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Shattered - Recap

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The episode begins with Ben arriving in the office and telling Leo that he needs to forget that he showed up at Leo’s house asking for Kate, the night she ditched the dinner date. Just then there is a woman that walks in and Benn seems a little comfortable on seeing her. He is trying to avoid her. Kate arrives and she finds that Ben is being a little grumpy. The woman, Beth, who Ben didn’t want to confront or meet, was a lawyer and it seems that he knew her well. Next, Kate is attending her mediation for the day. Beth accuses a nurse for negligence due to which her client, Miss Galmon broke her hip and led to further complications. The nurse, Cassandra tells Kate that she was attending to Miss Galmon and someone called out her name. She turned for just one second and the unfortunate accident happened. The nurse tells Kate that she is on a work Visa and if she loses her job, she will be sent back to Haiti.

Kate asks the nurse and her lawyer about the witness who saw the whole thing. Her name is Natalie Roberts and she is from the church group. She spends a lot of time with Mr. Larson, a stroke patient, who also saw the whole thing. Meanwhile, Laura is having a negotiation with the business tycoon Robin Archer. Archer wants an airline with some landing spot at the SFO. Next, Kate goes to visit Mr. Larson. She meets Natalie. Natalie tells her that Cassandra really didn’t do anything wrong but she also says that she cant get involved. Just then Leo calls. He tells Kate his findings about Natalie. But he also says that Larson has a daughter Christy, who is an Eco-terrorist. He sends Kate her picture. She is none other than the girl she just met, who said she is Natalie. Christie runs away while Kate is on the phone. Leo tells Kate that there are no listings for Christie.

Kate wonders how someone can disappear for twenty years. She was the founding member of WFE, Warriors Of Earth and she and her members blew up a part of the Golden Gate years ago. Next, Beth tells Kate that the nursing home has agreed to settle and so there is no need for anymore mediation. She then asks Kate if she is dating Ben. Kate gets irritated and she goes to see Ben. She tells him about the case and Christie. Ben tells her that it is not a wise idea and that she needs to turn Christie in. she tells Ben to talk to Beth and buy her some time off. She then calls Justin. Justin explains the legal implications to Kate. He then asks her for dinner. Ben talks to Beth. She wants to know why Ben broke up with her. She tells him that she wants to have dinner, but Ben decides on coffee. Next, Leo manages to get an address and a phone number which could lead them to Christie.

When they arrive at the address, they find Christie loading the trunk of her car with suitcases. She is trying to runaway once again. They stop her. But Kate sees that she has two kids. Christie tells Kate that her kids don’t know anything about her but her husband does. They have been underground for ten years. She also tells her that she dint make those bombs or plant them. She only stood guard. But Kate tells her that she did the mistake of running. She tells Kate that Glenn, her husband wanted her to stay away from the hospital; but she couldn’t. Just then Glenn arrives. Kate tells Christie that she can bring down her sentence to just few years if she turns herself in. she leaves Glenn and Christie to make a decision. She then meets Ben in his office. He tells her that the DA i.e. Justin won’t allow for such a thing.

Christie is a terrorist and the moment Christie is in the light, they will convict her. But Kate explains the way out. She tells Ben to be Christie’s lawyer. So, now it is going to be Ben and Kate against Justin. Next, she goes into the mediation room, where Cassandra and Beth are waiting for Kate. Kate gives Beth the affidavit. Beth tells Kate that she will accept the affidavit if Christie turns herself in and testifies. If she disappears, she would go to trial. Next, Leo tells Kate about her meeting with Justin. He also tells her about Ben coming over to his place when she stood him up for dinner. He tells her that Ben cares for her. Kate looks pleased. She then goes to meet Justin. Kate tells Justin that she found Christie and she wants him to pre-negotiate a plea. Justin reluctantly agrees.

Minutes later Justin informs Kate about Christie’s sentence and Kate is happy. Next, Beth has a “closure” with Ben, where Ben ends up having hot chocolate all over his shirt. They go to meet Christie and she is really nervous. Just then Justin calls and tells Katie that the deal is off. He tells her that someone tipped Davidson that Christie is about to publish a book about herself and Justin says that they can’t negotiate for a criminal who is about to make money by publishing her memoirs. Kate says that she didn’t know anything about this. Justin tells her that he cannot do anything as it is his neck in the line. Kate realizes that all this is Ben’s doings. The cops arrive at the motel and they ask Glenn and Christie to escape. Ben tells Kate that Christie wanted to write a book for her children to show how people change. He says that it was supposed to be under wraps.

Ben figures out that it was Beth who tipped Davidson off about the book. He confronts her but she seems unapologetic about what she did. Next, Davidson meets Ben and Kate with Justin. Kate tells him that she doesn’t know about Christie’s whereabouts. He tells her that she will be charged for twenty years. Kate is ready to get arrested. Davidson tells her that they will offer a bogus plea to trap Christie. And if Kate doesn’t comply then she will be arrested. Justin leaves; but he leaves a notepad behind with few legal notes which will help them get out of this situation. She then agrees to take Davidson to Christie’s old house. When they arrive at the house, they find it empty.

They watch the news where Davidson sees that Christie has turned herself in and Justin is talking to the press where he declares the negotiated sentence. Next, at the office, Lauren tells Ben that Archer didn’t show up. She feels that it is a part of his strategy. She tells him that she isn’t going to let Archer see her break a sweat. Later, Ben meets Kate. Kate is happy that at least Christie doesn’t have to run anymore. Just then Justin arrives to pick up Kate. Kate leaves with Justin. It is clear that Ben is upset to see Kate leave with Justin. The episode ends.