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Eureka: Pilot

An accident leads a U.S. Marshal and a teenage girl (who later is revealed to be his daughter) to a peculiar town populated by scientists and their families where 10-year-old boys are in 11th grade, the local diner doesn't believe in menus, and E=MC² was just the beginning. Just as the Marshal starts to get settled into the swing of things, a local scientist develops a bomb that seems to appear anywhere and eats all the matter around it.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 101
Airdate: Tuesday July 18th, 2006
Special Runtime: 120 Minutes

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Pro7) Feb 25, 2008
NL (Sci-Fi) May 12, 2009

Guest Stars
Bryan WilsonBryan Wilson
As Baker Brothers #2 & #4
Chris GauthierChris Gauthier
As Vincent
Jennifer ClementJennifer Clement
As Susan Perkins
Keith WilsonKeith Wilson
As Baker Brothers #1 & #3
Rob LaBelleRob LaBelle
As Walter Perkins
Shayn SolbergShayn Solberg
As Spencer Martin
Zak LudwigZak Ludwig
As Brian Perkins
Benjamin B. SmithBenjamin B. Smith
As Oppenheimer Boy
Chris Burns (2)Chris Burns (2)
As Force Recon Commando Buzz
Gary ChalkGary Chalk
As Colonel Briggs
Greg GermannGreg Germann
As Warren King
Ian CarterIan Carter
As Special Agent
Kevin MurrayKevin Murray
As Charley
Kwesi AmeyawKwesi Ameyaw
As Special Agent Hicks
Leanne MerrettLeanne Merrett
As Special Agent Miller
Maury ChaykinMaury Chaykin
As Sheriff William Cobb
Norm SherryNorm Sherry
As Unknown
Tyler McClendonTyler McClendon
As Young Corporal
Main Cast
Colin FergusonColin Ferguson
As Jack Carter
Salli Richardson-WhitfieldSalli Richardson-Whitfield
As Allison Blake (as Salli Richardson-Whitfield)
Joe MortonJoe Morton
As Henry Deacon
Jordan HinsonJordan Hinson
As Zoe Carter
Erica CerraErica Cerra
As Josefina 'Jo' Lupo
Neil GraystonNeil Grayston
As Douglas Fargo / Voice of Sara
Debrah FarentinoDebrah Farentino
As Beverly Barlow
Matt FrewerMatt Frewer
As Jim Taggart
Greg GermannGreg Germann
As Warren King
Episode Notes
Over 4 million people tuned into this episode - an extremely high number for Sci-Fi.

Episode Quotes
Zoe: I told you we should've made a left back there.
Jack: Don't make me use pepper spray.
Zoe: Are all cops this angry?
Jack: This isn't angry. I was angry at the truck stop when you told the waitress that I touched you funny.
(Zoe laughs)
Jack: We're way past angry.

Zoe: Would you remind me again why we're not on a plane, right now? Oh, that's right - the big, bad marshal's afraid to fly!
Jack: You don't wanna push me, right now.
Zoe: Look, I'm just saying that if we would've made a left back there...
Jack: Don't say anything.

Jack: We're not lost, we're just... taking the scenic route.
Zoe: Yeah, well, the scenes suck.
Jack: Whoa, where'd that guy come from? Hey, high beams, moron!

Zoe: We-we just passed our car with us inside!
Jack: And I thought I was sleep deprived.
Zoe: I'm totally serious.
Jack: So am I so just take a nap or something so I can concentrate.
Zoe: Listen... dog!
Jack: No, you listen, homegirl!
Zoe: (points to dog ahead of them) No, dog!

Zoe: (after crashing) You call this protective custody?!
Jack: Ohh, you're okay.
Zoe: Wait, where are you going?
Jack: To check the damage.
Zoe: And, what if you don't make it back? I'll be stuck in here like those guys in the plane who had to eat each other!
Jack: You're right.
Zoe: I know!
Jack: Here, here's some ketchup. Start at your feet, work your way up.

Zoe: (after Jack falls out of the car) Karma's a bitch, huh?!

Zoe: Look, it was an honest to God paranormal encounter!
Jack: You are an honest to God paranormal encounter.
Zoe: Ha-ha-ha, does that sense of humor come with the badge?

Zoe: Deciduous?
Oppenheimer Boy: It means they shed their leaves once a year.
Zoe: Thanks, Einstein, I knew that.
Oppenheimer Boy: I'm an Oppenheimer, the Einsteins live on 4th.
Jack: Well, thanks.
Zoe: What a freak!
(Jack stares at Zoe)
Zoe: Shut up!

Jack: Is that coffee?
Jo: Excuse me?
Jack: Well, I'm sorry, we-we've just been up all night and I could really use a fix.
Jo: Does this look like Starbucks?

Jo: Move and you'll spend the rest of your days sucking meals through a straw!
Jack: I'm a U.S. Marshal!
Jo: Right.
Jack: Search my coat pocket!
Jo: Hm, imagine that! Should've said something.
Jack: Before or after you stood on my neck?!

Sheriff Bill Cobb: That was Ned Carver, he claims aliens abducted some of his cattle again so...
Jo: Tell him to call me when they move on to anal probes. (the Sheriff and Zoe stare at Jo) Wait, um, that didn't come out right.

Zoe: Hey, G.I. Josefina? What's with all the firepower... hot date?
Jo: That's one.
Zoe: What? Like that's supposed to scare me or something?
Jo: That's two.
(Jo answers the phone)
Sheriff Bill Cobb: (to Zoe) She must like you, I've never seen her get as high as two before.

Jack: I don't want to step on any toes, sir, but I do have a lot of experience at this kind of thing.
Sheriff Bill Cobb: Trust me, you don't.

Jack: Well, actually, I'm investigating an active crime scene. Jack Carter, U.S. Marshal.
Allison: Allison Blake, Department of Defense.
Jack: Hm... I didn't see that coming.

Jack: Ohh, come on, Miss Blake, we're on the same team!
Allison: That's Agent Blake, Marshal. And we're not even in the same league, this is way out of your jurisdiction.
Jack: Actually, I'm a U.S. Marshal so technically the United States is my jurisdiction.

Allison: You didn't think that I was taking you to my place...
Jack: Nooo!
Allison: Because I'll tell you right now, this isn't Madison County and you're definitely not Clint Eastwood!
Jack: Well, yeah! He's twice my age.

Jack: You know Agent Blake, just because you dropped the subject doesn't mean that I have.
Allison: Marshal, whatever you think is going on with us... trust me, it's not.
Jack: I was talking about the RV.
Allison: I knew that!

Beverly: Will your wife be joining you?
Jack: My wife? Oh, um, not likely. Uhh, we're separated.
Beverly: Was it the sex?
Jack: Excuse me?!
Beverly: Well, it's a common problem in long term relationships. People get bored, they want to experiment sexually and they don't know how to express their needs.
Jack: Well, not that sharing my sex life with a total stranger doesn't sound like loads of fun, uhh, at the moment, my needs are a nap and a shower.

Beverly: (catching Jack flipping through The Joy Of Sex) Doing a little undercover work?

Zoe: Pretty impressive, Jo.
Jo: It's Deputy Lupo.
Zoe: Where'd you learn to do that, anyway?
Jo: U.S. Army, Special Forces.
Zoe: Well, that explains some things.
Jo: What things?
Zoe: Nothing. None of my business.
Jo: You got something to say, say it.
Zoe: Okay. It's just the whole tough girl image, I mean, it's fine and everything but some guys might find it intimidating. Oh, unless of course you're into chicks then that's fine, too.
Jo: Stop talking.

Jack: Seriously, you can't keep doing this. You can't keep running away from your mother.
Zoe: Why not? You did.
Jack: Zoe... you know, your mom and I, we tried. It's just, uhh, some people just don't work.
Zoe: Don't work? Dad, all you do is work!

Jack: Stellar job. Father of the year. (dog steps out onto the road) Mother... ugh! Find a crosswalk!

Jack: Taggart... not sure if you realize this but you just assaulted and kidnapped a Federal Marshal.
Taggart: Yeah, sorry about that. Just doing my job!

Taggart: It's not just a dog, Marshal. It's the devil himself!
Jack: Oh, yeah, he's stable.

Jo: Is there a problem, Marshal?
Jack: I don't know, you tell me, I mean, one minute I'm driving my delinquent daughter back to Los Angeles and the next I'm in the middle of the freakin' Twilight Zone!

Jack: (to Allison) So, um, back there when you say get rid of him, was that like, uhh, you know, buy him a bus ticket get rid of him, like, you know?

Jack: Where are you taking me? Area 51?
Allison: Please, they wish they had our security.

Allison: It started during World War II, when Einstein realized that our future was in the hands of scientists not soldiers.
Jack: Wait, Einstein? What, the Einstein?
Allison: He convinced President Truman to create a haven where the world's greatest thinkers could live and work. And since then, most of our major scientific breakthroughs have happened right here in Eureka.

Allison: Professor King is a Nobel laureate and noted astrophysicist.
Jack: Wow, um, well, I'm captain of my division softball team! (laughs) It sounded better in my head.

Warren: Oh, how generous. Well, you must find all of this a bit shocking?
Jack: Well, I'm from LA, nothing shocks me. Well, almost nothing.

Jack: It was a joke but I forgot the DoD doesn't have a sense of humor.
Allison: Or maybe you're just not funny.

Colonel Briggs: Are you telling me in this town full of super geeks, you can't find one person who can do a simple math problem?!
Henry: It's not that simple.

Colonel Briggs: Alright, this has gone on long enough.
Jack: He just needs more time.
Colonel Briggs: Yeah, like fifteen years and a college degree, he's just a kid for crying out loud!

Warren: Henry, do I need goggles?
Henry: (as he puts on his goggles) No.

Jo: The sheriff is out doing police business. Just like I should be doing instead of babysitting Felon Spice.

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