Season 2

11 :02x01 - Satisfaction

Kate returns to work and mediates a case between a corporation and former employee whose granddaughter claims he was exposed to harmful chemicals.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson | Mark Moses as Bob Mahoney | Michael Hogan (1) as George Algers | John Aylward as Sam Childs | Susan Hogan as Lorraine Brody |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Brooks as Emma Childs | Matt Ward (2) as A.D.A. Weaver | Scott North as Bailiff | Kayvon Kelly as Alistair Beckwith | Sonia Beeksma as Reporter
Director: Anton Cropper
Writer: Peter Ocko

12 :02x02 - Start Me Up

Justin asks Kate to negotiate a deal between the FBI and a local hospital. The case seems simple until Kate discovers another patient was bumped from the donor list to accommodate the FBI.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Barry Shabaka Henley as FBI Agent Donovan | Mark Margolis as Ian Saunders | Sarayu Rao as Alison Kurtz | John Brotherton as FBI Agent Stan Hughes | Kavan Smith as Jessie Willis |
Co-Guest Stars: Serge Houde as Dr. Levanthol | Patrick Pon as Yamamoto | Stacie Steadman as Roxanne Willis
Director: Andy Wolk
Writer: Rob Fresco

13 :02x03 - Bait and Switch

Judge Nicastro forces Kate to take a case over an insurance dispute and suggests that Lauren begin dating.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Aaron Hill as Owen Maiken | Timothy V. Murphy as Captain Maiken | Tahmoh Penikett as Mark Ellison | Ben Cotton as Dave Tilden | Kurt Max Runte as John | Gerald McRaney as Judge David Nicastro |
Co-Guest Stars: Libby Osler as Becka (Becka Maiken) | Fulvio Cecere as Mr. Donhill | Greg Kean as Mr. Epstein | Mark Acheson as Bartender | Brian Calvert as Fisherman | Latonya Williams as Waitress | Reid Anderson as Zack (Zack Maiken)
Director: Ken Girotti

14 :02x04 - Shine A Light

Kate mediates a dispute over a severance package for an employee fired from an aeronautics company. Lauren and Ben argue over how to handle a settlement offer.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Kevin Weisman as Danny Martin | Tom Amandes as Mitch Rhinehart | Kelly Hu as Lydia | Michael Benyaer as Grantham Pace HR Lawyer | Rick Peters as Carl Redmayne |
Co-Guest Stars: Taylor Dylan Wegner as Danny's Son | Robyn Ross as Danny's Wife | Reese Alexander as Security | Ian Edwards as Bartender
Director: Allan Kroeker

15 :02x05 - Gimme Shelter

A landlord is unable to pay his mortgage because one of his tenants is a drug dealer, so Kate steps in to mediate the case.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson | RonReaco Lee as Travis Clayton | Tyler McClendon as Lance | David Barrera as Eddie Salinas |
Co-Guest Stars: Primo Allon as Nick | Ryan Michael as Judge Anthony Keeton | Martha Luz Sanchez as Isabelle Salinas | Angelo Renai as Mr. Anderson | Giacomo Baessato as Marcus | June B. Wilde as Business Woman #1 | Elizabeth McLaughlin as Business Woman #2 | Luke Welland as Coffee Shop Manager | Natalie Skye as Bankruptcy Client #1 | Sukh Singh as Bankruptcy Client #2 | Tom Tasse as Bankruptcy Client #3
Director: Peter Lauer

16 :02x06 - What They Seem

After Justin and the San Francisco Police Department are accused of police brutality, Kate and Ben are forced to represent the victim.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Larisa Oleynik as Officer Sharon Galaki | Mark Margolis as Ian Saunders | Brian Goodman as Lt. Frank O'Hara |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Shields as Jeremiah Treesdale | Sean Owen Roberts as Ortiz/Prisoner (Andre Chernoff) | Anita Brown as Justin's Date | Nancy Bell (1) as Grandmotherly Lady
Director: Anton Cropper
Writer: Tom Donaghy

17 :02x07 - Teenage Wasteland

Justin and Ben argue over a plea bargain while Kate visits her old school.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Melinda McGraw as Judge Victoria Connors | Laura Regan as Olivia | Jonna Walsh as Eliza Davis | Eric Keenleyside as Mr. Davis | Randal Edwards as Jonathan Wade |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenna Hastings as Burrows

18 :02x08 - Ripple of Hope

When Kate enlists Ben's help in turning a prison mediation into a personal crusade, both discover that their romantic feelings for each other are hard to avoid.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Wendy Crewson as Sara Wilkes | Agnes Bruckner as Lea Ferran | Laci J. Mailey as Ashley Woods | Alanna Ubach as Bonnie |
Co-Guest Stars: Tobias Slezak as Case | Olivia Cheng as Sullivan | Richard Keats as Judge Becker | Charlie Gallant as ADA Foster | Hiro Kanagawa as Dale Rence | Brady Schlecker as Prison Guard | Suzanne Ristic as Dr. Feeney | Michael Denis as Elevator Person #1 | B.J. Harrison as Elevator Person #2 | Nicola Anderson as Elevator Person #3 | Drew Tanner as Elevator Person #4 | Paul Duchart as Elevator Person #5 | Simon Bradbury as Colston | Miguelito Macario as Warne | Gigi Jackman as Wing Girl #1 | Ruthie Unaegbu as Wing Girl #2 | Jennifer Mawhinney as Wing Girl #3 | Richard Scarabelli as Guard #1
Director: Peter Markle

19 :02x09 - Kiss Me, Kate

Judge Nicastro enlists Kate and Ben to mediate a contract dispute. Lauren looks for a painting to hang in the lobby of the firm.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Meat Loaf as Charlie McKay (as Meat Loaf Aday) | Chris Payne Gilbert as Jim Hayward | Khary Payton as Tom Finnerman | Gerald McRaney as Judge David Nicastro |
Co-Guest Stars: Izaak Smith as Franco Wheeler | Donna Yamamoto as Judge Gordon | Zahf Paroo as Joe | Maria J. Cruz as T.A. Receptionist | Elliot Mandelcorn as Tom's Receptionist | Don House as Bailiff | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Beefy Protestor | Paul Cummings as Protestor #2 | Evan Frayne as McKay's Lawyer

20 :02x10 - Shattered

Justin and D.A. Davidson oppose Kate and Ben. Meanwhile, Lauren negotiates the purchase of an airline for a client.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson | Betsy Brandt as Natalie Roberts | Katie Walder as Beth Shepperd | Noel Johansen as Glenn |
Co-Guest Stars: Teana-Marie Smith as Cassandre | John Emmet Tracy as Mike Duffy | Alec Burden as Fredrick Larsen | Arien Boey as Natalie's Son #1 | Jacob Hoppenbrouwer as Natalie's Son #2 | Sachin Sahel as Law Clerk | Terence Dament as Talking SWAT Guy | Nisreen Slim as Receptionist
Director: Andy Wolk

21 :02x11 - Borderline

Kate and Ben travel to Lake Tahoe to settle a jurisdictional dispute only to find out that a long unsolved murder is at the heart of the matter.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson | Jonathan Keltz as Jacob Mathews | James Martinez as Det. Emilio Cedeno | Bruce Dawson as Det. C. Smith | Zak Santiago as Det. Rick Nuñez | Andrew Airlie as Neal Mathews | Bryce Hodgson as Arnel |
Co-Guest Stars: Rene Belyea as Defense Attorney | Richard Keats as Judge Becker | James Yi as Medical Examiner | Elliot Mandelcorn as Mr. Jones | Evan Frayne as Mr. Smith | Aaron Harrison as Joseph Craig | Shaker Paleja as Reporter #1 | Mark Ghanimé as CSI Detective
Director: Matthew Penn

22 :02x12 - Force Majeure

Justin puts his election in jeopardy when he introduces Kate to a Brazilian singer and activist. Elsewhere, Lauren falls for a businessman who may be hiding something.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Lloyd Owen as Robin Archer | Josefina Scaglione as Claudia Alves | Connor Trinneer as A.D.A. Tracy Barber |
Co-Guest Stars: P. Lynn Johnson as Judge Walker | Kett Turton as Antonio | Arleo Dordar as Luiz Delfino | Nick Hunnings as Hugo Fanelli | Dariush Zadeh as Keyboardist | Kurt Evans as Cliff | Jaime Switch as Photographer | James Tyce as Cop #1 | Thomas Cadrot as Cop #2 | Rachel Hutchinson as Girlfriend #1 | Alicia Crudo as Girlfriend #2
Director: Peter Markle
Writer: Peter Ocko
Songs: Céu -- Malemolência, Céu -- Sonhando, Peggy Lee -- That Old Feeling

23 :02x13 - Finale

Kate digs deeper when a news station fires a lesbian couple for fraternizing in the workplace. Also, Kate must choose between Justin and Ben.

Source: USA
Guest Stars: Lloyd Owen as Robin Archer | Lindy Booth as Rachel Barnes | Ted Atherton as Attorney for Real Time News Network | Rebecca Staab as Attorney for Rachel & Nora | Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson |
Co-Guest Stars: Linnea Sharples as Nora | Alison Araya as Lewers | Eric Breker as Moby | Darren Dolynski as Tony | Lucia Walters as Emily
Director: Anton Cropper
Writer: Peter Ocko
Songs: Norah Jones -- Happy Pills, Lenny Kravitz -- Heaven Help
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 20, 2011
Ended: June 15, 2012
Episode Order: 13
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