Season 9

The Last Laugh

A one-hour special documentary featuring interviews with the cast and producers and highlights from past seasons including never released footage.
Guest Stars: Leslie Moonves as Himself | Philip Rosenthal as Himself
Director: Jonathan Buss

194 :09x01 - The Home

After Frank and Marie have a wonderful time visiting old friends, they deliver the shocking news to the family that they have decided to buy a condo in New Jersey. Ray, Debra, Robert, and Amy are both sad and happy about the news.
Director: Kenneth Shapiro

195 :09x02 - Not So Fast

When Ray and Debra visit Frank and Marie's new home, they are informed that the landlord is going to kick Frank and Marie out of the community.
Guest Stars: Brooks Almy as Katie | Holmes Osborne as Scott
Director: Gary Halvorson

196 :09x03 - Angry Sex

Ray craftily turns what looks to be misfortune, after Debra and Marie fight, into a night of passion by helping Debra channel her emotions into what he terms, "angry sex."
Guest Stars: Jon Manfrellotti as Gianni | Tom McGowan as Bernie
Director: Kenneth Shapiro
Writer: Ray Romano

197 :09x04 - P.T. & A

Ray lies to Debra and tells her that members of the PTA called her outfit "trampy". Debra decides to show the PTA the meaning of trampy.
Guest Stars: Melanee Murray as Ruth | April Ortiz as Liz
Director: Kenneth Shapiro

198 :09x05 - Ally's F

When Ally comes home with an "F" on her report card, Debra thinks they should pay more attention to her, while Ray thinks it is the teacher that is causing Ally to get bad grades.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Putnam
Director: Kenneth Shapiro

199 :09x06 - Boys' Therapy

Ray, Robert, and Frank are sent to a therapist from their wives. They skip therapy, and go out to the race track. In doing that, they become closer, which was the point of the therapy.
Guest Stars: Magda Harout as Cousin Bella | Max Rosenthal as Max | Albert Romano as Albert
Director: Kenneth Shapiro

200 :09x07 - Debra's Parents

Debra's parents come over for Thanksgiving. Ray catches them making love, and Ray and Debra think they are back together. It may not be that simple...
Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Warren | Katherine Helmond as Lois | Fred Willard as Hank McDougal | Georgia Engel as Pat McDougal
Director: Gary Halvorson

201 :09x08 - A Job for Robert

Ray becomes jealous when Marie starts treating Robert better than him. What are Marie's motives in doing this?
Director: Gary Halvorson

202 :09x09 - A Date for Peter

Ray and Debra try to get a date for Peter, Amy's brother. They hold a cocktail party to try and find him a girl. When Ray learns Peggy is invited, he tries to "save" Peter.
Guest Stars: Alex Meneses as Stefania | Amy Aquino as Peggy | Chris Elliott as Peter McDougal | Fred Willard as Hank McDougal | Georgia Engel as Pat McDougal
Writer: Mike Royce

203 :09x10 - Favors

When Debra accidentally throws away a letter to Ray from Muhammad Ali, she goes to Marie for help. Marie takes the blame, but now Debra owes her a favor.
Guest Stars: Andy Kindler as Andy | Jon Manfrellotti as Gianni
Director: Gary Halvorson
Writer: Aaron Shure

204 :09x11 - The Faux Pas

Ray accidentally insults the twins' new friend's father. When the boy's dad comes over, and Ray accidentally repeats it, he's in for some trouble.
Guest Stars: Joel McKinnon as George | Skyler Gisondo as Chris
Director: Gary Halvorson

205 :09x12 - Tasteless Frank

Marie is shocked when Frank must use salt on her homemade lasagna. Ray and Robert investigate why he would need to salt something with so much flavor.
Director: Gary Halvorson

206 :09x13 - Sister-In-Law

After Ray has a long conversation with Amy, he tells Robert that she talks too much.
Director: Gary Halvorson

207 :09x14 - The Power of No

Ray attempts to make Debra want him more by rebuking her advances.
Director: Andy Ackerman

208 :09x15 - Pat's Secret

Robert is shocked when he catches Pat smoking a cigarette, but is thrilled to be part of Pat's dirty little secret. The secret causes Robert and Pat to bond, until someone spills the beans.
Guest Stars: Chris Elliott as Peter McDougal | Fred Willard as Hank McDougal | Georgia Engel as Pat McDougal
Director: Gary Halvorson

209 :09x16 - Finale

Ray fears getting his adenoids removed, but Debra convinces him to go through with the surgery. During the surgery when Marie is in the bathroom, the nurse tells the family that Ray is not waking up from the anesthesia. He is okay after all, and the show ends with the family eating at the kitchen table together.
Guest Stars: Tracie Yamashita Leong as Woman | Charles Chun as Doctor | Henriette Mantel as Nurse
Director: Gary Halvorson