Shall We Gather at the River - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom being attacked by his enemy skitter, the Red Eye. He wakes up with a start. He wakes up with a start. The following day, Anne checks on Tom’s health. She tells him that he is perfectly fine. He is worried about what they might have done to him. Tom then learns that Rick didn’t make it. But he tells him not to worry about Ben, he hates the skitters. But she is worried about the spreading of the crusty skin and that she needs to get an x-ray done to exactly know what is happening. But for that too she needs a working machine. Meanwhile, Jamil is checking out a bridge. The scouts have discovered a bridge they could use to move to safety. Hal is still feeling guilty about shooting his father. Hal signals Ben to come back to the truck.

Just then a beamer is approaching their truck and Dai shots it down with a big gun. But in the process, a part of the bridge they were hoping to cross blows up. At the camp, Weaver updates Tom about what he missed in the past three months. He tells him that Ben found a soft spot in the skitters’ line when they surrounded them in Fitchburg. But they still lost 100 men. Tom is shocked. And now they are at it again. Weaver shows Tom a map with certain spots marked. He tells Tom that they need to find a way to cross the river. But Tom isn’t paying attention. Tom asks him about his sons and Weaver tells him that the boys stepped up while he was gone. Tom is reluctant to take up arms. He tells Weaver that he doesn’t trust himself and neither should Weaver trust him.

Weaver knows where he is putting his money. Meanwhile, Lourdes walks up to Pope and fixes a wound on his palm. He wants to know what is happening to Tom; but she has no information regarding that. The scout is back. They take the team to the bridge. Pope points out that they cannot cross the bridge even on foot. Weaver suggests a boat but Tom says that it would take too long. Tom and Jamil come up with the idea of building the patch. But they also need to know what is there on the other side of the bridge. Hal offers that he and Maggie would paddle across in a boat to the other side. Ben says that it would take them too long; instead he could swim across faster and not be seen. Tom doesn’t feel too comfortable with the idea, at the camp, Hal tells his father that with the spikes, Ben can run for hours without breaking a sweat; swimming across the river won’t be a big deal for him.

Tom tells Hal that he doesn’t remember big chunks since the time the aliens had him on the ship. He is worried that he might hurt the boys. Hal tells him that he will keep an eye on him and take care that nothing goes wrong. Matt overhears the conversation. Hal tells him that he will do whatever is necessary to stop Tom from doing anything wrong. Tom yells at him and Hal sees blood flowing out of Tom’s eyes. Tom collapses. Matt calls for the doctor. Matt is worried that he is going to lose his father again. But Hal tries to console him. Anne checks Tom’s yes and pulls out a small worm-like thing from his eyes. She puts it in a specimen jar and it immediately rolls into a metal ball. At night, Ben swims across the river and Jimmy waits for him on the bank. Jamil, Weaver and Anne wonder what to do with the metal ball. Tom advises them to destroy it. Weaver thinks it is a tracking device.

But Anne doesn’t think so. Tom thinks that there could be others in his body and so he asks them to keep him restrained till they cross the river. Weaver reluctantly follows Tom’s orders! In the woods, Ben finds a wrecked skitter ship. He can hear some frequency in his head. He manages to get to the core, clicks some pictures and then stamps it to death. Ben then follows a trail and comes across a giant alien structure. He clicks some more pictures. Next morning, Weaver tells Matt to go meet his father but he doesn’t want to. Pope arrives looking for information. He tells Weaver that he should have killed Tom the moment Tom stepped into the alien ship. Hal draws a gun at Pope. Anthony joins them as well. Pope steps back. Ben arrives to meet his father. He can understand what his father is going through. He tells him that the reason the aliens aren’t able to control him is hate.

He hates them for turning him into a freak. He shows his father the crusty skin on his back. He tells him to hold on to his hate. Tom tells him that if it is hate that is all he got, then they have already changed him. He tells him that it is his love for his sons that got him through those three months. Ben leaves. Ben then shows the team the pictures. He asks Ben if he heard any frequencies as the wrecked ship had no pilot and no seats. But Ben lies and says a no. Weaver seems unsure about Ben’s answer. They make plans to take down the structure; thinking that it is some sort of a communication tower. Next day, the entire team is all set to go. Matt is reluctant to travel in the med van with his father as he doesn’t trust him anymore. In the van, the metal ball unrolls itself into it worm-like form and crawls all over Lourdes. No one notices it. It then spreads its wings and flies away.

In the dark, Ben, Hal, Dai and Maggie cross the river on the boat. The rest are trying to patch the bridge with Jamil overseeing the process. Anne slowly drives over the patch. They also get the explosives ready to blow up the bridge once all of them have crossed it. Matt is still scared of his father. Tom tries to convince him otherwise. In the woods, the four hear gun shots. They see few mechs take off towards the bridge. Ben hears a frequency in his head, but he tells Hal it is nothing. They also see some beamers take off. Dai goes closer to the mother ship to get a good shot at it. Dai gets a clear shot and takes it. The mother ship blows up. The team on the bridge fire at the beamers flying towards them. With the signals gone, the beamers return to the mother ship. Hal and his team did a good job. Pope tells Weaver that there are mechs behind them.

Anne drives the bus over the patch and it gets stuck. Inside the bus, Tom tells Matt to cut him loose. Matt hesitates a bit, but then he cuts off the ties and Tom heads for the big gun to shoot the skitters and mechs. Matt takes an automatic weapon and manages to shoot down one skitter. Tom gives his son a nod of approval but then waves his hand, signaling his son to move away. The scouts push the bus across the bridge. They are about to blow the bridge and Tom is still on the other side, keeping those aliens away. Weaver shouts out to Tom, telling him to get out of there. Tom runs towards them with the mechs and the skitters following him. Tom shouts at them to blow up the bridge but Weaver asks them to hold on so that Tom could cross the patch.

But Pope decides otherwise and blows up the bridge. Tom falls into the water. On the other side, Maggie reports seeing an airport five miles away with no sign of alien activity. Matt feels bad about the way he behaved with his father. Pope tells Hal that Tom was brave in doing what he did. Hal hits Pope and tells him that he got a chance to frag him and he took it. just then Tom comes out of the water. Hal and the other boys are relieved to see him. In the bus, Lourdes notices that the worm is gone. Meanwhile, the worm flies and settles on the Red Eye that is waiting nearby, and it crawls into its other eye. The episode ends.