Homecoming - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom and Anne waking up in their room at the hospital; they have been camping at the hospital for around two weeks. He tells Anne that he misses few things like the smell of coffee brewing, kids fighting and Rebecca breaking them up. He then apologizes for bringing up his wife. She understands. Ton arrives late for Weaver’s briefing. Weaver thinks that the team has become too complacent and that the drills too seem to be sloppy and tardy. Just then Weaver’s arm begins to twitch and he falls to the ground. Everyone rushes towards him. Tom sees that Weaver’s veins are turning black. Weaver wonders as to what have the aliens done to him. They rush him to Anne.

Anne at once realizes that this is due to the wound in his leg, which was caused due to the skitter spike at the harness ground. Tom wonders why he wasn’t told about it and Anne tells him that Weaver forbade him from doing so. Tom wants to take Weaver to Charleston and he wants to leave tonight. Next, Hal and Maggie are on patrol; Maggie is out despite her stitches. She hates staying in the hospital. As they are walking in the woods, they see a human foot. It is a child with his harness removed. They then see that there are more bodies lying around; they check their pulse. All are dead except one; Karen! Next, Tom is addressing the troop. He tells them about his plans of leaving for Charleston. But Jamil points out that there isn’t enough fuel for them as Weaver had asked him to use the diesel available to power up the generators.

They haven’t been able to find more fuel yet. Tom tells them to cut down on the generators other than the one in the ICU. He then orders them to go in different direction to search for fuel. Just then Matt rushes into the room telling Tom that Hal and Maggie have returned with Karen. Karen is barely breathing; Ben tells them not to let her in as she still could be connected to the aliens. Tom orders her moved to a secured room. After awhile, Karen wakes up. at first she begins to panic. But when she sees Tom, she calms down and tells him that she feels terrible about torturing him on the ship. She doesn’t remember much though. Ben tells them once again not to trust her. Tom wants to know why she is de-harnessed. She feels that she has served her purpose. She tells them that she is happy to be home.

Tom leaves and asks that the room should be heavily guarded. Ben tells Tom that he wants to be with her as he will know if something is not right. Hal wants to know why Ben is so suspicious about Karen. Ben tells him that she will manipulate Hal and asks him to stay away. Maggie thinks Ben is right. Tom then goes to see Weaver; his condition is worsening. Tom wants Weaver to be moved to Charleston and Anne thinks that he cannot be moved. They begin to argue and shout at each other; but this ends when Tom address Anne as Rebecca. Anne understands and they then have the discussion calmly. Anne tells him to give her time until midnight to come up with something and if she can’t then Tom can take Weaver to Charleston. Ben is sitting outside Karen’s room and she asks about Pope and Uncle Scott. He tells her that Pope is gone and Uncle Scott and a lot of other good people were killed by her masters. She tells him that they are no more her masters.

He tells her that she could fool others but not him. He can still hear her and he feels that she is still connected to them. She tells him that she can hear something and describes it; it is some sort of static. She tells him how it was to be harnessed; it was like a hand wrapped around her throat and being moved around like a rag doll. Being on the mother ship was worse than being with the skitters. Ben goes to get her more bread. Meanwhile, Lourdes has a plan for Weaver. They noticed his temperature was dropping, and Anne says this is the opposite of what happens with an infection. They think heating him might slow or stop it. They want to try a technique of pumping out his blood, heating it, and pumping it back in. Tom is a little skeptical. They ask Jamil to build a machine to do it. Meanwhile, one of the fuel scouting parties comes back. They don't have fuel, but they do have Pope and Anthony.

Pope is barely breathing. Anthony says they got hit outside of Durham by skitters and he got them out of there but couldn’t run for long. Anne says Pope has a concussion but should be fine. Meanwhile, Ben brings Karen more food. He mentions they are leaving, but says he doesn't know where. Karen tells him she can hear conversation far away and that she has a lot of strength. She picks up her bed. He tells her to put it down. When he gets close to her their spikes start glowing, they can feel what the other one is feeling. They're close to kissing when Hal comes in. Ben runs out. Meanwhile, Jamil manages to build a machine but it's going to take eight hours to pump all his blood. Tom apologizes to Anne for thinking he knew better. As they talk, the power goes out and Tom works Weaver's blood pumping machine manually.

Jamil brings the generator in and hooks it up. Meanwhile, Tector comes back with a truck full of fuel. Maggie arrives to talk to Hal. He thinks something bad is going to happen to Karen. He feels that Ben is trying to recruit her. He tells her what happened between Karen and Ben. Maggie takes it to mean the opposite and tells Hal to find Ben because if anyone's in danger, it's him. Maggie goes to the room where Karen is being kept and relieves the guard. She goes in and pulls guns on Karen and tells her to stop pretending. Karen meanwhile, turns the tables on her, saying she doesn't deserve Hal. She keeps taunting Maggie until she fires. Karen runs up a wall and then kicks Maggie down to the ground.

Karen is standing over Maggie when she hears Ben approaching, she throws herself against a wall for effect and tells him that Maggie tried to shoot her and Karen and Ben aren't safe here. Ben says he knows a place where they'll be accepted, but they have to leave. Ben shows Karen to the stairs and they run up to the roof. Meanwhile, Hal follows them up there, telling Ben to come with him. Ben says they need to leave for their protection and for the 2nd Mass. Ben walks toward Hal and grabs him around the neck, knocking him out. Karen says she's sorry it came to this. Meanwhile, Ben and Karen stare out into the darkness off the roof. Their spikes glow. He takes her hand and they jump off the top of the four stories and they run into the woods. Weaver seems to be getting better. He's breathing on his own and his temperature is getting back to normal.

But Anne has no way of knowing what other damage was done. Meanwhile, Tom worries about what to do about the lack of fuel, food and ammunition. Anne assures him they'll get through it together. Weaver wakes up. Meanwhile, Pope is awake and asking for Tom. He says it’s a matter of life and death. Tom visits Pope, who is trying to get out of bed. He says the aliens are on their way to get Ben. Pope says that he ran into a bunch of them and a blonde girl was talking to them. They realize he's talking about Karen. They wanted to know where to find Ben and there was some talk of a skitter rebellion. That was at least two days ago. Meanwhile, Tom rushes to find Karen, and finds Maggie bleeding on the floor. He finds Hal unconscious on the roof. Meanwhile, Ben and Karen run through the woods, their spikes glowing. The episode ends.