Ultravinyl - Recap

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The scene opens with Justin walking up to Kate washing the boat and listening to a band called Ultravinyl. She says that she is in the middle of mediation with the lead singer over the song to license it to a car commercial, but the others won’t. Justin apologizes for talking to her the way he did last night and she says that it is no big deal because they both said things that they didn’t mean. A man comes up and says that Kate and Justin have been served. The owners of the condo they sold are suing them for not telling them that copper piping wasn’t installed. Kate thought it was but turns out that the guy never installed them. He says that he tried to call the guy up and his phone and it is disconnected. She says that she will see Justin later unless he wants to help clean her boat. He declines.

Kate gets in and Leo has a bottle of tequila on her desk. It is from David Smith. She says that she tried to talk to him about her father, but got nothing. She says that she has to go down there. Lauren comes in and asks about the mediation with the music band. She says that she is working on it and Lauren says that she has 48 hours. Kate meets with Paul Shelton and tells him that Mac and Sherry won’t meet with them and offer their signature. Kate asks why the urgency to try to get to band back together and he comes clean that he has blood cancer and has 3 months to live. She is shocked at the news. He says that he wasn’t always a nice guy and that he is not worried about dying, just dying with regret. He tells that there is one catch. Kate cannot tell Mac and Sherry about his illness. She says that she will talk to Mac and Sherry. She says that she will be back and Leo says that she has a gamer’s mediation at 3’o’clock. He says that they could be a potential cash cow because they command thousands of armies that pay $20 a month to them. She says that she has read the file and knows everything about it, but Leo is worried.

Kate visits Mac and Sherry and they say that they are not interested at all in signing anything with Paul. Kate says that it is like winning the lottery for signing the contracts. Sherry says that Mac and her took to the fame bad, but Paul was worse. Paul attacked a rodie and then at Mac. They are public school teachers now and that life is in the past. They hear a guitar playing and Mac tells Brandon, their son, to turn it down. Kate says that Paul has changed and asks why they are walking away from a big payment. Brandon walks up to Kate when she leaves and tells her to tell Paul to stay away. Kate is confused. At the office, Leo tells who he thinks is Benny the sandwich guy that he is in the mood for Ham and Swiss sandwich. However, it is Kim who is delivering the sandwiches today and all week. Leo is happy to see her and is nervous around her. She apologizes that she didn’t have Ham and Swiss and Leo tells that it is not her fault. Kim says that seeing Leo is a bonus. Leo doesn’t like how his flirting went.

Kate meet Justin at their condo and Justin’s key still works. They go inside and Justin verifies that it is steel piping and blames Kate for not paying attention to the plumber. Kate does the same. The lawyer that represents the owners of the condo and says that the copper pipes costs $2,000. Kate and Paul meet with Mac and says that Brandon had a soccer game. Paul tells that he appreciates Mac meeting him and says that he is sorry. Mac says that he knows what it is all about and says that it is too late to have “him” back in his life. Paul comes clean and says that Brandon is his son. Kate is upset and says that Paul didn’t tell her the entire truth. Paul tells that he blew up that night because he saw Mac and Sherry kissing. He says that he lost it and is sorry. Kate tells that they are going to tell Mac and Sherry that Paul is dying and Lauren comes up and says that she needs to talk to Kate. In her office, Lauren says that BME are growing impatient and want it settled by the end of the day.

Leo tells that the gamers are there and Kate finds out that she has to talk to the gamer’s characters. Phoenix16 and DarkenNova45 are the usernames that she has to talk to. Leo shows that Kate is a druid. Kate tells that Leo needs to get live people in her office. Kate walks out and Paul is there. He says that Sherry and he would like Paul to have the rights to the song. Kate tells him that is not what Paul really wants. However, Mac tells Kate that if she gives Paul the choice, he will take the deal. Kate goes to a coffee shop and sees Paul playing. She tells him that Mac and Sherry are going to give him the full rights to the song. But, Paul has to sign a legal statement saying that he will never contact or try to see Brandon. Paul feels defeated, but Kate won’t let him do it. Paul tells that he wants to give the rights to the song to Brandon and have the money be put into a college fund. He wants the best for him. Kate goes outside and finds Brandon outside. He doesn’t know what to do and Kate tells him to go see him, but Brandon is too scared. He walks away angry.

Kate goes to the bar where David Smith works at and says that she wants to talk to him and he says that he is busy. Kate says that if he wants the herpes to clear up, she needs to see him. At the office, Kim walks up to Leo and gives him Ham and Swiss and he says that he is going to play some World of Warcraft. She says that she will see him tomorrow and Leo says that he is happy that she is there and not Benny. She agrees. Kate visits Justin and gives him a check for the copper piping. She says that she doesn’t want to argue on whose fault it was. Leo talks to Phoenix16 and DarkenNova45 and says that they are going to have meets in person. Kate talks with Mac and Sherry and says that Paul would like to give Brandon his share and tells them not to sign the contract. She has them sign a confidentiality agreement and then tells them that Paul is dying and has 3 months to live. Kate gets back to the office and Lauren says that the time is up on the mediation. Kate tells Lauren to stall. Mac and Sherry come in and Paul says that he screwed up and doesn’t want to screw up the next three months. They sign the contracts. Kate goes into the office of Lauren’s and says that everything is done.

Kate goes into the lobby and Brandon is there. Kate tells him to do something and says that Paul is playing for the last time and tells him to go to the coffee shop. Kate meets with the gamers and Phoenix16 says that DarkenNova45 buys weapons from people who have earned them and DarkenNova45 says that Phoenix16 puts outlaws on teams. Kate can’t believe what they are arguing and takes another tactic. She yells at them and tells that that they have no dignity. They resolve it in a battle online. Leo is impressed and hugs her. At the coffee shop, Sherry and Mac come to hear him sing Yeah, Yeah. Paul sees Brandon. He sings and everyone is happy. Later, Justin goes p to Kate and says that he paid the $2,000 and says that it was his fault. Kate says that it is her fault too. They make up. Kate goes to David Smith’s bar again and says that she is not leaving until he talks to her. She asks who he is trying to protect and asks about the evidence. He shows a folder and says that he will give it to her, but tells that Teddy was a good man. Kate takes the folder and walks out.