zoe meanwhile leaves for college, and is seen off by Allison and the kids. Jack then drives her to the airport, on the way Jack and Zoe are shocked to see a vehicle drive by, as sitting in it are also Jack and Zoe. Jack tells a shocked Zoe that he will look into it tomorrow, and keeps driving. The episode ends at this point.