Season 2

4 :02x01 - Tennis Ball, Pencil, Hot Dog, Fireworks

Marshall heads to the HEAD/Penn Racquet Sports in Phoenix to examine how tennis balls are made. Next it is off to the General Pencil Co. in Jersey City, N.J. to see how No. 2 pencils are created. Then he heads to the Sabrett factory in the Bronx to watch as they make hotdogs. And lastly he stops in at the Zambelli Fireworks in New Castle, Pa. to witness fireworks being made.

5 :02x02 - Plywood, Money, Cheese, Tasers

Marshall stops by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C. to witness money being run off. He also stops into factories where plywood, cheese and tasers are created.

6 :02x03 - Light Bulbs, Beer, Escalators, Fire Exstinguishers

Head to Fort Collins, Colo. to visit the Anheuser-Busch Brewery to see how beer is made; Also, discover why light bulbs are white instead of clear; why escalators have grooves on the steps; how a dry ingredient fire extinguisher puts out a fire.

7 :02x04 - Potato Chips, Speed Boats, Glass Bottles

Marshall heads to Hanover, PA. to visit the UTZ potato chip factory. Then, it's off to Vonore, Tenn. to check out the Sea Ray speedboat factory. Then, see how Cybex exercise equipment is made in Owatonna, MN. Lastly, glass bottles are produced in Tracy, CA.

8 :02x05 - Car, Pasta, Snow Blowers, Compound Bow

A look at the Hyundai factory in Montgomery, Ala. at the production of cars; then to Windom, Minn. for the building of snow blowers; plus pasta is created in Excelsior Springs, Mo.; and Tuscon, Az. for the making of compound bows.

9 :02x06 - Bread, Tires, Electric Guitar, Golf Balls

A look at the Wonder Bread Company in Lenexa, KS. where 150,000 loaves are baked each day. Also, the creation of guitars by Gibson; a trip to the Titleist factory to watch as golf balls are made; and watch as tires are formed at the Carlise Tire Company.

10 :02x07 - Lear Jet

An examination of the factories in Belfast, Ireland and Wichita, KS, to see what goes into creating a Lear Jet.

11 :02x08 - Guns, Ice Cream, Matress, Matches

Marshall brings us into the Smith & Wesson factory in Springfield, Mass. to examine how revolvers are made, Bakersfield, CA. to visit the Dreyer's Ice Cream factory, Dallas, TX. and the Simmons mattress factory, and Diamond matches in Cloquet, Minn.

12 :02x09 - Toilet Paper, Chocolate, Batteries, Bike

The host discovers how the Green Forest factory makes 100% recycled toilet paper. Also, a trip to the Rayovac Battery factory to see what goes inside one of them. Next, a stop at the Trek Bike company to see how one is designed and assembled. Finally, a trip to the Guittard chocolates company to watch sweet treats get made.

13 :02x10 - Frozen Pizza, Multi-Tool, Wool, Airbag

Marshall heads to the Schwan Foods Company in Florence, Kentucky, to learn how frozen pizzas are made. Also examined is the creation of wool, air bags and multi-purpose tools.