Season 3

45 :03x01 - How Will I Know?

Continuing where they last left off, when J.T. believes that Grant is purposing to Janie at a jewelery store and Rita thinks that he should ask Shelly's hand in marriage, it comes down to the party. And after shockingly J.T. and Grant both dramatically propose to Shelly at her birthday party, she must weigh the qualities -- and engagement rings -- of both men in order to decide who she wants to marry and build a future with. Meanwhile, after skipping his flight back to England and staying in the U.S. illegally, Donovan shows up on J.T. and Nick's doorstep, looking for help as he decides what to do next with his life.
Guest Stars: Sharif Atkins as Grant
Director: Mary Lou Belli

46 :03x02 - Shelly And?

After accepting J.T.'s proposal, Shelly giddily starts making plans for the wedding, that is until her mother Beverly (guest star Penny Johnson Jerald) shows up unexpectedly, determined to convince her daughter that marriage is a bad decision. Meanwhile, J.T. gets accepted to medical school. Later, Donovan receives an interesting offer that could allow him to stay in the U.S.
Guest Stars: Penny Johnson Jerald as Beverly Williams | Michael Dow as Waiter | Sharif Atkins as Grant
Director: Mary Lou Belli
Writer: Meg DeLoatch

47 :03x03 - Three Divas, No Style

Feeling like Shelly always ignores their creative input in DivaStyle, Janie and Rita decide to start their own line of items in the store, sparking a fierce competition between the women, both personally and professionally. Meanwhile, used to everything coming easy to him, J.T. finds medical school a surprising challenge. Later, Nick comes to regret dating a co-worker.
Guest Stars: Alexia Robinson as Tamara | Pamela Paulshock as Georgia | Caroline Fogarty as Liz
Director: Mary Lou Belli

48 :03x04 - The Lyin', The Witch and the Wardrobe

After putting on weight and not being able to fit into her own gown, Shelly decides to wear a client's dress on a date with Jalen (guest star Robert Horry) to the Black and White Ball, only to get caught in it by the customer. Meanwhile, the gang pledges to go on a diet together, but their resolve is put to the test when Janie enlists their help in preparing for her church bake sale.
Guest Stars: Josie Davis as Melanie Van Lowe | Robert Horry as Jalen
Director: Regge Life
Writer: Trish Baker

49 :03x05 - The Price of Friendship

After Shelly gives Janie a dollar to play the lottery and she wins $5,000, the pair's argument over the money escalates, putting their long friendship in jeopardy. Later, when bad weather forces everyone to stay indoors, the gang's discussion causes some to reevaluate their relationships and beliefs.
Director: Mary Lou Belli

50 :03x06 - Break Up to Make-Up

When Shelly and Janie refuse to let Rita be the new face of DivaStyle, she threatens to leave the partnership. Meanwhile, Donovan tries to help J.T. and Nick improve their looks by persuading them to use make-up.
Guest Stars: Rusty Flood as Kid
Director: Kim Fields
Writer: Trish Baker

51 :03x07 - Model Behavior

As Shelly and Janie prepare to unveil their new DivaStyle clothing line at a big South Beach fashion show, they discover that their former partner Rita will be modeling for their biggest competitor. Meanwhile, Nick begins dating J.T.'s new anatomy class tutor -- against his wishes.
Director: Art Manke
Writer: Vivien Mejia

52 :03x08 - Janie, Shut Up!

Janie calls the Tom Joyner Morning Show to vent about her mother-in-law and ends up revealing more than she wanted about her friends, much to their dismay.

53 :03x09 - Brit Better Have My Money

While being interviewed by local news reporter Aramanda De La Cruz (guest star Lauren Sanchez), the girls find out that the manufacturer of their new "DivaStyle Ready To Wear" clothing line runs a sweatshop. Now it's up to the girl's to stop the crazy madness and situation or else they'll be in bigger and more trouble. Meanwhile, Donovan convinces J.T. and Nick to help him sell make-up, motivating them to compete against each other for the biggest sale.
Writer: Randi Barnes

54 :03x10 - Marty in the Middle

After persuading her husband Marty to set Shelly up with his attractive co-worker, Janie becomes convinced that her husband secretly has a thing for Shelly. Meanwhile, busy with med school, J.T. feels left out when Nick, Donovan and old college buddy Galloway start spending all their free time together.
Director: Art Manke

55 :03x11 - All About Eve

Shelly's return home for Christmas hits an icy patch when she discovers that her mother Beverly (guest star Penny Johnson Jerald) has taken in her favorite student and allowed the teen to move into her old room, make sweeping changes to the family’s holiday traditions and seemingly usurp her relationship with her mom. Meanwhile, J.T., Nick and Donovan decide to skip the hassle of the holidays to watch football, but come to realize how much they miss the yuletide traditions.

56 :03x12 - Banishing Acts

J.T.'s new girlfriend gets jealous of his relationships with other women and forces him to choose between her and his friends. Meanwhile, Janie becomes self-conscious about her appearance after a waitress mistakes her for Shelly's mother.
Guest Stars: Kim Fields as Rochelle

57 :03x13 - Diva Day Care

Shelly believes she's unfit to ever be a mother when Janie brings her cousin's infant to DivaStyle and Shelly drops the child. Meanwhile, Nick plays for an all-gay basketball team, but hurts his teammates with his insensitivity.
Guest Stars: Brooklyn McLinn as Mike | Bart Johnson as Anthony | Lamont Ferrell as Lamont | Brooke Paller as Kristen | Tom Williams (1) as Baby Ella

58 :03x14 - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

After each receive a big check from their accountant now that business is booming at DivaStyle, Shelly and Rita try to decide how to spend their sudden windfall, but Janie's dreams of buying something frivolous are put on hold when her husband tells her that he wants to quit his job. Meanwhile, hit with medical school tuition, books and more expenses, J.T. turns to Nick for a loan when he comes up a little short on cash for the month.
Guest Stars: Reggie Gaskins as Marty Egins | Patrick Kerr as Phillip
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Randi Barnes

59 :03x15 - Oh Brother

Janie's brother Paul visits and makes it evident that he has a crush on Shelly, who, because of their long history, thinks of him as a brother.

60 :03x16 - Rules of Engagement

Still fond of him and can't get over him, Shelly takes her ex, Grant, the man she almost married, to lunch in an effort to be friends, but finds this a monumental task after he informs her that he's newly engaged and introduces her to his new love. Meanwhile, Nick and J.T. start to hang out with a youngster through a local Big Buddies program, and soon clash over their very different mentoring styles. Later, Rita moves into her new loft.
Guest Stars: Sharif Atkins as Grant | Terrence Hardy, Jr. (1) as Edgar | Faune Chambers as Bianca | Rebeka Montoya as Lisa | Leshay Thomlinson as Desiree

61 :03x17 - To Sir, With Mom

As if flunking his anatomy exam wasn't enough, an embarrassed J.T. must deal with his cranky instructor Professor Dunson after J.T.'s mother Frances drops by the medical school to beg for a make-up test for her son. But after Shelly advices j.T. to amke his own choice and stand up to his mother, Frances comes to confront Shelly but then the two both decide to work together to get J.T. the chance to take the test over. Meanwhile, after showing promise in a local tournament, Nick tries to convince Janie's husband, Marty, to pursue his dream of being a professional bowler. Later, Shelly tries to help Rita set up her new apartment.
Guest Stars: Reggie Gaskins as Marty Egins | Daphne Maxwell Reid as Frances Hunter | Robert Picardo as Professor Dunson | Samson Yi as Patrick | Joey Naber as Dwayne

62 :03x18 - Separate, But Unequal

Shelly discovers that Rita always hangs around her loft because she is convinced her own place is haunted. But in order to prove that it was real for her past to come, Janie makes a spirit call to settle the whole situation. And after Nick realizes that he's in love with Lynn and wants to fully commit to her, she reveals that she is still married. Lynn says he cheated but Nick decides to let Lynn go and let her continue her relationship for good

Guest Stars: Darius McCrary as Jamal | Kellie Shanygne Williams as Lynn

63 :03x19 - Girlfriends

After Rita is trying to persuade a department store buyer, Brenda, to stock their clothing line "Diva Style," Shelly and Jane discover that the buyer is Rita's ex-lesbian lover, so they try to convince Rita to romance her former flame in order to expand their business. Also, after losing an expensive bet to J.T., Donovan enlists Nick's help to win his money back in a rigged poker game.
Guest Stars: Lenise Sorén as Brenda | Christine Insley (2) as Emma | Rebecca Metz as Phyllis | Jennifer Dorogi as Rachel | Kathy Kolla as Bartender
Writer: David Wyatt

64 :03x20 - Donovan on the Brink

To the gang's surprise, Donovan's past as a teen pop star in England is revealed when he learns that rapper Lazy G wants to sample one of his hit songs; and Shelly’s attempt to impress Lazy G with her rapping skills is a bust.

Meanwhile, when Janie and Rita attempt to write a romance novel, they quickly realize that although their ideas of the perfect leading man may differ, their romantic fantasies are equally as hot and the novel begins to sizzle.
Guest Stars: Omar Gooding as Lazy G | Terence Mathews as Frank | Herman Hudson as Hero

65 :03x21 - Daddy's Home

Shelly's father, Yusef, shows up after years of absence to show his support for Shelly when she is named Miami's Designer of the Year; and to Shelly's surprise, her mother, Beverly, encourages her to give her father a second chance.

Meanwhile, when Janie's curiosity is piqued by the discovery of an unusually large amount of cash in Rita's purse, she decides to investigate the suspicious source of income.
Guest Stars: Kellie Shanygne Williams as Lynn | Penny Johnson Jerald as Beverly Williams | Clifton Powell as Yusef | Thomas Anthony Jones as Galloway | Maya Gilbert as Salesperson | Kehli O'Bryrne as Emcee | Miguel Coleman as Chaz

66 :03x22 - Daughter Don't Preach

Shelly's mother Beverly finally reveals to Yusef, Shelly's father, that she is pregnant with his child, and Shelly questions his ability to commit to the child.

Meanwhile, when Janie discovers that Rita is secretly hosting Botox parties at the store, she convinces Rita to cut her in on the deal, only to find out that the parties are illegal.
Guest Stars: Kellie Shanygne Williams as Lynn | Penny Johnson Jerald as Beverly Williams | Clifton Powell as Yusef | Darius McCrary as Jamal | Thomas Anthony Jones as Galloway | Maria Tornberg as Noelle Bellefeuille | Jarvis W. George as Detective | William Christopher Stephens as Waiter
Writer: Vivien Mejia