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Bait and Switch - Recap

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The scene opens with Kate rushing to the Judge’s office. Nicastro updates her with the case she has to settle immediately. It is about commercial fishing, where a deckhand amputated his arm while catching the fish and wanted to collect his favors. But the Captain of the ship claims that the deckhand was high on drugs. And hence they need someone to mediate this case and Kate is on it. Just then Justin walks in. he tells her that he has received the decree and wants to talk about it. But Kate does not want to. Leo calls and tells her that the guys had arrived and Kate asks him if he knows anything about the Maritime Law. She arrives at the office and Leo updates her about the Maritime law. She meets her clients. She asks Captain the reason why he thinks that the deckhand was high on that day.

The lawyer tells her that blood samples were taken on the boat and it proved positive on drugs. The Owen’s lawyer tells Kate that the people on the deck had given him drugs for the pain. But the Captain’s lawyer tells Kate that there is a signed affidavit from the old deckhand that he saw this guy taking “dust”, the street name for opium. But the deckhand’s wife claims that he has been sober for a year and Dave, the old deckhand would say anything to keep his job. Kate asks the captain, if he has something to say; but he says nothing. We then learn that the captain is the deckhand’s father. The captain tells his son, Owen, that if he wants a piece of him, then he would meet him in court. Owen’s lawyer tells Kate that she has 24 hours to get the captain for the next mediation session; else they will go to court. Next, Kate goes to the boat to meet the Dave, the old deckhand. She asks him about Owen.

He tells her that Owen was an addict and that he got away with it for a long time. She wants to know as to why he was so sure that it was drugs that Owen took and not something else. Dave tells her that Owen had offered it to him. he said that he did not mention this in his affidavit as it slipped his mind. She leaves and arrives at the office. She tells Ben and Leo that all this is not about the money but a grudge. Ben tries convincing her otherwise. She tells Leo to check what the other deckhands do in their off season and as Ben has done his homework, he tells her that they drink. They reach the bar. Kate wants to go alone and Ben tells her that he would come along. She finds it funny that Ben is going to protect her. She buys a bottle of tequila and goes to a man nearby playing darts and asks him if he wants to share the drink. She tells him that she knows Owen. He tells her that she was Becca’s friend. Meanwhile, at the bar, Ben sees a picture of a guy with Owen.

He asks the bartender about that boy. Just then Dave enters and tells the guy that Kate is a lawyer. Kate tells Dave that John told her about something that happened last season. It seems that Owen got someone killed. They get angry and ask her to leave. Just then Ben intervenes. A brawl ensues. Kate tells Ben that Owen got someone killed, but Ben on the other hand knows who…his own brother Zack. A bit of an attitude and 100 bucks, Ben got that out of the bartender. And Kate realizes that this was the reason the captain thought that Owen got what he deserved as he got his own brother killed. She decides to talk to the captain and goes to his place to meet him. he tells her that Zack drowned as it was his first season on the boat. It was Owen job to look out for his brother but he didn’t as he was high. He then tells her that John had taken Owen’s blood on the boat and that it tested positive for drugs.

She asks him that if he had been tested positive for drugs, then why he took Owen back on the boat this time. The captain tells her he thought that being responsible for his brother’s death, would keep Owen off drugs. Next, she meets Owen. He tells her that he was not high when Zack died and he didn’t tell her because no one believed him. He tells her that he can’t explain the previous report and how he tested positive; but he admits that it was his fault that Zack died. He tells her the story of what happened that night and how Zack did what he did to prove his toughness to his dad. On hearing the story, Kate tells Owen that he had told his brother to stay below as he was new in the job but Zack didn’t listen and hence ended up losing his life. So there is no need for Owen to blame himself. At the office, Justin sends flowers for Kate and tells her that he is sorry and wants to have their baby. She needs to figure out a way to find the truth as she feels that Owen isn’t lying and the blood reports talk against him.

Suddenly, Kate finds out that the truth isn’t in the blood tests but the blood types. The blood types on both the reports don’t match. She goes back to the boat and meets John; the guy from the bar she shared the tequila with. She tells him that he could be convicted for falsifying reports and manslaughter. She tells him that the blood samples he had sent for testing did not belong to Owen, but to Zack. Zack was high the night he drowned and John knew it; as he was the one who gave him the drugs. He tells her that he was only trying to help Zack as Zack got hurt earlier that day and John gave him the drugs only to relieve Zack’s pain. Kate tells John that he should have known better as Zack was a green horn and didn’t know about a lot of things. Kate tells him that he had switched the blood samples and proved that Owen was high. John admits and tells her hat he did so to keep his job; or else the captain would never let him work on that boat again. Kate tells him that had ruined a lot of lives in this bargain.

More than anything he ruined the relationship between a father and son when they needed each other the most. While all this is going on; Lauren is dealing with a case where a widowed wife has to clear her debts. She didn’t want to let go off her husband’s antique cars as those were the only memories that were left of him. Lauren tried to defend this client. But Judge Nicastro tries to explain to her that she is defending the clients as she feels the same way about Teddy and is not ready to let go. In the court, while defending the case, Lauren realizes that what Nicastro told her was true. Later, she meets the Judge in his office and has brought lunch for him. She tells him that she has spoken to her client and she is ready to sell the cars. The Judge tells her that she need not be concerned with what people think and that she should let go off her past and move on.

We see that Kate is sitting and having a discussion with the Captain, Owen, and his wife Becca. She tells them that John has confessed and the DA will decide how to charge him. Also, Dave has withdrawn his affidavit. He had said that because John had lied to him that Owen was high. Now, the captain knows everything and also that Owen wasn’t responsible for Zack’s death. Owen does not want any settlement. He only wants medical cure and lost wages; but then that he wants his father’s forgiveness. And that is given. Alongside, Kate forgives Justin for cheating on her. And Lauren goes on a date. A Happy Ending. The episode ends.