Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Kate Reed waking up to her cellular phone ringing. Justin, her ex-husband wakes up next to her and she freaks out and says that they should not be having sex and waking up together. She gets out of the boat and a man approaches her at the mailbox and asks if she is the new owner of the boat. She says that she is because her father passed away and is very rude to the man. He is offended, but Lauren, her step mother, calls. She ignores it. Spencer, her brother, calls and says that Lauren has been trying to call her all day. She says that she doesn’t have emergencies because she is a mediator now. Spencer asks about their dad’s ashes and Kate says that is Lauren’s area. Kate goes inside a coffee shop. Moments later, a desperate man enters and demands the cash in the drawer. Kate springs into action and mediates between the worker and robber. She convinces on allowing the criminal to take a case of beer and some jerky rather then rob the shop of all their money and shooting the owner. Kate asks how much $50 in beer and jerky cost. The owner says it is $17.50. Kate pauses for a second and asks who’s robbing who. The robber leaves. The owner says that Kate’s coffee is going to cost $5.75 for a cookie and coffee.

Spencer calls again and asks if she called Lauren and she says that she has to go. She walks into the law firm and meets up with Leo, her secretary. He says that Judge Nicastro requested her for mediation. She says that Nicastro hates her and Leo says that he still requests her. He says that Lauren called and Kate starts going on a rant on how egotistical Lauren is until Leo throws a book at her feet to let her know that Lauren is behind her. Lauren says that she needs her and says that she misses her dead husband very much and says that she has been wining and dining clients just so that they can keep the firm up and running. Kate criticizes her. Lauren says that she will take what it takes to keep Reed and Reed afloat. Lauren says that Charles and Douglas Pease are trying to back out of their firm and Lauren says that Doug wants to keep them and Charles doesn’t. Kate sits down and finds that Charles doesn’t trust Doug because of a decision he made to crash the Beamer into the divide after getting a gun pointed at him. Charles says that Doug was driving drunk. Kate says that they don’t want to go to court. They need to handle Doug’s D.U.I, and it will be good to go. Lauren says that Kate has connections with the District Attorney’s office. Kate asks to talk to Lauren and says that she would never have been made to do this and she tells Lauren to do something with her father’s ashes.

Kate meets with Justin Patrick, Assistant District Attorney, and he says that she feels guilty and she says that she was not. Justin says that they are going to give the two kids who pointed the gun at them stiff sentences and Kate is satisfied. He says that the D.U.I. is most likely going to be thrown out. Kate leaves and Justin asks if the meeting him was pleasure rather then business. Justin tries to apologize to Kate, but she leaves. Leo calls her to remind her not to be late for Nicastro. She says that she is right out his office as she calls for a taxi. She runs inside the courtroom and Judge Nicastro says that she is late and says that Brian Michaels is suing an actor, singer and cupcake maker. He is suing them for losing his grandmother’s wedding ring and is suing for $10 Million and Nicastro is not happy and says that they are going to resolve it through not going to court. He says that she has two days or she will be sent to prison for contempt of court. Kate calls Leo and asks why Nicastro doesn’t like her and says that it is not random.

Kate is at a restaurant reading a file. Kate runs to Justin’s and his secretary says that he is at lunch. She calls Justin and asks if he read the file. He says that she should have never read the file and says that he is in a meeting. However, she sees him getting lunch at a cart. She says that the kid is going to Yale. She says that she is going to talk to the kids. At the county jail, she meets with DeSean and says that Nathan is an accessory and D'Sean says that he is not at fault. He gets upset with the fact that she told him and a guard takes him out. She meets with Nathan and he says that he saw the woman in the car and freaked out. Kate is shocked to hear a new development in the case. Later, Kate meets with Spencer and he says that the kids are screwed because Doug would rather face a judge rather then his wife if there is another woman involved. Spencer says that his wife is in Seattle and won’t be back for a little bit and tells Kate that he quit the firm so that he could spend time with his family.

Kate calls Leo and says that she is headed to the Pease home because something doesn’t seem right. She tells Leo to stall the clients that Nicastro set up. Kate meets with Charles and Doug and she says that Nathan doesn’t deserve to go to prison and should let Nathan off the hook. Doug asks if they are pushing too hard. Kate says that there was a woman in the car. Doug says that he met her at the bar and Doug says that she ran off. Kate asks if he picks up hookers a lot and says that she has a meeting to get to. Kate attempts to call “The Wizard” a person she assigned it to, but hangs up. Kate gets inside the firm and asks him if he could find everything about Doug’s night. Kate gets inside the conference room and tells Bryan wanted to propose to Jessica, his fiancée. However, amid the conflict, she lost the ring. Bryan says that she could have hung on to it. Jessica says that Bryan thinks it is his fault. Things get heated between Jessica and Bryan and Kate sends the other home and tells them to be in court. Meanwhile, Leo calls his friend to get information. Later that evening, Lauren is going to a client and Kate says that she will be nicer to her and Lauren says that she has to wine and dine the clients. Kate walks into Leo’s office and tells him to go home and Leo says that he has more “work” to do.

Lauren meets with Tim to keep him as a client and she says that she is happy that they have their support. Tim says that his dad was just trying to get a better rate. She says that she will go the extra mile. He slides his key to her and Lauren declines and Tim says that he wants his extra mile. Meanwhile Kate is still in the meeting with Bryan and Jessica. She says that him to smash the watch that Jessica gave him to be even. He refuses. Kate covers the watch with a rag and smashes it. Bryan says he is sorry to Jessica and they both agree that it was just a watch and ring. She shows that she really didn’t bust the watch. It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch. Kate gets Bryan to drop the charges. Kate goes into her office to find Leo asleep. She asks where she can find a Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch and he says that it is a limited edition and that is why he keeps it in the shelf. It will cost a fortune. She whispers that he is worth it. Kate calls Justin and tries to convince him to drop the charge from Nathan and he says that Nathan is going to get 5 years. Kate goes over to Doug’s house and she says that Nathan is going to accept the charge. She says that he needs to call Justin and dismiss the charges and he says that he can’t do the right thing. She walks home and calls The Wizard again. It is the voicemail of Teddy Reed. She hangs up the phone.

The next day, Andrew, Kate’s neighbor, asks if she wants to go out sometime. The mail comes and Kate is happy. She runs off and calls Leo. She says that she will go over to Doug’s trial after Nicastro. She arrives 4 minutes late and says that Bryan is dropping the charges. Jessica says that they should get married now. They do and after they celebrate a little bit and Nicastro tells the bailiff to take her into custody. She is sitting handcuffed to the bench and yells to Justin to help her out. She walks up to Doug’s office with an ankle bracelet on. Meanwhile, Charles and Lauren are meeting and he says that their business together is not going to happen. She is not happy. Kate goes up to Doug and shows him the DMV record of Doug. He looks at the picture and asks what she wants. She tells him to do the right thing. Kate and Doug go into Charles’s office and he tries to decline them again and Kate suggests that Charles stays on as Chairmen and pass on what he knows to Doug. Lauren says that it is a smart move and they agree on the terms. She pulls out the contracts and they sign. Lauren says that she blindsided her. Kate shows the picture of the DMV. She shows that Doug was the “woman” in the car.

Later on, Kate gets to the office and relaxes. Leo says that he had to trade his magic cards for the information and she says thanks for it. Kate walks out and Lauren says that her father’s ashes are missing. She looks shocked and leaves. Kate runs to the jail and sees Nathan being released from custody. She is happy. That night, Justin goes to the boat and says that he asks what Kate had on Doug to push to let Nathan go. Justin says that she doesn’t have to live in the boat and she says that she has company. Justin asks if she has a new Tinman and then realizes he passed a line. Kate says that her father used to say that Justin was good for her, but maybe a little too good. Kate talks to an unknown person and she talks about their commonalities and differences. The person who she is talking to is her father’s ashes. The episode ends.