Season 4

68 :04x01 - A Kiss to Build a Dream On

As the season opens where last season's cliff-hanger left off, Nina is forced to choose between Andy and Jake, but will she pick the man she truly loves? At Delia's request, Ephram returns to Everwood just in time for a wedding. Meanwhile, Bright and Hannah see each other for the first time after a summer apart; Amy and Rose's relationship suffers due to Rose's cancer; and Amy falls for Reid, a medical student at her college.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Jan Felt as Louise | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeny | Frank Gerrish as The Baker | Roger Nelson as Father Ivers | Natasha Gaty as Jolene
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Rina Mimoun

69 :04x02 - The Next Step

Andy is devastated when he learns that Ephram won't move back home but is going to live with Bright and Reid instead. Hannah begins to reconsider her relationship with Bright when he tells her about his "three dates and out" rule. Meanwhile, Nina and Jake open Sam's to a mediocre response from the town; Harold is suspicious of Andy when Andy leaves the clinic frequently throughout the day; and Ephram and Amy talk about their relationship.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Steven Anderson (1) as Thurman Revere | Jan Felt as Louise | Duane Stephens as Wally | Melissa Deppe as The Waitress
Director: Perry Lang
Writer: Anna Fricke

70 :04x03 - Put On A Happy Face

Amy, trying to adjust to college life and coming to terms with the fact that her crush, Reid, is gay, is thrown another punch when she learns that Ephram will be living with her brother and Reid. Nina and Jake try to move on with their lives after Nina makes her decision; and Bright and Eprham take Hannah to a party.
Guest Stars: Margo Harshman as Maura | Frank Gerrish as Baker | Justin Baldoni as Reid | Hailey Cunningham as Lexie | Victor Z. Isaac as Ethan Harcourt | Maggie Baird as Mrs. Harcourt | Phillip Jeanmarie as Pete Boroni | Inara George as Herself | Oscar Rowland as Mort | Star LaPoint as Ellie
Director: David Paymer
Writer: Tom Garrigus

71 :04x04 - Pieces of Me

To make money, Eprham begins giving piano lessons to a Kyle, a 14-year-old piano prodigy, but the lessons stir up old emotions in Ephram. Meanwhile, Andy meets with a brain tumor patient and his wife; Delia tells Andy that she wants a Bat Mitzvah; and Harold and Rose deal with the stress of test results and the results of the Everwood mayoral election.
Guest Stars: Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Micaela Nelligan as Martha | Jan Felt as Louise | Tracy Scott as The Nurse | Gary Neilson as The Science Man | Christian Jensen as The Army Recruiter | Teri Cowan as The Insurance Woman | Duane Stephens as Wally | Joseph Bologna as Max Barrett | Renée Taylor as Betty Barrett | Stephen Spinella as Father Patrick | Freda Foh Shen as Dr. Chow | Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter | Justin Baldoni as Reid
Director: Michael Pavone
Writer: Josh Reims

72 :04x05 - Connect Four

While camping with Andy and Harold, Ephram reveals the real reason he came home. Back in Everwood, Bright considers a sexless relationship with Hannah when he learns that she doesn't believe in pre-marital sex. Amy becomes confused by Reid's actions when he invites her to go to a Halloween fundraiser with him; Edna and Jake square off over Jake's work ethic; and Ephram learns more about Kyle's life.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter | Jessica Tuck as Bonnie | Margo Watson as The Well-Dressed Woman | Drew Vilardell as Milo | Susan Dolan as The Female Patient | Kellie Brotherson as Alice | Susanne Sutchy as Jessica Hunter
Director: Tom Amandes
Songs: Deb Talan -- Forgiven

73 :04x06 - Free Fall

Wanting to fix Andy and Jake's friendship, Nina suggests that the men go to counseling to sort out their differences with a professional. Meanwhile, Andy tells Ephram that Amy might have a boyfriend; Rose deals with losing the mayoral election; and Ephram continues to learn the about the complications in Kyle's life.
Guest Stars: Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Lisa Howard as Dr. Leslie Hammon | Justin Baldoni as Reid | Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Nancy Won

74 :04x07 - Pro Choice

Hannah's mother arrives in Everwood to tell her daughter that her father has died, and Bright tries step up to help Hannah through this hard time. Ephram has a hard time dealing with Amy and Reid's new relationship while Andy has a hard time finding a kidney donor for a patient when the patient's daughter refuses to donate a kidney.
Guest Stars: Jan Felt as Louise | Jayne Brook as Mrs. Rogers | Justin Baldoni as Reid | David Kirk Chambers as The Radiologist | Ben Hammond as Sam Fenney | Gina Ravera as Stacey | Keith David as Brian
Director: David Paymer

75 :04x08 - So Long, Farewell...

Bright and Amy try to deal with Hannah leaving and each of them take her departure harder than they expected. Jake and Cliff, one of Jake's friends, go on a high-risk, high-skill level bike ride, but their excitement is cut short when the trip takes a near fatal turn. Meanwhile, after hearing about Jake's daredevil trip, Andy and Harold decide to go skydiving; and Reid pulls away from Amy at Ephram's request, leaving Amy even lonelier.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Simon Rex as Cliff | Lukas Behnken as Topher | Jayne Brook as Mrs. Rogers | Debbie Ellis as Jan | Karri Knudsen as Nurse
Director: Joyce Chopra
Writer: Josh Reims
Songs: Hem -- Pacific Street

76 :04x09 - Getting to Know You

Though still madly in love with Amy, Ephram, much to his chagrin, has become more of a "girlfriend" to Amy than a boyfriend. Their new-found friendship takes a romantic turn when they end up waking up together. Nina becomes suspicious of Jake's strange behavior, and begins to think that something is up when Jake's brother comes to Everwood. Meanwhile, Delia becomes friends with the popular girls at school; Bright tries to help Hannah's low self-esteem; and Rose breaks startling news to Harold.
Guest Stars: Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Whitney Lee (1) as Brittany Clark | Tom Parker as Brian Hartman
Director: Joe Pennella
Writer: Tom Garrigus
Songs: Lifehouse -- You and Me

77 :04x10 - Ghosts

Amy and Ephram try to sort out their relationship and future after they sleep together. Jake and Nina's relationship hits a bump when Nina learns about Jake's addiction to prescription drugs. Andy re-examines his life after reading Irv's description of him in Irv's novel. Meanwhile, Amy meets a cool, new teacher at Colorado A&M and Ephram spends more time with Kyle.
Guest Stars: Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter | Leslie Hope as Laurie Fields | Vicki Davis as (Unknown) | Jan Felt as Louise | Gordon Johnson as Mr. Jensen | Susanne Sutchy as Jessica Hunter | Heather Beers as Julie | Ali Durham as Emily | Nancy Roth as The Woman In Line | Steven Anderson (1) as Thurman Revere
Songs: Shout Out Louds -- The Comeback

78 :04x11 - Lost and Found

Ephram falls deep into a depression when he can't figure out his relationship with Amy. He only gets more depressed once he hears that Will Cleveland, his former piano teacher and mentor, has passed away. Bright tries to cheer him up, his style, by taking him to a college keg party, but Ephram doesn't respond to the girls hitting on him and decides to just play video games instead. After urging from a new professor, Amy decides to get involved with Planned Parenthood, but this creates a rift between her and Hannah when Amy tries to get her to volunteer as well. Meanwhile, Edna suffers a panic attack and Andy takes her to the hospital; Harold and Rose decide to adopt a child, but get caught up in the complexities of doing so; and Delia continues to grow more rebellious.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hope as Laurie Fields | Justin Baldoni as Reid | Gregory Alan Williams as (Unknown) | Monnae Michaell as (Unknown) | Amy Stewart as (Unknown) | Jamie Strange as (Unknown)
Director: Perry Lang
Writer: Nancy Won

79 :04x12 - You're a Good Man, Andy Brown

Andy goes to a Rabbi, Josh Stein, for help in planning Delia's Bat Mitzvah. Despite bringing back feelings about his own lost son, Ephram supports Kyle as his estranged father returns to town. Andy tries to get a date with a woman over the Internet, but is forced to postpone several times, including once to help Nina through an emotional crisis brought on by Jake's recovery. Meanwhile, one of Amy's college professors consults Harold about a medial procedure.
Guest Stars: Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter | Mark Elliott Silverberg as Josh Stein | Leslie Hope as Laurie Fields |
Co-Guest Stars: Jan Felt as Louise | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Ivey Mitchell as Shannon
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Anna Fricke

80 :04x13 - An Ounce of Prevention

An eighteen-year-old girl comes into Andy's clinic to be checked for breast cancer because it runs in her family. When the results come in, the girl and her older sister, who has had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer, return to see them. Meanwhile, while out on a date, Bright and Hannah are forced to call Harold after something happens to the both of them and Kyle tells Ephram that he no longer wants piano lessons.
Guest Stars: Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter | Brooke Nevin as Ellie | Justin Baldoni as Reid Bardem | Laura Regan as Ruth
Director: Perry Lang

81 :04x14 - Across the Lines

Andy and Jake's early morning get-together is interrupted when a drunk driver crashes into a pole in front of them. Later, Jake goes to the hospital in order to talk to the driver about addiction. Meanwhile, Amy introduces Hannah to her college friends, Reid has a serious talk with an academic adviser, and Harold meets a woman from Rose's cancer support group.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Ryan Hurst as Ed Carnahan | Jon Lindstrom as Bill Schmicker | Elizabeth Bond as Kate | Vicki Davis as Beth | Albie Selznick as Dr. Franco |
Co-Guest Stars: Jan Felt as Louise | Scott Cowdrey as EMT #1 | Weston Pew as Grumpy Male Customer | Dee Macaluso as Adele
Director: Peter Markle
Songs: The Submarines -- Peace and Hate

82 :04x15 - The Land of Confusion

Bright makes a mistake that threatens his relationship with Hannah; Kyle gets a Juilliard audition and Andy, knowing this news triggers feelings of regret in Ephram, encourages his son to try another music school; Nina tells Andy she wants to propose to Jake; and Amy reluctantly brings Laurie to her parents' house for dinner.
Guest Stars: Kelly Carlson as Ada | Reggie Austin as Andre Hammond | Justin Baldoni as Reid Bardem | Steven R. McQueen as Kyle Hunter
Director: Peter Markle
Writer: Tom Garrigus

83 :04x16 - Truth...

Ephram discovers the truth about what happened between Bright and Ada and wonders what he should do with the potentially devistating information. Irv's estranged daughter arrives at his book signing, much to the chagrin of Edna. Meanwhile, Reid gets devastating news from his advisor; Harold begs Andy not to tell the social worker from the adoption agency about Rose's cancer; and Amy tries to fix her friendship with Hannah.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Nia Long as Cassie | Michael McLafferty as Dave | Kelly Carlson as Ada
Director: Matt Shakman
Writer: Nancy Won
Songs: Tori Amos -- A Sorta Fairytale

84 :04x17 - All The Lonely People

Ephram finds Reid unconscious after overdosing on pills in a failed suicide attempt. Bright, feeling miserable after their breakup tries to fix things between him and Hannah. Meanwhile, Laurie suggests that Amy go to Washington D.C. for a conference, but when Amy meets Laurie's daughter, she re-evaluates her opinion of her professor; and Nina, struggling with her feelings for Jake, discovers that she still has feelings for Andy.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Reid | Lea Moreno Young as Zoey | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney
Director: Joyce Chopra
Writer: Anna Fricke

85 :04x18 - Enjoy The Ride

Returning home, Reid, strangely cheerful, finds Bright miserable and dejected, then finally gets the courage up to ask Amy out. The date become quadruple when Amy gets Nick to make his move on Hannah. Meanwhile, Harold treats a schizophrenic pregnant woman, whose husband has a scary physical condition; and Delia asks Andy to postpone her Bat Mizvah because a friend is having their party on the same day.
Guest Stars: Whitney Lee (1) as Brittany Clark | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Kim Morgan Greene as Mrs. Thompson | Chris Egan as Nick | Jan Felt as Louise | Justin Kirk as Patrick Carmody | Justin Baldoni as Reid Bardem | Michelle Nolden as Kathy Carmody | Victoria Justice as Thalia Thompson

86 :04x19 - Reckoning

Andy's father shows up shockingly at the Brown house after 15 years of absence. Bright gets drunk in his 21st birthday party and ends up getting rushed to the hospital after falling through a window. As she learns about the incident, Hannah leaves Nick to be with Bright. Meanwhile, Nina's decision to move to Los Angeles with Jake devastates Andy. Irv and Edna buy an RV to travel around the country after their retirement, but an unexpected tragedy cuts their retirement plans short.
Guest Stars: Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer | Chris Egan as Nick | Mary Elizabeth Williams as Judy | Charles Durning as Gene Brown
Director: David Petrarca

87 :04x20 - Goodbye Love

Nina's struggle to figure out who he loves more between Andy and Jake takes new development when Ephram tells her his father bought an engagement ring. Memories brought back to Amy about Ephram and her, making her revaluate everything about each other. Learning about something he and his father are both involved, Andy and Gene wind up to have a long conversation about their feelings for one another. Figuring out not everything is lost, Bright and Hannah establish a new friendship.
Guest Stars: Jan Felt as Louise | Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer | Whitney Lee (1) as Brittany Clark | Charles Durning as Gene Brown
Director: Joe Pennella
Songs: The Weepies -- Gotta Have You

88 :04x21 - Foreverwood (1)

While packing to leave Everwood, Nina confides in Hannah that she knows Andy bought an engagement ring, and Hannah convinces her to sneak into the Brown's house to take a look at it. But when Jake finds out about the ring, he goes to confront Andy about his feelings for Nina. Meanwhile, after seeing Ephram with his girlfriend, Amy realizes that her feelings for him have never really gone away; a patient of Harold's leaves her baby at the Abbott's doorstep; Bright learns about Hannah's college plans; and Edna reveals her plans to leave to Harold and Rose.
Guest Stars: Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeney | Michelle Nolden as Kathy Carmody | Whitney Lee (1) as Brittany Clark | Mark Elliott Silverberg as Josh Stein | Jan Felt as Louise
Director: Bethany Rooney

89 :04x22 - Foreverwood (2)

With their house being sold, but their new house not ready for them to move into, Nina and Sam temporarily move in with the Browns. Andy, wanting to take care of unresolved issues from the past, takes a road trip before proposing to Nina. Meanwhile, Bright learns that Hannah got a scholarship to Notre Dame and is devistated when he learns that she might take it; Andy becomes increasingly attached to the baby girl left on his doorstep; Delia is elated with Andy's late Bat Mizvah gift; Amy reveals her feelings for Ephram to Stephanie, who won't loose Ephram without a fight; and Harold and Rose deal with the news that Edna is leaving Everwood.
Guest Stars: Luciana Carro as Stephanie Meyer | Ben Hammond as Sam Feeny
Director: Perry Lang
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 2002
Ended: June 05, 2006
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