Compass - Recap

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The episode begins with Jimmy and Ben patrolling in the woods at night. Just then they see a skitter and Jimmy takes it down easily. They go to check on the dead skitter, but it gets up and attacks them again. But this time Ben stabs it to death; he seems pleased with the kill. At the airport hanger, Tom comes in to check on Matt. Matt is sleeping with a gun and Hal assures Tom that it is not loaded. Anne tells Tom that the hanger is a perfect brooding ground for some sort of a disease. He tells her that he is trying to convince Weaver to move out of this place soon. It appears that Anne is keeping a track of the days. She says that every day she marks means that they are still alive. Next, Tom meets Weaver and Weaver tells him that the entire unit should bed up at the Catskills as there has been no movement in that area.

But Tom points out that the aliens would think that they are resting instead of resisting. He says that surrender is what the aliens want. Weaver makes a note of that and tells Tom that Jamille needs a few days to repair the vehicles and so they will have to go to the Catskills. Tom leaves. When he comes out he hears some noise; it is Pope. He goes to him to check on him. But his men put a bag over Tom’s head and take him. Pope tells his Berserkers:” Let us take this alien stooge out of here before he causes any real damage”. They take Tom to the woods and Pope tells him to walk away. He tells Tom that a lot of people in the camp are crept out by his return and that it is the best for him to walk away. Just then Ben comes out of the dark and holds a knife to Pope’s neck. Jimmy fires a warning shot.

The Berserkers put down their weapon and Tom tells the boys that Weaver would decide what needs to be done with them. at the base, Weaver interrogates Anthony. But Anthony tells him that Pope was intelligent enough to keep him out of the loop as he wouldn’t agree to the plan. Weaver suggests that they should leave Pope and his men behind. Anthony tells them that Pope isn’t entirely wrong as they will not be able to tell what the aliens might have done with Tom. He says that a lot of people are wondering about it. Tom agrees with Anthony. Tom tells Weaver that they have lost a lot of men and that the Berserkers listen to whatever he tells them to do. So they need Pope as they have lost a lot of fighters. Tom asks permission to join the Berserkers. In that way he could keep an eye on them. Weaver grants the permission.

Weaver breaks the news to the Berserkers. They initially refuse but later on they welcome Tom to the group. Pope reminds Weaver that he is not the enemy. At night, on their patrol, Jimmy and Ben see three skitters in the woods. Jimmy had stolen two rounds of flaming shots from the Berserkers. He now intends to use them and roast some cockroaches. He fires the shots. Ben rushes to attack the Red Eye but the Red Eye knocks him down. When Jimmy tries to attack it, it waves Jimmy off to a tree. Jimmy is skewered on the tree. Ben tries to attack again, but the spikes on his back turn blue and Ben freezes. The Red Eye talks to Ben and then leaves. Ben doesn’t move the branch pierced in Jimmy’s gut, but cuts it off from the bark of the tree. He takes Jimmy to Anne. Anne tells him that it was the right thing to do.

Tom and Weaver want to know what happened and what they were doing in the woods. Ben tells them that they were hunting skitters and he wants to kill every one of them for all that they did to him and his family. Tom asks Hal to take Ben and get him cleaned. Tom and Weaver blame themselves for this incident. Weaver tells Tom to take Pope and the Berserkers and sweep the area. In the woods Pope and his guys find some dead skitters. They also find Jimmy’s gun and compass. Just then they hear some noises. They hide behind the bushes and Pope orders his men to fire. But Tom stops them. The skitters were accompanied by mechs and they were collecting the carcass. They were there only to collect the dead. The Berserkers give Tom the credit. At the base, Hal is pissed at Ben but Maggie tells him to cut Ben some slack.

Tom returns Jimmy’s compass to Ben. Anne tells them that she has done whatever she could and now it is up to Jimmy. Ben gets up and leaves. Hal tells his father that there is no point in trying to follow Ben. Just then they hear the noise of a plane and the plane lands. The pilot, Avery Churchill and she tells them that they have been looking for the second mass. She and four other pilots set off looking for survivors. She has orders from the new Continental Congress elected in Charleston. She also tells them that she flies low and the plane is made of fiber glass and cloth and hence it can’t be detected on the radar. They want the second mass to join the resistance. She tells them that they have also made contact in other parts of the world. But Weaver is suspicious and tells her that they cannot let her leave, as they can’t let her give out their location.

He tells her to consider this as a layover on her way to Europe. He assures that her plane and she would be absolutely safe. Tom tells Weaver that Charleston sounds better that Catskills. Tom finds Ben next to Jimmy’s bed and he is blaming himself. Tom tries to reassure Ben. Meanwhile, Avery talks to the people of the second mass. Avery tells Tom that they need people like him in Charleston to help rebuild the country. Meanwhile, Ben tells Anne that Jimmy is not breathing. Anne checks on Jimmy. She tries everything but cannot get Jimmy back. Jimmy is dead. Next, Weaver is digging Jimmy’s grave and Avery walks up to him. She tells him that his people believe in him and that he should lead them to Charleston. He tells her that she is free to go.

Ben finds out that Jimmy’s compass is missing. Pope and his men are having beer. Tom arrives to inform them that they are moving base after attending Jimmy’s funeral. But Pope tells him that they aren’t going to attend the funeral. Tom sees that Pope is wearing Jimmy’s compass around his neck. He asks him to return it and Pope refuses. They get into a brawl and Tom bashes Pope thoroughly. One of the men breaks the fight. Weaver reprimands Pope’s actions. Pope threatens to leave and Weaver shows him the door. But his Berserkers don’t want to go with him. Anthony volunteers to go as Pope had saved his life once. Anthony tells Weaver that he needs to keep a check on Pope and make sure he doesn’t double cross the second mass. Tom is bandaging his wound and Anne arrives to check on him. He kisses Anne. She is upset because it is her son’s birthday today and she didn’t want anyone to die.

Next, they bury Jimmy. Weaver tells the team that Jimmy died a hero’s death. Later, Weaver is standing over Jimmy’s grave and Ben joins him. Ben hands Jimmy’s compass to Weaver. He tells him that Jimmy would have wanted him to have that. Ben breaks into tears and tells Weaver that he is sorry. Next, the convoy is preparing to leave for Charleston. There are 176 remaining out of 300. Tom wants to know what changed Weaver’s mind. Weaver tells him that he wants to get back in the war. Tom asks Hal about Ben. Hal sets off to find him. Ben is at Jimmy’s grave. When he gets up to leave, he runs into the Red Eye. The spikes turn blue again and the Red Eye talks to Ben. Just then they hear Hal’s bike. The Red Eye leaves. Hal finds Ben. Ben tells his brother that he is fine and they leave. The episode ends.