Love and Other Acts of Courage - Recap

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The episode begins with a group of skitters howling into the sky with raised arms. Just then Ben rushes on to a rooftop, kneels on the floor and raises his arms and howls like the skitters! Maggie is sitting and enjoying the skyline view. Hal arrives. Maggie is surprised that he knew where to find her. She then learns that Hal has been keeping a watch on her. He tells her that Weaver wants them to scout pharmacies and hospitals. Just then, at a distance, they see a huge explosion take place. At the base, the explosion gives rise to a chaos. Weaver tries to control the situation. He orders Tom to be in charge of the Berserkers and go and check out what happened. He tells him to take Hal along as well. Tom asks Hal about Ben; but Hal thought that Ben was with Tom. The team leaves.

When they arrive at the explosion site, they find the area covered with burning skitter bodies. There are no humans or skitters in the area. Weaver finds this very unusual and decides to investigate this. The skitters were killed by the mechs. Hal finds the blue spikes glowing under the dead body of a skitter and he thinks it is Ben. But when they pull the body out, they find out that it is Rick; a guy who was formally harnessed. They bring Rick to the base to Anne. Weaver is suspicious about Rick and tells Anne to inform him as soon as Rick wakes up. He tells her that the last time Rick gave all their information to the enemies and he cannot let that happen this time. Anne corrects him by saying that he was kidnapped and harnessed by the alien, which led him to do whatever he did.

But as Weaver is about to leave, he winces in pain. Anne takes a look at the wound in his leg; it is slowly healing but he needs new antibiotics. Next, Hal tells Tom that last week, Ben spikes lit up at the harnessing facility. He was making contact with one of the skitters. Ben had begged of Hal not to tell Tom and hence he didn’t. Matt arrives and declares that Rick is awake and is freaked out. Weaver has asked Tom to come to the med bus. Rick then tells them that Ben is in danger; they all are in danger. He also states that Ben is badly hurt. Tom is ready to leave but Weaver is apprehensive. But this is a chance Tom wants to take. Rick leads a small team to the warehouse. His spikes begin to glow. He says that Ben is here. They follow a trail of blood and enter the warehouse. They find Ben there; but there is someone else with him; the Red Eye. Everyone is ready to shoot their enemy but Ben and Rick stop them from doing so.

Red Eye is hurt and needs their help. Tom remembers the Red Eye as he tried to kill him on the alien ship; but Ben says that it is otherwise. The Red Eye tried to save Tom’s life. Red Eye talks to the group through Rick and tells them that he saved Tom the last time. He tells them that they are fighting the same enemy. Red Eye collapses and so does Rick. Everyone wants to shoot the skitter; but Tom tells them that they could use Red Eye as their intel. Next, Hal, Maggie, Crazy and Tector are at a hospital for supplies. Just then they hear the mechs approaching. They quickly hide and the mechs stomp by and leave. At the base, Tom, Weaver and the rest arrive with Red Eye strapped to the truck. There is a huge commotion. Anna is called to check Red Eye. Ben tries to argue with her to save Red Eye.

Tom convinces her to take a look at the skitter. He then takes Ben aside to talk. Tom wants Ben to help him with some answers. Ben tells him that he has been in communication with the Red Eye since Jimmy’s death. He tells him that the Red Eye is the leader of a skitter rebellion group. Some of the skitters have been able to resist the effects of the harness. They have being trying to fight the overlords for the past 100 years but have been failing. Now they think that they have a chance with the humans helping them. Tom remembers that Red Eye tortured him in the ship. But Ben says that he had to do that to gain the trust of the overlord and also find more skitters like him. Torturing Tom was the only way he could stay on the ship.

Meanwhile, Hal and Maggie are still hiding in the backseat of a car while the mechs are still stomping around. Hal tells her about the first time he made out with his girlfriend Rita in the backseat of a car. Maggie asks about Karen, Hal’s girlfriend who was harnessed. Hal gets upset on hearing Karen’s name. Maggie apologizes. At the camp, the Red Eye wants talks to everyone through Rick; but first he want to talk to Tom alone. Tom want sto know why Ben is so important to the Red Eye. But the Red Eye tells him that he doesn’t have much time to explain all of it. He tells Tom that as they speak, a death squad is approaching to kill him and the rest of them in the camp. Meanwhile, Hal and his team find a fully stocked pharmacy.

Maggie comes out of the hospital; she doesn’t want to stay in the hospital after her battle with her cancer. She tells him that she had brain tumor. They kiss and then she freaks out and leaves. At the camp, Red Eye tells Tom about the death of 20 revolutionary skitters that morning. Tom is not buying that. He want s to know why would the skitters want to revolt. He tells Tom that their planet once was just like earth. But then “they “came and made the skitters their slaves. They were locked in chem.-pods just like the humans are harnessed. The skitters tried to fight back but “they’ were too powerful. But together with the humans, the skitters re sure that they can overthrow their enemies. Tom still doesn’t believe him as he has seen the skitters kill ruthlessly.

But instead of debating that, Red Eye tells him that the human weapons are sub-standard and that the humans don’t understand the strategies and the tactics of the aliens. So, the humans can either join them and survive or fight alone and die. Hal and Maggie are on their way back on their bikes, when they start getting shot from the sky. Tom hears it and Red Eye tells him that it is the Death Squad on his trail. Maggie gets hit. Hal goes back to her and picks her up and rides away. at the camp, Weaver thinks that the Red Eye has let the enemy straight into their camp. He orders the boys to be taken away and Red Eye killed. Tom protests but Weaver asks him to stand down. But Tom does not budge. Red Eye slips out of his cage and escapes. Rick tries to stop one of the guys from shooting the Red Eye; but he shoots Rick. Hal brings a wounded Maggie to Anne.

Weaver orders that they got to move. Rick tells Ben that he needs to make his father and the team believe about Red Eye. The second mass settles in the hospital. Lourdes tells Hal that there are no bullet fragments inside Maggie and that she should be ok. Hal tells Maggie that he needs her. Maggie asks him to stay until she falls asleep. She takes his hand. Anne gives Weaver a sedative. Tom arrives to meet Weaver. He is pissed as hell at him for disobeying direct orders and Tom apologizes. Weaver thinks that Ben poses a threat to the second mass. Tom has been concerned about that too. Weaver tells him that hard choices have to be made at times and when the time comes, Tom needs to be prepared to be make one.

Tom tells Anne that Ben is a teenager who would like to change the world. But the point is that Ben appears so sure of himself. Jamil starts the hospital’s emergency generators. Tom points out to Anne that here are a lot of empty rooms in the hospital; they find one for themselves. Meanwhile, Ben is sitting on the roof; looking at the stars. Matt arrives to talk to him. Ben tells Matt that he has to go away for a while. Matt asks: Is it because of that skitter. Ben says: Something like that; but he does not know when! The episode ends.