Finale - Recap

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The episode begins with Kate waking up in Justin’s bed; looking confused and unsure about her feelings. Next, Kate reaches office and tells Leo that she and Justin are moving in together and that she needs him to find her an apartment. Ben hears this and suggests that they shouldn’t be renting an apartment; instead they should buy it. Leo reminds her that her nine o’clock appointment is arrived. She asks them to leave. Kate is still confused about Ben. Next, her today’s case is about two lesbian partners who were fired from work for fraternizing at work place. But the girls’ lawyer claims that Real Time News Network fired them because they are gay. The lawyer admits that Nora, is an anchor and Rachael was a research and analyst intern.

Rachael tells Kate that she knows several people who are having an affair at work but the management looks the other way. But apparently, Rachael and Nora aren’t a couple anymore. All this stress led them to part ways. Rachael exclaims that there was no way the management could know about this as they never showed even a hint of affection at work. Kate suggests that since they are no more a couple, they should be given back their jobs. Rachael says that she can’t go back and Nora is more than willing to. The representative of the news company asks them to sign a document; Nora jumps at the opportunity without even listening to the whole thing. She says that she will see him at work on Monday and leaves. The representative agrees to give Rachael back all the files she has been working on. But then there is a case file missing. It seems that they have lost it.

Kate tells the guy that there is nothing that he can do. Moreover it was clear that the company will own the work product and they could check the contract. He says that the company is in the clear and leaves. Kate asks Rachel about the case; it is about a bogus land deal. Kate thinks that the company fired her to bury the story. They meet Ben. Rachael explains that she was looking into this deal between the city and development company called Cellex. She has evidence that they paid the market value; but then they received the bogus tax credit a couple of months after the sale. So, they ended up paying only 5 million for a 17 million worth of property. Justin and Kate are hunting for apartments and Justin suggests that Kate should first look at the tax return reports of Cellex and see where they got their money from.

Leo does some research and educates Kate that Cellex is a shady company and a very rich man, Paul Caplin is the CEO. Ben knows a way to get the corporate tax returns. Kate and Ben talk to Lauren. They tell her that Paul Caplin had some financial trouble and sold 3% to Robin Archer to raise capital. Lauren decides to talk to Robin. Lauren meets Archer and asks him for the tax returns. He agrees. He feels that Lauren dumped him on her instincts that he would hurt her. Lauren looks very unsure of her decision; but she finally gets up leaves. Kate and Justin are still looking for an apartment. Meanwhile, two FBI agents meet Lauren to know more about her dealings with Archer. They want her to answer all their questions. Next, Ben and Kate meet Rachael. She tells them that she did send emails to Nora and at times she accessed her personal mails through her office computer.

Ben says that it is no more personal once she has used the office computer to access her mails. That is how the company found out about their relationship. She trusts a guy named Tony from the IT department. They talk to Tony. Tony tells them that he was told by Jerry to look for any emails that have the word Cellex. Leo asks him to trace the email from Jerry back to its root. Tony finds out the rot and it came from Aaron Davidson, the DA. Kate is shocked. The predictable Kate confronts Davidson. But he walks away. Next, the three meet Archer. Archer tells them that he did set off some alarms while looking for the tax returns. He also tells them that Caplin is coming after them. He tells them that Caplin would be staying at his hotel, so he can arrange a face to face meeting, so that they can put all of this behind them. Kate tells Ben about the source that sent the mail, Glen Graham. She wanted to make sure that Archer hears what she is saying.

Later, Lauren meets the FBI agents and they give her a jewellery piece. It is a microphone which would turn on when she wears it. They assure her that she is doing the right thing. Meanwhile, Ben figures out that Kate is trying to test Archer. Kate meets Archer. Archer tells her that Caplin is ready to back off from the whole thing and that it did cost Archer a lot of money to make this go away. Kate figures out that Archer is Caplin and that Cellex is all his dirty work. He is doing all this to prove to Lauren that he is a good man. Archer dismisses this as an insane theory. Kate tells him that she never gives up and she will prove it. Next, Kate meets Davidson and gives him a flash drive which contains all the RTN files he erased and the big gift that Cellex got from the city. She also tells him that Paul Caplin gave this to her. She wishes him luck and leaves. Next, Justin suggests that they should move in together into his apartment.

He has a house warming gift for her. But Kate is not sure. Justin realizes what is coming next. She thinks that they are not meant to be together. She tells him that she is not running away but she is running towards someone. He tells her that if she walks out of the door, then it is over. She tells him that she really loves him and she leaves. Just then Justin receives a call and he turns on the television. He sees the news that Davidson has withdrawn from the race. Next day, Lauren asks Kate about her apartment hunting. She tells her that she has found her own apartment. Lauren is all dressed up and Kate figures out that she is going out on a date with Archer. Kate warns Lauren that Archer is not a good guy. Lauren feels that people change. Kate tells her that she hopes that t is not Lauren who is about to change. Lauren meets Archer. She throws away the jewellery that the FBI had given her.

She kisses Archer and gets into his car. Kate moves into her new house. She puts up the gift that Justin has sent her. She sets up her remaining things and goes to the balcony. She is happy. Just then she hears a voice: “Hi Neighbor”. It is Ben. The episode ends.