Death March - Recap

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The episode begins with second mass on its way to Charleston. In the vehicle, Tom is thinking about the last moments he spent with Ben before leaving. On the bus, Matt wonders how long they will take to reach. Tom tells him it will take them, 12 hours if they don’t take any detours. But Anthony tells Tom that they are low on fuel and so they should scrounge up somewhere; but Tom says a no. Matt hands over his will to his father. He thinks that he might die as everyone was saying that they might not reach Charleston. Tom reassures his son. Tector is driving for Weaver. Hal is driving with Poe and Maggie. Pope tells them that they need to make a stop as the all the beer he had is taking a toll on him.

But Hal says that they wont stop till the fuel runs out. Maggie is frustrated with him and wants to kill Pope. Hal says that he has thought about it as well. But she says that he doesn’t have that darkness in him. In the med van, Lourdes is unable to concentrate on her work. Tom has a blister. Anne goes to check, but Tom doesn’t want to bother her with it. In the truck, Weaver guesses that Tector was in military, but he wonders why he is hiding it. He tells Tector that he needs to trust him and now he doesn’t. Just as Tector is about to say something, they hit something. They get down and see that it is a young girl; her harness is glowing. They bring her to Anne. Her harness isn’t glowing anymore and Anne guesses that it could be damaged. They think she could be a spy. She wakes up and asks about her brother, Tyler.

Weaver asks them to lock her up in the back. Hal hopes that Ben is waiting for them at Charleston. Maggie tells him to trust fate and tells him how her life has become better. Just then she declares that the radiator is heating up and they need water. Pope tells her to keep driving as there is a river ahead; he knows this way because he used to use it when he went to meet his kids in Florida. In the van, Matt goes to meet the harnessed girl and he sees that scales have started growing on her face. He has brought her some food and he tells her about Ben. Matt tells her his name and extends his hand; she too does and he notices that her hand is already half alien; long, webbed fingers. Hal pulls over at the side and sends Hal to get some water. Hal I s worried. He leaves.

Pope and Maggie are alone and he asks her as to what is going to happen when they find out the truth about her; about who and what she really is. In the med van, Anne sees that they are 146 miles away from Charleston. Tom is trying to fix the water tank and he cries in pain. Meanwhile, Pope tells Maggie that people like them don’t belong in a place like Charleston. She tells him that she is nothing like him and that he disgusts her. But he knows that there was a time that she felt differently. She thinks that telling Hal the truth about her past will do no good. But pope thinks otherwise and tells her that she should tell him before he finds out. Matt goes to talk to Jenny, the harnessed girl. She tells Matt that Tyler is not her real brother. He became her sibling after they were harnessed and they belonged to the same guardian.

She tells Matt that she loves her guardian as she made her feel like a part of a family; the first one she ever had. Matt says that they too could become her family. He says that things will change once they get to Charleston. She asks about Charleston. Meanwhile, Tector tells Weaver that he was a gunnery soldier in the Marine and he served in Iran and Afghanistan. Weaver wants him to take up a leadership role. But Tector denies telling him that he will leave after Charleston. He has his reasons and doesn’t want to talk about it. In the van, Matt reads to Jenny about Charleston from his journal. He wants her to come with him to Charleston as he has no friends. She tells him that the people won’t accept her, but she might just come. Just then she starts to feel something and she tells Matt that Tyler is close by.

A skitter jumps on to the van. They pull over to inspect but don’t find anything. Pope gets the truck started again. He urges Maggie to tell Hal the truth. Maggie tells him that when she got out of the hospital, she was confused and wanted to get away from everything. She took up drugs and started stealing to support her habits. But she got caught and was put in prison. She had a baby boy in the prison, but the State took him away. Meanwhile, the second mass has pulled over. Tom tells Weaver that they haven’t seen Hal, Maggie and Pope for 250 miles. Weaver assures him that once they reach Charleston, they will circle back and find them. In the van, Tyler jumps on the van again. Jenny gets up and tells Matt that she has to go. Her harness starts glowing and she easily breaks the chains.

Matt tries to stop and she tells him that Tyler is her brother and she has to go. She pushes him and runs. Tom checks on Matt; he has a bump on his head. Matt is worried whether he will ever see Ben again. Tom tells him that they will go and find Ben if he doesn’t come back. Lourdes goes to check on their severely dehydrated patient and realizes he's dead. Lourdes is not handling things well. Maggie is trying to get some reaction out of Hal after he told him the truth. He tells her that he needs time to think. Just then, a bright white light flashes in front of them and Hal stops the car. Weaver and Tector are talking about things from the past. Tector is upset as he is feeling guilty. Weaver tells him that he understands what he is going through.

Suddenly the whole convoy stops and Tom gets down checking what happened. Lourdes apologizes to Anne and tells her that she is still mad. Tom, Weaver, Tector and the rest go to inspect Charleston. The main bridge to the town is burnt down and the city is in ruins; totally bombed and beyond recognition. They all are upset and try to take this in; realizing that their dreams are dead. In the med van, Tom is upset. But Anne reassures him and tells him not to lose hope. Weaver is trying to figure out what to do next. Tector tells him that his people need him now, more than ever. Tector respectfully suggests him to make something up. He salutes Weaver and leaves. Weaver fires a shot into the air to get everyone's attention. He tells people he should have known better, but now they are going to have to work harder to make the dream happen.

He tells everyone that they are going to get in their vehicles and move on; they are going to make their dreams happen. They all follow their leader. As they head to their vehicles, they hear a rustling sound in the woods. Col. Jim Porter from the First Continental Army walks out. Weaver knows him. He heard the shot and spotted them. He hands a bag of strawberries to Weaver. He then greets Tom and tells him that there is a legend being built around him. Weaver asks him where the strawberries came from and Porter tells him that they came from the new capital of the United States, Charleston.

Tom tells Porter that there was nothing in Charleston as they had been there. Well, looks can be deceptive. Hal and Maggie arrive. Matt runs into his brother’s arms. He wishes Ben was around. Hal confidently tells them that they will soon meet Ben; he thinks fate owes them one. The episode ends.