Season 4

67 :04x01 - Everybody Hates Tattaglia

As a first-time high school student, Chris is really looking forward to attending a school with some diversity. Unfortunately, when he arrives at school, he discovers that the school's new principal, Ms. Morello, has placed him in the only all-white homeroom.
Meanwhile, Rochelle helps Tonya land a job at Vanessa's beauty salon, but the customers don't take kindly to Tonya's brutally honest comments about their looks.
Guest Stars: B.J. Britt as Warren | Jackée Harry as Vanessa | Paul Ben-Victor as Mr. Thurman | Steve Paymer as Old Principal | Diamond Dawn Cook as Gloria | Aaron Parker Mouser as Big Kid | Ronald Hysten as Fat Black Kid | Aaron Grady as Black Kid | Alex Brown as Ernie Shabazz | Susan Boyajian as Homeroom Teacher | Dustin Ingram as Team Manager | Jason Weiss as Lead White Boy |
Co-Guest Stars: Travis Flory as Joey Caruso | Jacqueline Mazarella as Ms. Morello | Vincent Ward as Black Bus Driver (Credited as Vincent M. Ward) | Suzanne Quinn as Boy George | Chris Zylka as Spider Kid | Danielle Taddei as White Girl #1 | Colin Follenweider as Acrobat Kid
Director: Jerry Levine
Writer: Ali LeRoi
Songs: Robert Palmer -- Some Like It Hot

68 :04x02 - Everybody Hates Cake

Chris makes a deal with a classmate, Angel. He will help Angel improve his grades in school and in return Angel will help Chris get the attention of Maria, his latest crush. Rochelle reluctantly does a good deed by befriending an ex-con, Peaches, who has moved back into the neighborhood. But her plan fails when Peaches won't leave Rochelle alone. Meanwhile, Mr. Omar leaves his fish with Drew and Tonya while he is away.
Guest Stars: Hector A. Garcia as Angel | Tisha Campbell-Martin as Peaches | Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Keith Truesdell

69 :04x03 - Everybody Hates Homecoming

Chris gets a date for the homecoming dance with a cute girl, but he must meet her father first. Drew agrees to take Chris' place at Doc's Store and persuades Doc into making the store 'fung shui."
Guest Stars: Bobb'e J. Thompson as James | Blake Hightower as James | Antonio Fargas as Doc | Orlando Jones as Dr. Clint Huxtable | Tristin Mays as Jenise Huckstable
Director: Jerry Levine
Songs: Wham! -- Careless whisper, Billy Idol -- Dancing with myself

70 :04x04 - Everybody Hates The English Teacher

Chris' suggestion in English class inadvertently gets his teacher in trouble when he makes the suggestion of writing a report from a movie instead of a book. While Julius makes repairs to Mr. Omar's apartment to bring it up to code, he will be staying with Chris' family.
Guest Stars: Gina LaPiana as Arminta | Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar
Director: Jerry Levine

71 :04x05 - Everybody Hates My Man

Chris is rewarded for helping the school's star running back with his homework by getting a chance to hang out with the "Cool Kids." Greg tries to warn Chris about his own work, but he is too happy to care, that is until he fails an exam. Julius is hired for a new side job which has him moving dead bodies for a funeral home. But he soon finds himself in debt despite his new found windfall by buying gifts galore for his family and friends.
Guest Stars: Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar | B.J. Britt as Star Running back | Kara Pacitto as Carol | Katelyn Pacitto as Carole |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Jerry Levine
Songs: Jean Knight -- Mr. Big Stuff

72 :04x06 - Everybody Hates Doc's

Doc's bossy girlfriend keeps sending Chris to do inane chores at the store, making his life miserable. Meanwhile, Julius gets in trouble when Rochelle finds a bra in his sock drawer in which Tonya had hid there so she wouldn't be caught wearing it to school, hoping to be noticed more.
Special Guest Stars: Robin Givens as Stacy |
Guest Stars: Antonio Fargas as Doc
Director: Lev L. Spiro

73 :04x07 - Everybody Hates Snitches

Chris is hesitant about collecting a reward after witnessing a shooting outside of the movie theater since he was supposed to be keeping his eye on Tonya and Drew. Meanwhile, Julius takes Rochelle out on their anniversary to a Broadway musical, but the evening is a disaster.
Guest Stars: B.J. Britt as Warren |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Anton Cropper

74 :04x08 - Everybody Hates Big Bird

The nerdy girl which everyone refers to as "Big Bird" has asked Chris out on a date, and has only accepted her invitation so he won't hurt her feelings.
Guest Stars: Nina Mansker as Kelly | Travis Flory as Joey Caruso |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Ted Wass
Writer: Adam Lorenzo

75 :04x09 - Everybody Hates James

Julius begins watching Oprah Winfrey on TV in hopes it will improve his marriage, but Rochelle believes he is having an affair behind her back. Chris gets a surprise when he sees who his "little brother" is after signing up in the Big Brother program.
Guest Stars: Bobb'e J. Thompson as James
Director: Jerry Levine

76 :04x10 - Everybody Hates New Years Eve

Chris needs to find himself a responsible adult so he can go to Times Square to celebrate New Years Eve. Meanwhile, after stopping a man from jumping off a bridge, Julius is seen as a hero; while Drew and Tonya bet to who can stay awake longest.
Guest Stars: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Peaches
Director: Ted Wass

77 :04x11 - Everybody Hates Mr. Levine

When Rochelle orders a copy of her birth certificate, she realizes that she is actually one year younger than she thought she was and decides to start living her life with a new, younger attitude. After a complete stranger helps Chris to safety during a city-wide blackout, Chris decides to repay the older man by getting him out to meet new friends.

Meanwhile, Greg feels like he has no identity after realizing that everyone at school knows him only as "Chris and Greg."
Special Guest Stars: Steve Landesberg as Mr. Levine |
Guest Stars: Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar | Todd Bridges as Monk | Antonio Fargas as Doc | Tisha Campbell-Martin as Peaches | Mari Morrow as Lisa Levine |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeris Lee Poindexter as Kill Moves | Owen Smith as Bouncer
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Ali LeRoi
Songs: Janet Jackson -- Control (Music only), Ozzy Osbourne -- Crazy Train

78 :04x12 - Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets

Chris and Greg join the wrestling team to get themselves a varsity jacket, to impress the girls. When Rochelle begins using a diet drink to lose weight, Julius hopes to persuade the whole family to start drinking it because it costs less than the groceries. Drew reluctantly allows Tonya to join the all-girls band he is starting.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Mazarella as Ms. Morello | Kara Pacitto as Carol | Katelyn Pacitto as Carole |
Co-Guest Stars: Travis Flory as Joey Caruso | Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar | Owen Smith as Announcer
Director: Jerry Levine
Songs: Peter Gabriel -- Big Time, Salt-N-Pepa -- Push It

79 :04x13 - Everybody Hates Fake IDs

In order to attend an age-restricted concert, Chris and Greg try to get themselves a fake ID. Elsewhere, Rochelle plans Julius' surprise party, and Drew tries returning a pair of faulty X-ray vision glasses he bought in the mail.

80 :04x14 - Everybody Hates PSATs

Rochelle interrupts Chris' studying for his college entrance exams by making plans for the family to attend a social event. Also, Julius finds out there is a catch when he wins a new TV in a contest.
Special Guest Stars: Kadeem Hardison as Judge Harry Watkins |
Guest Stars: Paul Ben-Victor as Mr. Thurman |
Co-Guest Stars: Jacqueline Mazarella as Ms. Morello | Barry Livingston as AP Teacher | Jeris Lee Poindexter as Kill Moves | Kevontay Jackson as Jerome | Diamond Dawn Cook as Collections Employee | Kelley Hazen as Moderator | Corey Holcomb as Black Moviegoer | Joe DeVito as Store Clerk | Nicole Clifford as Hannah | Anwar Mitchell as Effeminate Team Boy | Keith Pillow as Man | Raquel Giddings as Black Mother | Andy Wilson (3) as John Saxon Team Member | Michelle Park as Hiroshima Team Member
Director: Keith Truesdell

81 :04x15 - Everybody Hates Boxing

in hopes of defending himself from Caruso, Chris learns how to box. The new phone bill has Julius believing that Rochelle is having an affair. Meanwhile, an attractive new neighbor is flirting with Julius.
Guest Stars: Travis Flory as Joey Caruso

82 :04x16 - Everybody Hates Lasagna

Chris reluctantly agrees to hide away some marijuana for a fleeing crook, and now must find someplace to store it before he gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Peaches helps Rochelle learn a new computer system at the beauty salon.
Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa

83 :04x17 - Everybody Hates Spring Break

While test driving a car, Chris accidentally hits Greg. Greg ends up in a hospital for a broken leg. Since Greg's parents are out of town, Rochelle drops her vacation plans to take care of him, which leaves Julius to entertain the kids at the shore where it usually rains each day.
Special Guest Stars: Kristoff St. John as Himself |
Guest Stars: Travis Flory as Joey Caruso
Director: Jerry Levine
Writer: Shawn Thomas
Songs: Thompson Twins -- Hold Me Now

84 :04x18 - Everybody Hates the Car

Chris passes his test for a driver's license and buys a car which is quickly stolen. While Rochelle searches for her hidden cigarette stash she discovers Julius' racing form.

85 :04x19 - Everybody Hates Back Talk

Chris refuses to do his chores as a show of strength against him mother's strict rules, causing Rochelle to tell Julius that her son is disrespecting her. Meanwhile, Mr. Omar decides to say whatever is on his mind since he believes he is dying.
Guest Stars: Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Lev L. Spiro

86 :04x20 - Everybody Hates Tasha

Chris is shocked when Tasha agrees to be his girlfriend. But he is even more shocked when he discovers how much of his free time would disappear by having a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rochelle discovers that Julius has been married before, and had never gotten a legal divorce.
Guest Stars: Paige Hurd as Tasha

87 :04x21 - Everybody Hates Bomb Threats

Chris and his classmates must learn a famous speech from World War II and recite in in front of the history class as a punishment for causing a disruption in class. Feeling the speech is too long to memorize, Chris decides to call in a bomb threat to delay his presentation. Elsewhere, a customer claims to have put a voodoo curse on Rochelle after refusing to give customer a refund on her services.
Co-Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Vanessa
Director: Keith Truesdell

88 :04x22 - Everybody Hates the G.E.D.

Chris tries his best not to be tardy for school today, because if he does he will be forced to repeat 10th grade. Meanwhile, Drew enters the Apollo talent contest, but discovers he has no talent.
Songs: Bon Jovi -- Living on a Prayer