Shine A Light - Recap

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The scene opens with Lauren waking up Kate; reminding her of her ten o’clock appointment. She is disappointed to find Lauren’s fridge stashed with ONLY health food. How can someone live without waffles…Kate thinks so! She reaches office. Leo and Kate hear Lauren talk to a man in her office and it is Ben. Lauren tells Kate that Ben had not informed his client about a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar settlement offer and now, three days before the trial; the client is suing Reed and Reed for the two hundred fifty thousand plus damages. Ben tells them that he didn’t the client as he was sure that the client would have taken it. But Ben tells him that he could get his client twenty times more from a trial. But Lauren wants to fix an appointment with Carl Redmayne.

Kate is supposed to meet Grantham Pace Aeronautics. One of the high level managers was down sized with two years in his contract. The lawyer says that company is ready to give Martin a full two year payout and also extending his medical insurance. But Danny Martin is not happy because he was fired. Also, Mitch Reinhart tells Kate about the confidentiality document which Martin signed. It was the proprietary rights on the equipment Martin had built and Mitch does not want Martin to walk out with the technology. Martin tells Mitch that he had spent eight years creating that technology and a lot of time away from his family. Kate tells Martin that he cannot take company secrets with him. He tells Mitch that he is not signing it. Mitch tells Martin that he walks away and the deal is off the table.

Kate tries to convince Martin. But Martin tells her that he doesn’t want to sign on the agreement because they are lying. Next, Lauren informs Ben about the meeting with Carl. Leo finds out more about Grantham Pace and Martin’s position in the company. Just then Martin calls and asks Kate to meet him. Seems like he has changed his mind. Lauren and Ben meet with Carl. Ben tries to explain to Carl that he was trying to get him a lot more than that settlement amount. Carl tells them that he wants the two hundred and fifty thousand in check the next day and he will drop the law suit against Reed and Reed. Ben does not want to go to the opposing counsel with this and Lauren tells him that he has to do the groveling since he has put the company at risk. Kate visits Martin at his apartment with the papers. She doesn’t think that he should sign it. he tells her that his wife left him about a year ago as he could not do anything about his work.

He tells her that the company was supposed to make him the project manager. But Kate wants to know what the company is lying about. He tells her that there is a flaw in the design and that the casing could blow off. He did tell this to Mitch and Mitch told him that he would look into it. And last week when the test results came in, Martin saw that it has been changed and the flaw was shown as an insignificant one. And that is the lie! The parts are in production and that is why they are letting Martin go as he knows the entire thing and if they have to fix it, it would cost the company millions. Next, Kate goes to meet Justin and updates him about this case. She discusses the Whistleblower Law with him and he tells her that the Justice department needs hard evidence. He tells her not to rally Martin with this as the Whistleblower consequences could be huge. And he warns her against it. But we know Kate. Kate meets Martin and tells him that the State won’t prosecute without hard evidence.

And since it’s their property and if Martin is caught moving it, Martin could be punished. She tells him that she could go ahead with the mediation but he tells her that he can’t let people die because of something he engineered. He tells her that he would sign the papers in person and wants Mitch to be present there when he pays him to shut up. Next, Mitch and his lawyer are at Kate’s office but Martin hasn’t arrived. But he calls saying that he is going into the office to get evidence, and asks her to meet him in half an hour outside the building. Leo and Kate arrive reach the GPA building. Kate tells Leo that she tried to wave him away from this and this was Martin’s idea. Ben meets Lidia and tells her that Carl is ready to accept the settlement. But she tells him that the offer was made last week and has expired. She quotes the new number; 125 thousand dollars.

Ben denies it and Lauren accepts it. Lauren then tells Ben that he is going to get the other 125 from the woman or his own pocket; but not the company’s. Meanwhile, Kate and Leo are still waiting for Martin outside GPA. Just then Mitch arrives and Kate is shocked to see him. She tries to keep him from going inside the office, but she fails. Martin is caught by the security guards. Kate watches in disbelief. GPA’s lawyer has evidence of Martin transferring data into a flash drive. He has infiltrated. But Kate tells the lawyer that Martin is still employed there. But the lawyer tells him that he has no authority to enter or access the supervisor’s property and that there would be federal charges. Kate quits mediation and has a private talk with Martin.

Ben meets Lidia and raises the number to a million! He tells her that she spoke to his client in his absence and the bar counsel would take an action against her. Kate comes to meet Justin and tells him what happened. Kate comes back to her office and finds Mitch waiting there. He tells her that he needs the flash drive that Martin gave her. Mitch tells her that Martin is not looking at the bigger picture as he is just a scientist. But Kate tells him that Martin is the one who took the real risk by telling the truth. Mitch leaves. She is upset that everyone thinks that she pushed this guy to break the law. But she tells Ben that instead she warned him against it. Kate meets Martin and asks him about the drive. He does not want to give it to her as she could fall in trouble if she possesses it. But she tells him that if GPA gets hold of it, he will never be able to get out.

She calls Mitch and tells him that she has the drive. Meanwhile, Carl is at the office and Ben walks in with a check but tears it. He tells Carl that it is his fault and drinking habit that he did not pay attention to his work. But he tells Carl that if he agrees to go to trial then he gets 33% of the money he gets or else he would pay out of his own pocket. Next, Kate is at the GPA office and tells Mitch that she will take him to the flash drive. Lauren realizes that Ben lied and put the firm at risk; again. But Ben asks her to keep a check on the tone she uses while talking to him. At GPA, Kate wants a trade. Mitch tells her that he will see what he can do. But Kate manages to fly the drive out of the office into Leo’s hand. Thanks to the airplane model in Martin’s office.

And by the time Mitch gets her arrested she tells him that the evidence would be out. She walks out of GPA; head high! All the charges against Martin have been dropped and his family is back. Ben is getting ready to go to court and Lauren wishes him luck. Kate is at a bar and has no photographs of any friends to put up on face book and the one friend she has is Leo. Justin walks in and tells her that he joined face book. She tells him that she needs to have a real life than a virtual one. He informs her that the Justice department is investigating GPA and the credit goes to her. They drink to Justice. The episode ends.