Season 1


Aaron only has a few things to worry about the wrestling team, the girl of his dreams, Vilma, and turning 18. Its not long before Aaron can understand his dog Gabe. Aaron thinks it's just nothing, but he can understand any language and every animal. Not long before a fallen angel named Ezekiel, whom goes by the name Zeke. Zeke tells Aaron his powers and where his parents came from. Aaron is caught in between a battle of The Powers and The Fallen. Its Aaron's destiny to help the fallen.
Guest Stars: Alex Ferris as Stevie | Chelah Horsdal as Lori Corbett | Jesse Hutch as Peter Lockhart | Diego Klattenhoff as Nathaniel | Elizabeth Lackey as Verchiel | Byron Lawson as Kushiel | Byron Mann as Samchiel | Ty Olsson as Hawkins | Tom Skerritt as Zeke | Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Michael Jonas | Russell Porter (2) as Tom Corbett |
Co-Guest Stars: Carmen Lavigne as Zeke's Daughter | Jennifer Kitchen as Driver | David Orth as Gym Teacher
Director: Mikael Salomon
Teleplay: Sara B. Cooper

1 :01x01 - The Beginning

Orphaned since birth, Aaron Corbett has finally found a loving and supportive home life on a farm. On his 18th birthday, just when his world is finally coming together, a series of dark visions disturb his sleep, and he develops a confusing array of supernatural talents. An Angel reveals the truth of his mysterious origins: He is a Nephilim, the child of a fallen Angel and a human mother. But he is not just any Nephilim; Aaron is the Redeemer, the embodiment of a prophecy that has tantalized Fallen Angels for millennia. Like all Nephilim, however, he is marked for death by a group of fierce warrior Angels called the Powers.

Source: ABC Family
Guest Stars: Fernanda Andrade as Unknown | Paul Wesley as Aaron | Tom Skerritt as Zeke
Director: Mikael Salomon

2 :01x02 - The Journey

Aaron survives, but he has to leave his adopted home. Traveling the country with his guardian Angel, he helps dozens of the Fallen return to Heaven. But the Powers are still trying to kill him. After he meets a sinister professor who knows way too much, Aaron finds and frees a beautiful Nephilim from the clutches of a dangerous secret society known as The Order. Meanwhile, far, far away, an unseen entity sends a charismatic Angel named Azazel on a mission to lure the Redeemer to a meeting. Azazel tracks Aaron down and convinces him to meet the Light Bringer, who he says will answer all of Aaron's questions. Azazel sets about protecting Aaron from harm—but whose side is he really on?

Source: ABC Family
Guest Stars: Fernanda Andrade as Unknown | Paul Wesley as Aaron
Director: Kevin Kerslake

3 :01x03 - The Destiny

With Azazel in their corner, Aaron and his pretty Nephilim friend are no longer vulnerable to the Powers or to the Order. But they may be more vulnerable than ever. As the trio progress to their rendez-vous with the Light Bringer, all the Angels on Earth join forces to stop them. They're not just trying to stop Azazel—they're working to thwart the evil that he serves. Will Aaron be strong enough to resist the greatest temptation of all?

Source: ABC Family
Guest Stars: Bryan Cranston as Lucifer | Paul Wesley as Aaron | Fernanda Andrade as Unknown
Director: Mikael Salomon